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  1. Says the Turkey who is committing genocide, as we speak.
  2. There are a couple of people here who do not like Islam being criticized. You cannot point out poor behaviour or barbaric beliefs of Islam without being called a racist or an Islamophobe. You can speak about FGM - but only in regard to obscure Christian groups that practice it in Muslim majority countries. You cannot point out that it is mainly an Islamic practice. You can speak about misogyny in other religions, but not in Islam. You can speak about terrorism - but only white supremacist or antifa terrorism, not Islamic terrorism. You can speak about religious fundamentalism, but you cannot mention Islam as being extremist. Hasidic Jews, Christian fundamentalist groups, even the few bad Buddhists - you can talk about all that - but not extremism in Islam. And definitely do not say anything except positive comments about hijabs and burkas. They defend those things to the death.
  3. Turkish army has revealed to me that they will soon be employing a version of the Trojan Horse against the Kurds. Turks will be placed in teams of two and no one will be allowed to eat falafels for 48 hours before the mission, for obvious reasons. (Even the Turks don't like being hot-boxed.) Turkish army will "appear" as an unassuming and innocent caravan of camels just on their way to the oasis, only to unleash their secret weapon - the Turkiye 3000 Ultra Fighter, which is a lethal combination of buckshot and spitballs. The Kurds won't know what hit 'em. Remember, you heard it here first.
  4. Sometimes I think what they are struggling with is adjusting to the idea that giving up some of the power they have traditionally had over women is not discrimination or misandry. Coupled with a subconscious fear that women will wield power to purposely keep men down, like they have done to women for centuries. We just want equality. Not payback.
  5. Not all traditions - religious or cultural - should be celebrated. Nor tolerated, or promoted. There are some religious and cultural traditions that deserve no space in Canada.
  6. I view it as HIM not being woke yet. I don't mind Singh or his beard and turban except for: I have a bit of an issue with someone as young as he is and apparently well-educated and he believes a sky daddy is intently life-or-death interested in the length of his hair. When you believe absurdities......as they say. I feel like our choices are the Christian extremist, the Sikh extremist or the Islamic extremist.
  7. There's a t-shirt for that!
  8. I have a friend in Ireland, they're quite upset there too: https://theliberal.ie/fianna-fail-td-proposes-irish-families-take-in-migrants-into-their-own-home-and-get-paid-to-so-by-the-irish-state/ "I'll take a 30 year old male posing as a 13 year old, please."
  9. It's driven by fear. It's a religion that kills any who criticize it, terrorizes news organizations and gets revenge by killing innocent citizens in cities all over the world. Muslims rioting and killing - in Western countries - over a TV program or a cartoon or a book, it's an enforcement of Islam's blasphemy laws. We either stick to our values of freedom of speech and separation of church and state or we cave into Islam's bullying and extremist religion. So far, in the name of tolerance, we have chosen to cave. Reminds me of that parable about the woman who helps the snake across the river......
  10. You may want to research that a little more before you brag about it. https://www.newenglishreview.org/Ibn_Warraq/Population_and_the_True_Number_of_Converts_to_Islam/ Islam loses as many as it "converts", a fair amount of the "conversions" are due to the above average birthrate and many who do convert - do not stay with the religion for longer than a few years, as they are only doing it as a form of social protest. Thankfully, non-religions such as atheism is growing faster. https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/26351197.pdf To be clear, no one is saying that ALL converts to Islam become terrorists, but more converts to Islam become violent than do converts to other religions. ^^^ I believe the extremist nature of many of the religion's teachings are to blame - misogyny, hatred of others such as Jews and non-Muslims, hatred of gays, etc. , in addition to other factors. I don't believe you can have explicit teachings - that women are deserving of lesser treatment, non-Muslim women are deserving of even less than that, Jews, gays and everyone else are deserving of death, that "convert or die" is a legitimate thing - and then act surprised when converts act on those beliefs or claim they "misunderstand" the teachings.
  11. A model employee for 20 years, converts to Islam last year and goes on a stabbing spree. But we're not supposed to worry about what this religion is teaching.
  12. She's recanted her story: https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/girl-recants-accusation-that-classmates-cut-her-dreadlocks-1.4617060
  13. I've shared some on here. The worst was a Muslim man who threw a picture frame at my head, I deflected with my hand and needed stitches. Because he showed up hours late for a doctor's appointment and I told him he would have to re-book. He was arrested for assault and at the court hearing, even the judge (who was female) was treated with utter disdain by him and said that what happened to me was because of the low value he put on females, his feeling that a woman had no right to tell him "No". Surprisingly, he was not an older man - he was early 20's, just going through life abusing any females he encountered because that's what he was taught. So yes, I agree that these kinds of stone-age religious beliefs harm a country's social cohesion. Especially when if you talk about it you're labeled an Islamophobe and a racist. I also agree with you that women bear the brunt of Islam's hatreds - Jews and gays, too. I dont' believe most men realize the little daily aggressions (and the big aggressions) that a lot of women - Muslim women and white women - experience due to Islam's extreme misogynistic teachings. They just keep spouting how these are "normal" interactions because men of all religions denigrate women, doncha know? The need to divorce the behaviour from the religion's teachings is desperate.
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