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  1. If the Bernie Sanders supporters do not stop whining about spilt milk, and support Hillary Clinton, then they are helping Donald Trump to win. Every vote that they do not give Hillary Clinton is the same as giving a vote to Donald Trump. Every boo, every protest, and every sign of disunity hurts the chances of a Democrat win, by influencing more and more those undecided. They are going to have to cease their tantrums and face reality. Would they rather have a Democrat in power in the White House, or Donald Trump? Choose. The time for destructive in-fighting and bickering is over. Any Sanders supporter who would vote for Trump in protest is clearly and certifiably delusional.
  2. You do have to wonder. Everything that are doing seems calculated to hurt the Democratic Candidate while helping the Republican candidate. Their insults and attacks sound exactly like Trump insults and attacks. They seem determined to ensure a Trump victory and a Trump Presidency. Certainly if they do not wish a Trump victory then they would at least be supporting Hillary Clinton quietly and voting for her simply to keep the numbers up on election night. But, no, just the opposite. So, you do have to wonder if they are on the Trump payroll. On the other hand, maybe they are just as out of touch with reality as they seem., if you don't buy into the bribery idea. As such, I would not be surprised to see them all sporting Wizard hats and "Gandalf For President" T-shirts.
  3. All that Taxme seems to be able to do is rabbit back the same tired Trump-ican rhetoric and propaganda that I've read on Social Media for months. Of course, lacking the ability to debate, that is what the majority of them do.
  4. So, if you believe in racial equality, that makes you an anti-white racist? What do these Trump-icans smoke?
  5. The imaginary enemies of my imaginary enemies are my imaginary friends.
  6. I find it odd how Christians constantly refer to the bible as evidence of what is contained within it, and of evidence of God. It's a just a book written by men, whose agendas we can only guess at, and written at time periods that may have been hundreds of years after the supposed events took place. The events seem more like Aesop's fables; works of fiction written to illustrate what is right and what is not right, sometimes invoking fantastic events for dramatic effect. Further, the books have been translated, retranslated, patched together, torn apart, and patched together again, with whatever did not suit the agenda of those writing the latest version, discarded and lost. It's the Readers Digest version of a Readers Digest version of a Readers Digest version gone mad. Finally, by the time of Gutenberg's Printing Press, all that is left is a shadow of the originals scroll that may have been its origin, many of which must have been in direct contradiction to each other. In the end it's just a story book that can no more be used as evidence of God or creation or anything else, anymore than Faery Tales can be used as evidence that elves and faeries and witches and goblins are real.
  7. Clinton seems to have too much baggage. Largely it's just Trump propaganda and lies, and what contains any truth is overblown and exaggerated. Still, she does not seem to inspire that much confidence when it is all said and done. But, anything but Trump.
  8. Look under ANY rock and you will find dirt on Trump..... or slime.
  9. Probably Trump will win, but neither deserve to.
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