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  1. No this is a wrong title. The row should be like this; Israel invades Palestine, Hamas resists to invasion and Israel keeps comitting crime, yes this the true row.
  2. Altai

    Bam Bam !!!

    This was what I said >>> https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-force/syrian-rebels-build-an-army-with-turkish-help-face-challenges-idUSKBN1KX05Y
  3. Altai

    Bam Bam !!!

    After Venesualan leader have been attacked by drones, Turkish statesmen protection teams carrying bazookas
  4. Altai

    Bam Bam !!!

    Turkish court gives capture decision for 11 US soldiers for directly involving coup attemp in Turkiye. Security Forces are searching for them. Do you like it guys ? Do you want to play game ? Its OK
  5. Altai

    Bam Bam !!!

    US army general Scaparotti who came Turkiye and wanted to visit jailed CIA agent so-called priest Brunson is not allowed to visit him.
  6. Altai

    Bam Bam !!!

    Turkiye declares sanctions on US Ministers as response to US sanctions on Turkish Ministers How is it guys ? Do you like the new Turkiye ?
  7. 9 soldiers at the left, 11 soldiers at the right 


    1. bcsapper


      I know, would ten on each side have been so hard?

    2. Altai


      Maybe they just want to admit they did 9/11. 

  8. Altai

    Terrorism in Turkey

    Turkish Army kills 290 terrorists in July.
  9. Altai

    Bam Bam !!!

    Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs after US declares sanctions on him : "We will also take F.Gulen from you". Gulen organization members in US changing their locations and give directions to other members living in other countries to change their locations not to be kidnapped by Turkish Intelligence.
  10. Altai

    Bam Bam !!!

    One of the World's biggest terror organization US govt declares sanctions on Turkish Minister of Internal Affair and Minister of Justice after Turkiye rejects to release CIA agent so-called priest Brunson. Lmao, I have heard for the first time declaring sanction on persons US is getting mad with each passing day when they see they cant control Turkiye as in the old days. Even if you beg us on your knees, this guy wont be released as long as you dont cooperate with us.
  11. Sources: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Di5Fcx3XcAEjoL1.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Di5F4ZeXsAAnqEq.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Di5GXCqXgAEyRNc.jpg:large https://www.verfassungsschutz.de/de/oeffentlichkeitsarbeit/publikationen/verfassungsschutzberichte/vsbericht-2017
  12. Altai

    Bam Bam !!!

    Turkiye offers Russia-China-India to make trade with electronic money between these countries, instead of Dollar.
  13. Altai

    Bam Bam !!!

    From Turkish Ministry of External Affairs to natural resources thieves; "You should not cross the line." Natural resource thieves USA, Israel, Southern Cyprus Greek Government is planning to start a drillling to unilaterally have the natural resources of disputed areas of Mediterranean Sea. Last time Italian companies who were planning a drill was kicked out by Turkish Navy.
  14. Qatar media: "Turkish Army officers killed soldiers who tried a coup against Qatar govt."


    1. Altai


      Media says "General Al-Ateya is one of the soldiers killed."