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  1. Altai

    Deep Information Pool

    - ISIS is leaving Syria and going to start operating around Asian Turkic countries and attack China. - Erdogan, Putin, Ruhani talks in Sochi. - Persian official Ruhani says that ISIS is not defeated, ISIS came to Afghanistan. - US officials Bolton's group and Trump's son in law Kushner's group attack and punch each other in White House. - Bolton wants to attack Iran, Kushner trying to prevent an operation against Iran. - Suicide bomb attack done againt Iran soldiers, about 50 soldiers are killed.
  2. Europe is not safe, if you are planning to visit Europe, cancel your trip. 

  3. Altai

    Deep Information Pool

    The last three copter crashes in Turkiye - September 6: One day before Erdogan-Putin talks - March 10: The same day Erdogan - Putin talks - February 11: The same day Russian Minister of Defence visits Turkiye.
  4. Altai

    Deep Information Pool

    - US wants ISIS to attack China. - US pays 200 million $ to Taliban to release Turkic origin ISIS leader Aminullah and 10 other ISIS members. - US transfers thousands of ISIS members from Syria. - US security company Academi anounces that they will create a training center in China's Sinjar Turkic region. - US security company Academi starts to train Chinese persons in North Carolina who will partipicate in ISIS. - Chinese ISIS will operate mostly around Vahan region of China. - After ISIS starts to attack China, they will declare a so-called Islamic state at Belucistan region. - Belucistan region has huge amounts of oil reserves. - US cargo planes carry weapons to Kabil to deliver to ISIS. - Taliban says US promised to remove half of the US soldiers in Afghanistan.
  5. Altai

    Deep Information Pool

    - Rothschilds wants German intelligence BND to cut ties with CIA. - Turkish guy Sinan Selen becomes vice president of German intelligence. - 43 CIA agents working within BND are fired. - Rothschilds gifts billions Euro worth of lands to German intelligence BND. - US is planning to prevent rapprochement between Turkiye - Germany , Turkiye - Russia , Turkiye - France. - US rejects to pay off its trillion $ of debt to China and Japan. - US accepts to pay off its 330 Billion $ of debt to Ireland because of Catholic ties. - US rejects to pay off its 280 billion debt to Brazil, 273 billion to Cayman Islands, 258 Billion $ to Switzerland, 221 Billion $ to Britain and 70 Billion to Turkiye. - US wants to invade and control any countriees with oil reserves before a possible III. World War. - US declares that they dont recognize the democratically elected president of Venezuela. Venezuela has one of the largest oil reserves and does not allow US to benefit from it. - US wants to invade and control whole African oil reserves.
  6. Maduro, the Erdogan of Venezuela.

  7. Altai

    Deep Information Pool

    - Pentagon attacked US soldiers under ISIS cover and kills 4 of them in Syrian town Manbij after Trump says that ISIS is over and there is no reason to stay more in Syria. - Pentagon attacks to a hotel in Kenya's Westland region, which is known as MI6 headquarters in Kenya and murdered 21 people. - US threatens Turkiye by making travel warning to US citizens again. - Rothschilds caused the shut down of US government to activate specific powers of presidency. Trump changed the positions of 49 state officials including 7 persons in Pentagon.
  8. Venezuela sends all the golden reserves of the country to Turkiye, as a precaution against a possible coup attempt.

    1. Altai


      US officials claims that Maduro kidnaps Venezuelan state goldens to abroad. 

  9. According to Bloomberg Turkiye is going to be the World's 5. largest economy by 2030.

    1. QuebecOverCanada
    2. DogOnPorch


      Turkey = Stolen Greek Land

    3. Truth Detector

      Truth Detector

      There's no way.  China will dwarf them.

  10. Western countries miss former Turkiye soo much.


    and they hate present one.


  11. Altai

    Deep Information Pool

    - Many Turkish soldiers who works for US are jailed after the recent coup attempt, some of them are held in single person cells. - Some of the jailed soldiers want to be confessors. US is disturbed by this possibility and trying to create partnerships with Turkiye to soften the environment. - Britain wants Turkiye-US relationship to be deteriorate more and keeps pressure on soldiers to make them perform some confessions. - Mike Pence is trying to keep soldiers silent. - US is also thinking to rise military tension between US and Turkish Armies but it costs 22 Trillion Dollar for US and currently US is not able to meet such a cost. - US is planning to meet 5 Trillion $ of it from Saudi Arabia and some Gulf countries and meet 12 Trillion $ of it by printing in the FED. - FED is controlled by Rothschilds and Rothschilds rejects to help Pentagon for such a budget.
  12. When you ask for proof, people in general will show you an article published in a media organ which contains no proofs or evidences but just conspiracy theories. This is why these media organs are called as "operational". So they are used to affect public opinion by governments. Western countries have soo much these kind of operational media organs and most of the Western people are brainwashed.
  13. Altai

    Deep Information Pool

    - Turkiye announced the opening of Turkish Space Agency - A few hours after Turkiye's announce, Turkish scientists dies in high-speed train crash who was blamed by Israel of causing failures on Israeli air defence systems.