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  1. Goddess

    This week in Islam

    I said you want everyone to act on the assumption/belief that there are no Muslim extremists and that they are all peaceful. They are not all peaceful. And there is no way to tell which are extremists unless you look at their dress, their actions and their speech.
  2. Goddess

    This week in Islam

    And do you allow us to each make our own personal assessment of risk? What YOU are willing to risk personally may be different from what another person is willing to risk. Your granddaughter may feel your advice on being cautious is just you being an Islamophobe. Perhaps if she's in love, she is more willing to risk certain things than you would be willing to risk for yourself. You told me one time that I was probably exposed to more fundamentalist Muslims where I was living than other people who perhaps live in bigger cities and Muslims are not such new immigrants. I agreed with you. You insist there are NO no-go zones in Europe or any other country. None. At all. That it is all just fear-mongering and lies. But when I've seen interviews of those who live near or in these no-go zones and when I have talked to Europeans who are dealing with them and the lack of integration from the Muslim community, I accept their own personal assessment of risk. I understand that their risk - living in or near no-go zones - is likely greater than the politicians who live in giant houses with security gates or a person who lives in a big city and works with well-integrated Muslims. Given that assessment, why do you not allow my own personal assessment of my own risks? Why do insist that the risk is the same for all people? Why do you insist that everyone agree with and adopt YOUR personal assessment of risk or else they are racist Islamophobes?
  3. Goddess

    This week in Islam

    I'm sure Dia would allow women to take whatever precautions they feel are necessary to protect themselves from rape by men. I'm sure she would allow women to be aware of the signs that a man could be dangerous - the way he dresses, the way he acts, the things he says. I'm sure she allows that women who take precautions and try to be aware of their surroundings do not hate ALL men. But her standards are different for how we approach Muslim extremism. We are to automatically assume (not just assume but to actually believe) that ALL Muslims would never be extreme in their beliefs. We are racist Islamophobes or xenophobes if we want to take reasonable precautions or are aware that certain types of Muslim dress, actions and speech would indicate a higher likelihood of extremism and danger. She also does not allow that taking precautions (either as a country or an individuals) and being aware does not mean that a person hates ALL Muslims.
  4. Goddess

    This week in Islam

    But that's exactly the point - we don't know. So women take a LOT of precautions. Because men do not announce that their intention is to rape you. But if I see a man in a bar wearing a "Grab 'em By the Pussy" shirt and not taking No, Thank You for an answer from women, it's a good sign that he's not safe. Going with your analogy - are ALL women misandrysts who take precautions against getting drugged and raped? Do all women who take those precautions HATE men? It's unfortunate that women have to do all kinds of things and be aware of the signs men give off to protect themselves and it is also unfortunate that we have to take precautions against radical Islamic extremists and be aware of the signs they give off. It's not about HATING all Muslims. It's not about Islamophobia or racism. It's just the way things are. And Islam is to blame for this situation also.
  5. Goddess

    This week in Islam

    We can't. And neither can Dia.
  6. Goddess

    War of the Worlds U.N. Migration Compact

    Here are the people we COULD have in our country, contributing members of society who entered through the proper channels.......but Noooooooo, we are sending them back because we have 10's of 1000's of illegals flooding the country, living in hotels on the taxpayer's dime. https://globalnews.ca/news/4751451/family-canada-deported-christmas-eve/
  7. Goddess

    This week in Islam

    You've got to have a deathwish...... To me, Islam is in too much of a mess to invite it willy-nilly in masses of undocumented people into any country right now.
  8. Goddess

    Compensating Khadr

    Except for Khadr's supporters, such as Eyeball. Our laws are woefully inadequate to deal with Islamic terrorism because terrorism and Islamic extremism is moving faster than we can change laws. To Eye, we dont' need to update our laws to allow us to deal legally with terrorists. He's okay with letting them continue to travel to Islamic terrorist hotbeds and giving them unfettered access to their fellow terrorists.
  9. Goddess

    This week in Islam

    This is what it seems like to me, too. Our government and progressives who are for more and more immigration from Islamic countries expect the Canadian public to just accept that some of us are going to die at the hands of Islam. And you're a racist Islamophobe if you don't think the risk is worth it. It's so easy for them to gamble with other people's lives and the lives of other people's loved ones.
  10. Goddess

    Compensating Khadr

    They've been protected by the Canadian government for a long time. I don't know why no one cares to find out WHY.
  11. Goddess

    Compensating Khadr

    Eyeball's take on this is such a bizarre viewpoint to me. It would be like a Catholic priest who molested a bunch of children, then got off on a technicality and who then petitions the courts to give him unrestricted access to young boys and permission to travel anywhere in the world where young boys are available for molesting. And Eyeball would say, "Sure! Give him access to all the things that led to his criminal actions in the first place. Absolutely bizarre.
  12. Goddess

    Compensating Khadr

    The government barely knows I exist. I suspect they restricted access to his family because they are terrorists.
  13. Goddess

    Compensating Khadr

    This was your answer to my question: Do you think Omar should be with this person unsupervised? Your answer says that it wouldn't bother you at all to let a convicted terrorist continue to have unrestricted visits with his terrorist family and that he should be given a Canadian passport so that he can travel to Saudi Arabia. Isn't that what got him into all this trouble in the first place?
  14. Goddess

    Compensating Khadr

    Why can't you answer the question? Why did the government originally set up the restricted access to his family?
  15. Goddess

    Deep Information Pool

    Also, I think you mean *this* duty ----------> "doodie"