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  1. JamesHackerMP

    What are you reading right now?

    Still working my way through Shogun.
  2. JamesHackerMP

    The Windsors (3 lines)

    Markle is portrayed in a special wedding episode. I love how she keeps mentioning her role on "Suits" which she always pronounces weird. I also hear she is having a hard time fitting in in the royal family.
  3. JamesHackerMP

    Best Trek episodes

    What's your favorite series of Star Trek, if I may ask? Or of the movies? Enterprise I like as the best series. More minimalist in some respects. No federation, just a bunch of inexperienced humans exploring the galaxy under the watchful eye of a Vulcan chaperone. I also like how they're afraid of the transporter. Favorite movies: probably IV (Voyage Home) and VI (Undiscovered Country) with an honorable mention going to First Contact and Nemesis (both next gen movies).
  4. JamesHackerMP

    Secularism = Political Atheism

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Turkey (or at least the Republic of Turkey, after 1920's-ish) have a long history of secularism? Very Islamic country, but also a secular one. Ataturk, if I am correctly informed, banned wearing of the hijab by women in public.
  5. JamesHackerMP

    My new heroes...

    I flipped through the article and got to thinking, wasn't there also a peer reviewed article/hoax entitled "Penises cause global warming" or something? I read about that one a while ago, though I don't think they mentioned it in this article, unless I just missed it. Too funny.
  6. JamesHackerMP

    New Democracies

    Bermuda. I can't stand cold weather.
  7. JamesHackerMP

    War enthusiasts, come in please

    This thread is ridiculous. There were plenty of Canadians who died in both world wars. And yes, I do believe they fought for democracy against a fascist tide. That's as far as I will go. Stepping on bull**** just gets your shoes dirty.
  8. JamesHackerMP

    Best Trek episodes

    Prelude to Axanar? I haven't heard of that one.
  9. JamesHackerMP

    Best Trek episodes

    These are my favorite Voyager episodes. I have by no means seen them all, however: S1: Caretaker (Pilot), Eye of the Needle, Heroes and Demons S2: The 37's, Death Wish S3: Future's End, The Q and the Grey, Scorpion S4: The Gift, Day of Honor,, The Killing Game S5: Night, Bride of Chaotica, Relativity S6: Collective, Unimatrix Zero S7: Q2, Author Author, (haven't seen the last episode) Best of Enterprise : (I haven't watched the 3rd season however, and there's a few I still haven't watched). Several Are two or three parters with different titles: S1: Broken Bow, Fight or Flight, Unexpected, The Andorian Incident, Breaking the Ice, Dear Doctor, Shuttlepod One, Fallen hero, Two Days & Two Nights S2: Carbon Creek, Dead Stop, A Night in Sickbay, Precious Cargo, Cease Fire, Regeneration, First Flight S3: Storm Front S4: The Forge/Awakening/Kir'Shara, Babel One/United/The Aenar, In a Mirror Darkly, Demons/Terra Prime, These Are the Voyages I don't remember which episode, but Dr Phlox is seen feeding a Tribble to one of his "pets". Too funny. I also like how there's no "shields" on the Enterprise (NX-01), he has to say "polarize the hull!". And there's no Federation, Earth is "starting out" under the thumb of its Vulcan protectors because they don't trust humanity yet.
  10. JamesHackerMP

    Best Trek episodes

    I remember from that documentary that, in the Captain's Holiday episode, Roddenberry wanted men on men, women on women, etc. on Risa, but Maurice Hurley or whoever told the writers "Just get the captain laid."
  11. JamesHackerMP

    Best Trek episodes

    I think the deflectors just....deflect shit in space. Shields protect you against particle weapons & photon torpedoes.
  12. JamesHackerMP

    Best Trek episodes

    Yes I saw that, it was on Netflix. Very interesting. Guess it isn't easy to produce or get a series produced like that! Anyone familiar with the Enterprise episode, "Carbon Creek"? Love that one.
  13. JamesHackerMP

    Term limits on Congress

    few will...
  14. JamesHackerMP

    Term limits on Congress

    I think that's way too long to wait to vote someone out who's terrible. don't forget, the party isn't their only source of money. Many of these federal politicians have built up a power base independent of parties. It's the difference between the US and parliamentary systems, for example.
  15. JamesHackerMP

    America must return Alaska to Russia.

    The Russian Federation is the recognized "legal heir" to the U.S.S.R. You do not make a treaty with a government but with a "people" (or a nation, per se). Even if the sale of Alaska was approved by the tsar, and there are no more of his kind, the Russian Federation is still bound to honor treaties signed by previous Russian governments. Even the empire.