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  1. He asked her to put a leash on her dog, per the signs in the area, which is a well-known bird-watching area. Given the state of the police in the US, her bogus call saying he was threatening her life - could have cost this black man his actual LIFE. SHE came towards him and HE said, "Don't come near me." for pete's sake. She knew what she was doing IMO.
  2. And like every abusive, narcissistic man before him and after him - he was fine with powerful, competent, independent women. Until he "got" them and married them - then he had to devalue and discredit them. Almost all his pronouncements against women were in response to issues he had with his wives. "Mohammed, this decision you are making is not in the best interests of the family business." "Oh yeah? Well, God told ME that you only have half a brain." "Mohammed, I'm sick of picking up your underwear - put it in the laundry." "Oh yeah? Well, God told
  3. No, it's not. You need to look stuff up before you post.
  4. Dude. You're basically proving the point of this OP. P.S. I "Liked" all your posts in this thread. Feel better?
  5. You're upset because I put a "Like" on the OP? Mmmmmokay.
  6. I've always been female. Not sure what your point is.
  7. Maybe that's why 27 babies out of every thousand die in Bangladesh and only 5 out of every thousand in the US. In Bangladesh, 8% of the total deaths among women of reproductive age are from dying in childbirth. Societies seem to do better when women are treated as the other half of the human race instead of just as breeders.
  8. I don't understand what you're asking. Some have claimed that wearing masks during the pandemic somehow legitimizes religious oppression of women. Now you are conflating 3 things - basic precautions of wearing face masks during the pandemic, oppression of women and and criminals who wear face coverings to commit crimes. Those are 3 separate concerns. In no way do I believe face masks during a pandemic legitimizes the other 2. We're going to have to come up with a way of balancing covid face masks with security concerns when things open up again. Those are legitimate concer
  9. Yes, because religious oppression of women is EXACTLY the same as taking basic safety precautions during a world-wide pandemic.
  10. Quote from YOU: If you're going to take pot shots, invent your own. Dialamah accuses me of this all the time. Troll.
  11. No one denied there was racism in Canada. No one. And so far, the most racist comments have come from ......You.
  12. Trolling your own topic. Nice.
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/30/world/africa/sudan-outlaws-female-genital-mutilation-.html?smid=fb-share&fbclid=IwAR0CTSlOQkmRX_mw9Ff0okprUdeMB8tdWC6vP6GhkKZv_3ZB0wECo2FEfHI They've been trying for many years to make this law, but have been repeatedly quashed by religious conservatives. Of course, just having the law will not end the practice. Hopefully, they will start prosecuting. And maybe it will eliminate Sudan as a place for Muslims in Western countries to take their girls to be cut.
  14. Why accuse me of "can't discuss it" when you just said you didn't read my post where I DID actually discuss it? You don't read them because I copy & paste? Why not? We are supposed to add link and quotes to our posts, some topics have been deleted here because they DON'T contain enough information. How do you know it was nothing but "ignorant talk" when you didn't read it? Go away now, troll.
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