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  1. My favourite control freak joke: Knock, Knock Who's there? Control Freak. Okay, now YOU say "Control freak who" !
  2. Religious beliefs are some of the hardest to un-entrench and reform, as they are largely immune to logic and reason and have "God/Allah says" as their "proof". Large numbers of people with strongly entrenched and harmful/violent religious beliefs are dangerous. Add in large numbers of others who believe "To each his own" and they become deadly.
  3. Coolio. I'll check it out. 🙂
  4. I tried to play a game similar to this and all the people who had been playing for a long time and had amassed huge armies - their only strategy was searching for small first timers who hadn't build up enough assets and armies to protect themselves, then attacking them with their huge armies and taking everything from you. It was impossible to play against them.
  5. Jamie DeWolf, "The God and the Man" / Snap Judgment LIVE - YouTube This is L Ron Hubbard's grandson's take on his own grandfather.
  6. Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has a new band called "The Soundflowers". Check them out if you're into kinda folksy, easy to listen to music and Bonus! she has a really beautiful voice: Geronimo - YouTube Your Look (Glorious) - YouTube
  7. Took a break for a bit.....I see the new insult here is "TRIGGERED!!"  

    LOL 😆

    Missed you guys.

    1. betsy



      "Unhinged," wouldn't be fair to Russell Crowe! :lol:




    2. DogOnPorch


      It's a Brave New World...have a Clockwork Orange. :) 

    3. Argus


      It's not much of an insult, but it's what they've got.

  8. I liked how he tried to get them to stop rioting by reminding them several times that the election was "stolen" from them.
  9. He asked her to put a leash on her dog, per the signs in the area, which is a well-known bird-watching area. Given the state of the police in the US, her bogus call saying he was threatening her life - could have cost this black man his actual LIFE. SHE came towards him and HE said, "Don't come near me." for pete's sake. She knew what she was doing IMO.
  10. And like every abusive, narcissistic man before him and after him - he was fine with powerful, competent, independent women. Until he "got" them and married them - then he had to devalue and discredit them. Almost all his pronouncements against women were in response to issues he had with his wives. "Mohammed, this decision you are making is not in the best interests of the family business." "Oh yeah? Well, God told ME that you only have half a brain." "Mohammed, I'm sick of picking up your underwear - put it in the laundry." "Oh yeah? Well, God told
  11. No, it's not. You need to look stuff up before you post.
  12. Dude. You're basically proving the point of this OP. P.S. I "Liked" all your posts in this thread. Feel better?
  13. You're upset because I put a "Like" on the OP? Mmmmmokay.
  14. I've always been female. Not sure what your point is.
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