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  1. - The coup is coming, Trump said "Stop the Coup" in his social media account. - Evangelical people are getting ready for clashes to backup Trump. - FEMA emergency management institution started to make exercises about a possible coup attempt.
  2. - hah ... and I told them I came here from Texas to establish you a Kurdistan puhaha
    - did they swallow the bait again ? 
    - yeaaa absolutely !! haaaahhh
    - these guys are our Mesopotamia donkeys
    - how many Kurdistan did you established for them until now ? 
    - about 25 or 26 hahahahahha, what about you ? 
    - mine is more than 40 puahahah


  3. Civilian, journalist,terrorist



  4. Education does not make a vote "safe". Educated people have made horrible things in the past and still doing today. Many people votes not because of it is the logical choice, they vote because they hate the opponent. They will vote 5 for the result of 2x2 if the opponents votes for 4.
  5. This forum turned into complate garbage becauuse of horrible moderation.
  6. "There is no difference between Arab, Kurd, Christian for us." Turkiye backed National Army team leader.
  7. President Erdogan: "PYD terrorists have released 750 ISIS terrorists in the operation zone and we have captured 195 of them again."
  8. While some moderate soccer players of Turkish National team are fired from their clubs temporarily or permanently for making soldier salute, super-talent players are celebrated by their clubs for their soldier salute to Turkish Army. Merih is one them and his club Juventus cannot dare to fire him. Caglar is another one that his club Leichester cannot dare to fire him.
  9. Turkiye and US agreed about 120 hours of ceasefire to allow Western backed PYD terrorists to leave "the safe zone" area. Turkish Army neutralized 702 terrorists until now and covered all the escape routes to complately destroy them all. Western countries started to want a "ceasefire" since yesterday after they see all of the terrorists are going to be neutralized like bugs.
  10. Senators are going to offer some weak sanctions on Turkiye. Halkbank issue, S400 issue, asset search of Turkish politicians, creating visa difficulties.
  11. President Erdogan accepts it on insistence. It is trying to hug Erdogan I think at the beginning but President push the dirt away kindly.
  12. US Vice President person named Pence came Turkiye to have a meeting with President Erdogan. President Erdogan rejects to talk with it.
  13. Turkish minister of defense : "We receive some intelligence reports that the terrorists are planning to use chemical weapons on civilians and blame it on Turkish Army. Everyone should know that we dont have chemical weapons."
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