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  1. Why don't you want to end up on YouTube? Aren't you proud of yourself?
  2. Nice try. Do you wonder why Jesus' followers never went around slaying everyone who refused to be ruled by Jesus? Because it was a parable. A story about a nobleman. Not a command.
  3. In a world where women can wear whatever they want to wear without fear of being beaten and killed, that would be true. That's not the world we live in.
  4. The 2017 attack in Edmonton where a police officer was stabbed and 4 people were run over was, for some reason, not classified as a terrorist attack even though the man - Abdulahi Sharif - had an ISIS flag in his vehicle at the time of the attack. So Jacee is correct - if we simply refuse to label Islamic attacks as Islamic attacks, then VOILA!! No problem with Islamic terrorism in Canada!! See how that works?
  5. The Queen does not wear a headscarf to show her subjugation to men, nor does she do it because she believes religiously that women are second-class citizens who must hide their sexuality in order to not incite men's lust. She wears it to protect her hairdo on windy days and is free to not wear it, as well. Smarten up.
  6. A science denier. What a shocker.
  7. Goddess

    Gay Loonie

    You guys can send all your "gay loonies" to me. I'll spend them.
  8. 1. I know you didn't. I did. It's a mainstream value of pretty much every Muslim-ruled country. World-wide polls show it is a mainstream value of Islam. We can add Brunei to this list: 2. Ahhh, yes.....you're one of those who believe our borders are magical, that these beliefs are dropped as soon as they arrive - so, what is the problem, right?? And the news coming out of Europe of attacks by Muslims on Jews, women and the gay communities are "fake news." You just go on "presuming"..... 3. If it's not a mainstream teaching in Islam, then why did this happen: Most Muslim-majority countries and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have opposed moves to advance LGBT rights at the United Nations, in the General Assembly or the UNHRC. In May 2016, a group of 51 Muslim states blocked 11 gay and transgender organizations from attending 2016 High Level Meeting on Ending AIDS. And this: You "presume" it's getting better. It's not. 4. Funny how you believe Islam is tolerant toward the gay community but you think there is a "large number" of homophobic people in our own country. Because it seems to me that views on the LGBQT community in the West are softening in the last few decades, but it appears to be going to other way in the Islamic world. My concern is that at the same time we are making great strides in acceptance of the LGBQT community, we are bringing in masses of people from areas that do not have that same value. If they came in a little at a time and were encouraged to assimilate, I would feel differently. I'm sorry, but you sound exactly like the people who insisted there were no ovens in Germany, while the ashes of people fell on their houses. You will deny these intolerant beliefs have any power until you're forced to clean up the bodies, just like the German people were made to do.
  9. Just because some criminal in Western society beats up a transgender person, does not make beating transgender persons a mainstream value of our society. People that do these types of things, based on intolerant beliefs, are widely condemned in our society and dealt with by the law. It is a fact that Islamic-ruled countries have barbaric views and laws against the LGBQT community - that is a mainstream value for them. The fact that there are some in Islam who transcend those values, does not make acceptance of the LGBQT community a mainstream value of Islam, any more than the criminal who goes against our values and beats a trans person up represents our mainstream values. What "masses" of people among us oppose our values? You, and others, seem intent on equating the minority of Muslims in the world who are accepting of LGBQT community as reflecting their mainstream views, while at the same time, intent on equating the minority of bigots in Western society as reflective of Western values. For gawd's sake, an issue in our provincial election coming up is whether parents of students who join a GSA should be informed by the school of their child's membership. While a bit discouraging for myself because of my personal views, it's clear that we are fine-tuning an already established value. One thing they're NOT debating is whether these students have a right to an education or whether they should be shoved off the rooftop of the school. I shake my head that someone who enjoys nit-picking as much as yourself, does not see such a glaring difference. I doubt you will grasp the point I just made.
  10. Stop bringing in masses of people who have values that are diametrically opposite of our own.
  11. It only makes sense to an Islamist. I''m not one of those. Tell me, Altai......why do YOU never post the source of your information? That is a forum rule that seems to not apply to you. You have an entire thread of outlandish claims "Deep Information Pool" with nary a source quoted. You provided no source for the claim you made above. Tell me why you seem to be able to speak and write perfect English sometimes and other times can barely create a coherent sentence? Tell me why you seem to have completely different personalities depending on when you post? You should be careful before you call other people liars.
  12. Enjoy your propaganda "sources". Which I notice you never post your actual "sources". Just a lot of wild unsubstantiated claims. Funny how the rest of have to post our sources, but not you. You seem to be able to spout lie after lie and never have to post a source. Wake up. The rest of the world can see that Turkey is a mess of terrorism, genocide, religious fanaticism and human rights abuses.
  13. Try reading before you respond. Then you won't sound so ignorant.
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