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  1. From what I've read and the news coming out of Europe - Muslims are worse for anti-semitism than others. It's deliberate blindness to say otherwise. Hatred of Jews is codified in the Quran and taught openly in mosques. And no, I am not saying ALL Muslims hate Jews. But how are Jews generally treated in Muslim countries? And please don't fall back on the victim-blaming - that Jews deserve to be massacred by Muslims because of some 2000 year old wrong apparently committed. ......except when it shows up in Islam, right? Then we come on a thread talking about the problem of anti-semitism in Islam and insist that it doesn't exist except in tiny normal (?) quantities, nothing to be concerned about, according to you. If you did choose to face the Truth about Islam - you would see that many are of the opinion that anti-semitism is growing in Europe because Muslims have brought it with them and awakened and legitimized the sleeping anti-semitism in other groups, such as the Neo-Nazis. So while I will agree that some anti-semitism comes from that source, a LOT of anti-semitism comes from Muslim sources and the fact that you and MH are here to deny that is quite disgusting, IMO.
  2. You used a quote with no cite to deny that there is anti-semitism in Islam, in direct contradiction to facts, so....... No, you didn't.
  3. Oh, you're right. I should ignore all the articles and books and news articles and the disgusting Al Qud Rallies held all over the world, and the churches and synagogues being burned all over the world and Christians dying at the hands of Muslims, the bombings, the beheadings, the burning people alive, the imams caught spreading anti-semitism in every Western country they're allowed into, etc, etc, etc Your one incident of a Neo-Nazi group who were shut down by police, with no cite given, has totally convinced me that anti-semitism is not a problem in Islam. Please be sure to post that quote - wherever it's from - somewhere all the French Jews can see it, so they know it's not Muslims who are attacking and killing them and driving them out of France. They will be so grateful to you for setting them straight on who is really brutalizing them. Definitely not your Muslims, right? Totally innocent, lovers of Jews. Muslims are the real victims to you - ALWAYS. Yah, we got it, Dia. Of course, you will find something wrong with the source of this article because it's not flattering to Muslims, so therefore a stupid source. Jews naming their own attackers? That's not allowed in your pro-Islam worldview. https://www.jta.org/2019/05/01/global/french-jews-say-officials-are-reluctant-to-call-out-anti-semitism-by-muslims
  4. It's not white supremacists driving Jews out of France and other European countries, either.
  5. You need to think more globally.
  6. This thinking is not limited to some feminists. I'd say it's more Liberals, than anything. But spot on, otherwise - against control of women unless it's Muslims doing it - then it's an acceptable "religious" belief.
  7. What makes you assume that it's "one group" attacking both Muslims & Jews?
  8. I never understood why that Act was axed by Trudeau and why Natives did not oppose it being axed. There is a ton of evidence of misuse of funds by tribal chiefs/leadership with zero accountability - to their own people or to the government. Chiefs and leadership living high on the hog while their reserves are living in squalor. If I was Native, I'd be all over protesting that.
  9. Altai, maybe you could be doing more things like *this* and less conspiracy theories and hate. http://forreadingaddicts.co.uk/news/turkish-garbage-collectors-open-library-full-discarded-books/23374?fbclid=IwAR1538B-84Uwkex_gvgQodvx2_xsx8pauI8DBLx4z1Nsvg5z1a8Sb3GdmfA
  10. https://globalnews.ca/news/3848065/case-of-diphtheria-confirmed-at-edmonton-elementary-school/ Diptheria in Edmonton. These diseases are all making a comeback thanks to anti-vaxxers. I think we have all forgotten how terrible these diseases were and how many people they killed. My friend posted this article on her facebook page because she has a child in kindergarten at the school and a newborn at home who is too young to be vaccinated for diptheria yet.
  11. https://dianebederman.com/what-happens-when-governments-and-police-fear-islam/?fbclid=IwAR2qJEIxoj3j6bqX8ewhD-mAfavmX0NTil4QxQ0mnE3NkkXX0Rn_o2Q-tUY Bederman blog on this past Saturday's Al Qud hatefest in Toronto
  12. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women,” Madeleine Albright


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    2. Goddess


      I have a friend in the US who got a new girlfriend pregnant many years ago and she didn't want a baby.  They talked and agreed that he would pay all expenses, she would have the baby, sign away all her parental rights to him and he would raise the child.  Sometimes it's a good thing to let people make their own decisions.

    3. QuebecOverCanada


      I think if the Left would acknowledge the Rights points on abortion, rather than insistently repeating slogans that are no way related to them, such as 'MY BODY MY CHOICE'. No bud. We didn't say you couldn't do things you want with your body, what we say is you can't kill someone because it's convenient for your future career or whatever thousand reasons there are to abort. The person you kill isn't you, dipshit. If the Left acknowledged that point, only that single and only point, the Left would win the abortion debate as it did 40 years ago. But the Leftists are generally retarded and down to repeat slogans coming from the Boomer-me-myself-and-I era.

    4. Goddess


      Most provinces will only perform abortions up to 20 weeks, unless there is a medical reason (either mother or fetus) for termination.  Why do you think this is?  Some babies in the womb require surgery before they are born.  There is no pain medication given to fetuses under 24 weeks old for these surgical procedures.    Why do you think that is?

  13. Should ask the Jews in France if they feel "protected" by their Muslim brethren.
  14. https://www.iambirmingham.co.uk/2019/05/23/muslims-lead-birmingham-pride-parade-first-time-events-22-year-history/?fbclid=IwAR0fjQ6E3CYaA82Buqas4e8NHqZaYQ3uvONGFGz-BOjKAOo6VcoUhYiL78s Well, this is clearly not Birmingham, Alabama More of this, more of this, more of this.
  15. Again, not one person here has suggested searching individual Muslim homes. There are different laws and different procedures for different types of searches. I didn't make those laws or procedures but I would trust the police to abide by the laws. Islam is no where near reforming itself. I fear here are too many ideological glitches for this ever to happen - the universal Islamic concept of Ummah, for one, the universal acceptance of the Koran being the literal word of God - which forbids any change under penalty of death and threat of hell, the universal acceptance of Sharia law, which places women and unbelievers not just as second or third class citizens, but as dhimmi - slaves, among others. Or we can go your way and just shake our heads sadly while radical Islam tears up the world in body counts because we don't want to offend the majority (who apparently want peace as much as we do, yet feel absolutely no responsibility to do anything about it....??? And why should they? They've got mouthpieces like you and Dia telling them they don't have any responsibility in rooting out extremism in their own religion. I wonder who's responsibility it is? You feel - not our's and not their's. Who is left?)
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