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  1. I hear a lot of people in Alberta saying they think Kenney will run, but none of them are happy about it. I'd love to see Rona Ambrose run.
  2. I think it's important to note that not ALL Muslims disagree with Bill 21. https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/fatah-why-some-canadian-muslims-celebrated-the-quebec-hijab-ban#comments https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/fatah-quebec-leads-the-rest-of-canada-with-religious-symbols-ban This is from the articles: You're not defending a sacred religious right - you are defending an Islamist symbol and we all know what their aims are. You call that witty? That's dumb. Cancer patients are not promoting an Islamist agenda by wearing something on their bald heads when they lose their hair. Same with those who think a winter touque = hijab. Idiots.
  3. Is this before? or after? she gets abducted by aliens?
  4. https://globalnews.ca/news/6284594/quebec-appeal-court-bill-21-decision/
  5. The Caliphate? I'm just kidding.
  6. Playing "devil's advocate" with deathly religious extremism makes a person look and sound like they support it. Or the very least - understand and tolerate it.
  7. It's really weird that you think that the ONLY problem with hijabs and burkas are the people who don't like them - not the religion that requires it and punishes with death and beatings those who disobey, not the men who use it to control women, not the long and bloody history of it, not how it denigrates women, not how it damages women and girls psychologically, not how it gives men a misogynistic view of women. Weird and sad, I guess.
  8. I'm an apostate and no one has tried to kill me. On the other hand, I worked with a few Muslims who wanted out of Islam and were afraid for their lives, seen the news articles about Muslims killing for apostasy in country after country, seen the rioting and killing over a cartoon for blasphemy, know about the death fatwas on journalists and writers, so...... Yeah. Pretty sure. Are you denying this?
  9. Do you have anything to say about the topic? Or are you just here to promote Islam? I ask because that is one of the most "I haven't got a clue what's going on in Iran" comments I've ever heard.
  10. LOLLOLOLOLO Western nations are the WORST, right?? Those Muslim countries, they really know how to live. We could learn so much from them.
  11. Maybe stop making ridiculous comments about domestic abusers being secret feminists. **shrug**
  12. You promote hiijabs and burkas for women. That's disrespectful to the living and the dead. For instance, those raped to death, burned alive, beaten and killed over it, children forced into wearing it. Don't you have any sense of shame?
  13. ISIS wants all of Islam's barbarity to be tolerated and accepted in the West. Or at the very least - ignored and not talked about. Same as you. But yes, I believe religious freedom should have limits. If that makes me a monster in your books, but the guy who cuffs his burka'ed wife across the head A-OK - so be it. I'm happy to disappoint you.
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