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  1. Maybe there'll be another plague soon and we won't have to worry about it?
  2. How odd. She was just photographed at an In N Out burger in California. https://www.thedailybeast.com/ghislaine-maxwell-where-in-the-world-is-jeffrey-epsteins-girlfriend I think you're drowning in your own "deep information pool." **throws you a life preserver**
  3. They should serve as a reminder that Islam is not just a religion, but a political system.
  4. Bruce Bawer is a journalist and writer who has written extensively about how the media in Europe has undermined freedom of speech, out of fear of Muslim reprisal. The riots over the Mohammed cartoons are the best example of this and I don't think most people understand how it impacted democratic freedom of speech. For many Western supporters of Islam, freedom of speech must take a backseat to Muslims feeling offended. I don't think they have fully thought this through to its logical end. Freedom of speech has allowed religion to be criticized - rightly so. Sharia law insists that Islam is not to be criticized and to do so means death. A lot of mainstream media is towing the Islamic line. It's interesting to watch how every time there's a major terrorist act, the media is quick to call in the "backlash ploy." - innocent Western Muslims suddenly fear a "backlash" - neatly shifting focus away from real acts of violence against non-Muslims by Muslims, to imaginary acts of violence, again making Muslims the victims in even the terrorism they themselves commit. Victimhood is huge in Islam. This is what the Palestinians are doing.
  5. I have a freind who is a big supporter of Palestine and I've found that a lot of what she posts against Israel turn out to be lies. This one for instance: (Just one, I know of many because I read blogs more than mainstream media) On Sept. 30, 2000, Charles Enderlin reported for France's TV channel - France 2 - that a 12 year old Palestinian boy was shot and killed by the IDF, dying in agony. He provided a 55 second clip showing a boy and his father hiding behind some barrels. The footage went viral and the boy was touted as a symbol of Palestinian victimhood and Israeli brutality. The Palestinian cameraman who filmed it testified that the boy was killed intentionally and in cold blood. It wasn't until 2004 that 3 reporters were allowed to view the actual 27 minute long video and discovered that it mostly depicted Palestinians ACTING as if they had been shot and were dying and that there was no actual footage of the boy in his death throes. Comparison with other film from the same incident proved it was a hoax. In 2006, 3 French reporters who reported on the hoax were charged with defamation and found guilty - clearly "good" lies are permitted and "bad" truths are punished. The verdict was appealed and this time the judge asked to see the footage. The reporter was finally cleared in May, 2008. The mainstream media reported very little after the initial accusations - the truth only came out in blogs. I made my friend aware of this when she recently posted of the "Mohammed al-Dura boy" who was shot by Israel. The mainstream media is complicit in covering up what's really going on and Islam is getting better and better at manipulating the masses through the media towards Islamic sympathies. I rarely believe Palestine's version of events, until I've seen the proof. Although I'm sure Israel engages in it's own share of brainwashing the public through mainstream media, I have difficulty faulting Israel - the Palestinian mandate is not to live peacefully next door to Israel. It is to destroy them. .
  6. Read again. I was using those 2 men as an example of what our local Islam apologist does. She follows people around the board, baiting them with comments like she's done on this thread, trying to intimidate by lying and accusing them of being violent haters against Muslims - all the while poo-pooing and making excuses for every Islamic atrocity being done in the world today. There hasn't been one thing done in the name of Islam that she hasn't justified, excused or downplayed. When that doesn't work, she resorts to lying accusations. Straight outta the terrorists handbook - lie, intimidate, accuse, misdirect and misinform. She's learned well. She's a good little dhimmi.
  7. I just did. But here it is for you again, - in your bigoted, pro-Islam worldview - you said this, which you have repeated many times: Each time you have accused me of this, I have stated that while I do not agree with hijabs because of the bloody history and misogyny associated with it, that I would never attack verbally or physically anyone who was wearing one and that I would probably be one of the few people who would stand between them and an attacker. But you continue to accuse me of being violent, while excusing every incident of Islamic violence. I can't speak for the others you are accusing but I don't get the sense that any one of them would physically or verbally attack a hijab-wearing woman either. You are a liar. A complete and utter liar, who lies for Islam. You are no different than the men in that video who followed a woman around harassing her for not loving the hijab.
  8. Absolutely a propagandist for Islam! She's exactly like these men: Following people around, demanding they respect Islam. No difference between her and these men.
  9. Keep digging that hole of lies - you're really on a roll today. Flat out - You. Are. A. Huge. Liar. And an Islamic propagandist. Yup, that's your whole strategy.
  10. Baloney. You just stated yesterday that it's irrelevant. Interesting. That's exactly what you claim about Islamic extremism - it barely exists and/or is created by conservatives.
  11. Hmmm. Looks to me like it's discussing one aspect of why white supremacy is rearing its head in Canada and that the OP stated as much and also provided a link that shows others are wondering the same thing. Potato/Potahto
  12. And yet it was YOU who brought them up - again. Anyways this thread is about white supremacists - not about your favourite religion.
  13. LOL She does that all the time. Gotta get her "Rah! Rah! Islam is the greatest!" in there early, doncha know.
  14. I wasn't the one who said any deaths are irrelevant to me. You were. Again, see above. I was offended that you deemed Islamic terrorism deaths in Canada irrelevant to yourself. My answer was in response to your statement, so it's weird that you're accusing me of not caring when you were the one who said they were Irrelevant. I agree with your statement above. I was disagreeing with your statement that Islamic terrorism is irrelevant in Canada. You're so determined to paint me as an Islamophobe that your hatred is blinding you to what is being said.
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