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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I had a woman freind who had to work with a Muslim guy (she was his supervisor) and he refused to shake her hand when they were introduced and thereafter, refused to look at her or barely speak to her. Working in a warehouse, she finally got him relocated elsewhere, saying that it was a safety concern for her - if an emergency were to happen in the warehouse, it was obvious he would do nothing to help her or any other woman working there. It reminds me of the girls who all burned to death because they were not allowed out of the burning building without their hijabs and coverings. It's not so much about the refusal to shake hands - it's the outright replacement of normal human empathy and helpfulness with barbaric and backwards religious nonsense and the attitudes it spawns.
  2. Goddess

    This week in Islam

    http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/ottawa-mosque-loses-charity-status-for-promoting-hate-and-intolerance/ar-BBLKbnU?li=AAggNb9 Ottawa mosque losess its charitable status. Other speeches in other cities Really? You paid an extremist imam to come speak on your behalf. Whether he said what he said in your mosque or whether he said what he said somewhere else - he was speaking on your behalf, at your request, to your people. Everything is "unfair" to Islam when they don't get their own way........
  3. Goddess

    Hamas fires rockets, - Israel bombs Gaza

    I think this is what bothers me the most - we send billions of dollars to these countries and we KNOW they don't use it to help their citizens. Why do we keep doing it?
  4. Goddess

    Saudi Arabia expells Canadian ambassador

    Good Lord, woman! Settle your kettle a bit. That's hard on the eyes.
  5. Goddess

    It's Irrational To be An Atheist

    Mocking atheists' lack of belief in any god doesn't hurt our feelings. It doesn't damage our trust in reason, science or critical thinking. Also, we will not kill you for it.
  6. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    I'm not reading 306 pages. Why don't you just put your usual Sarah Huckabee-Sanders spin on whatever stats or comment is in there that bothers you.
  7. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    I wish we would start keeping stats for hate crimes BY Muslims against Westerners. I'm absolutely positive that is rising in Canada. Earlier this week, a lady I work with was followed through a London Drugs by a Muslim man and his burka'ed wife - he was angry, shouting at her in whatever language, apparently didn't like the length of the skirt she was wearing. Twice she told him to Stop and leave her alone. She finally just left the store, no one did anything to help her. But of course, unless it's a white person shouting at a Muslim, it's not going to make the news. A white guy yelling at a Muslim? That makes the news as a hate crime. A Muslim yelling at a Western woman? Who cares. At least we're keeping track of what's happening with our Jewish population. Anti-semitism IS rising in Canada: https://torontosun.com/news/national/anti-semitism-on-the-rise-in-canada-statistics-canada While some of that stat may include white supremicists, I doubt it's completely white supremicists increasing the Jew-hating in Canada. I'm not sure why so many think that followers of one of the most intolerant, misogynistic religions are not also perpetrators of hate crimes. It's like there are 2 sets of standards - oh yes, we'll say "Musllims committing hate crimes is also bad" but in reality - we're not allowed to acknowledge that it happens because it doesn't fit the current narrative of Muslims always being the victims, not the perpetrators.
  8. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    You are in sooo much trouble when Dia sees this........
  9. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    That's because you refuse to read or acknowledge any of the articles where officials have been worried about it being used as a WMD. Being willfully ignorant on something doesn't make the info cease to exist.
  10. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    Well now you're just changing the goalposts. You said it was "paranoid nonsense" to think that China just mails it out to people. I showed you that that is exactly what they do. The "technology" for aerosoling this stuff would be pretty simple, I imagine. I've aerosoled my own oils and stuff before and it's not rocket science. If governments weren't worried about this amount of carfentanyl before, I'm pretty sure they are now.
  11. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/carfentanil-exports-china-ap-investigation-1.3795415 Eyeball, are you under the impression that ISIS has no access to the black market or to online sales?
  12. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    I believe that SOME Muslims are a threat to Canadian culture and safety - esepcially the ones who have a huge stockpile of a CHEMICAL WEAPON, enough to kill everyone in Canada. And an arsenal of guns. And it seems that you are the one who believes anything on the internet, as long as it is said by a Muslim - including a suspicious spin doctor with ties to radical Islam who makes claims of mental illness that have not been verified. But ya, you continue laughing about all this. Really hilarious.
  13. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    Almost enough to kill every Canadian twice. EMT's and police have had to treat themselves with Naloxone after just being in contact with someone who is overdosing on this stuff. So when a journalist reports that this turd's brother overdosed on heroin and cocaine and some other substance and speculates that the other substance could have been the 42 kilos of carfentanyl that was in the house, that seems a reasonable speculation to me. It also seems reasonable to me that 50 million doses of this stuff wasn't meant for selling on the street.
  14. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    That's what I'm thinking.
  15. Goddess

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    Have they even done that? I thought it was just the spin doctor's say-so about the "severe psychosis". Even the police didn't confirm it, only said they had a couple run-ins with him but didn't elaborate.