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  1. - Turkish Army company OYAK purchase Finnish steel and iron company Milux Oy. - Turkish Army company OYAK signed a preliminary agreement to purchase British steel and iron company British Steel. - Turkiye is going to build the second military base in Qatar to prevent any kind of attempts from Western countries and Western lapdog ME countries to invade Qatar.
  2. - Ghislaine Maxwell moves to Paris and stays in a house belong to Rothschilds, protected by France intelligence. - There are about 9000 video records and its probably duplicated. Only British royal family has about 40 records. - There are going to be more murders related to video records of statesmen businesmen and other famous people having sex with kids.
  3. - According to claims wandering in Washington, the death warrant of Mossad agent Epstein is given my Clinton family. - According to claims Pentagon is disturbed by the killing of Epstein. - Now Pentagon is searching for Ghislaine Maxwell the girlfriend of Epstein and possible video records of statesmen, businessmen and famous people having sex with kids.
  4. If you really dont know how France is a perfect example for what I mean or you just want to ignore it despite you know it, you are cleary an ignorant that need long speeches.
  5. - Foreign military news portals claims that Turkiye shot down a Chinese unmanned air vehicle by laser gun which belongs to UAE and flying over Libya. - Russian news agencies claims that Turkiye and US agreed about a co-operation central about Turkiye's operation to US and US lapdog terror organization controlled areas in Northern Syria because US offered Turkiye a free trade agreement between Turkiye and US. - US terror organization controlled lapdog terror organization leaders claims that Turkiye is going to own Northern Syria and Northern Iraq and make these areas part of Turkiye. - Two cargo planes carrying weapons from Ukraine to Western backed terror groups in Libya have been shot and destroyed by Turkish Airforces after landing on an airport in Libya.
  6. Then you should stop complaning about my short answers and my neglect for long posts like national epics. Stop trying to change people. True information does not require long speeches. People with no information makes long speeches in general. France for example. How ironic.
  7. Nah you are talking about ancient secularism, not today's understanding of secularism. While it was first appeared claiming not treating people different based on their religious background, today it complately turns into forcing religious people to be atheists. It was first appeared to secure rights of religious people, it turns into attacking religious people's rights. This is not the subject of this forum. I have another topic for that. This question should be asked to atheists. While the word a-theist was first appeared to oppose theistic ideas, so while have nothing directly with defending non-existence of a creator power, today big part of them maybe all of them defends and believes non existence of such a power. So atheist is just another religion. No, I have explained it in the first qoute of this post.
  8. This is my personality and I cant change my personality to make people happy. Its like too much food to eat in my plate. I dont like it. I just want a bit food and if I still feel hungry I will take more but I dont want a food mountain in my table, it simply disgust me and cause me to lose all my interests and appetite.
  9. LoL another perfect example for Western kind of "democracy". Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein found dead in his prison cell. He was the most important witness of the investigation done against Trump by Mueller. The coacroach Epstein was a well known sex slave trader, especially offering kids to high rank statesmen and businessman such as Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Bin Zayed, Netenyahu, Erik Prince and many others.


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    2. QuebecOverCanada


      Its da joose dat run da world

    3. Altai


      Now we are watching for other cockroach Nader whether they are going to kill him too. Epstein offered 500 million $ to be released as was done before and even they took him to hospital for "check up" planning to cause an "escape" but he was not allowed. Now the question; Did cockroach Epstein give documents to CIA about US presidents ? Epstein was also staying in the same house some times with another Mossad agent who defrauds a Turkish businessman 4.1 Million $ according to some sources or 41 Million $ according to another sources.

      - Anti-government Turkish business man is defrauded 4.1 Million $ by a French citizen Israeli person. The person oftenly travels with Nathaniel Rothschild. Media said that the person is caught and improssened in France but Turkish sources says that he is currently in Israel and he is a Mossad agent. 


    4. scribblet


      Well,who knew...

  10. Sorry as I said before, I cant read these long posts, this is soo boring. Still I will try to read but I dont promise this time. I will open an information base soon, you can share your idea together sources there and we and other people in the World would not have to discuss the same things again and again and again forever. We need to progress in idea.
  11. Altai

    Daily LoL

    I dont like these kind of videos but this is a bit different. Turkish guy ask people whether they would like to share their food with hm and most of them rejects and then they sends some food to a homeless person and ask him to share his food and he accepts to share. The funny part homeless person is also a Turk (Considering all of these are real, not scenarios written and not people paid to play it) Update: LoL I knew this was fake, he is not homeless, many Turkish people living in US offers to give him home, car and job and they cant reach to him, disgusting liars.
  12. - Turkish state officials and US terror organization representives agrees on building a "Safe Zone" at Northern Syria after meetings done since Monday.
  13. Walmart attack. Why would someone do such a thing ? There are weapons in all countries but its only a common act in US that a person walks in a shopping center and murders people. 

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    2. bcsapper


      If he had a goal, he's a terrorist.  Terrorism is designed to instill fear in the general population in order to further an end. 

    3. Dougie93


      He's definitively a domestic terrorist.

      But domestic terrorism is all part and parcel of America, it was in fact how America was founded.

    4. OftenWrong


      Altai, the US has its shootings, yes. You know every country has some form of violence. So my question is, who is shooting you?

  14. - European countries that trying to get rid off US tyranny see the Mediterranean energy reserves as the salvation. - East Med pipeline project which aims to carry natural gas an oil from Mediterranean to Europe under sea costs 40 times more than an ordinary pipeline project. - East Med pipeline project gets Europen countries and lapdog ME countries confused to whether they should make a partnership with Turkiye for a pipeline project goes to Europe over Turkiye. - European countries and lapdog ME countries dont want their destiny to be in the hands of Turkiye and they hate the idea of using a pipeline goes over Turkiye. - European countries dont want their destiny to be in the hands of Russia and they hate the idea of using a pipeline goes over North Sea, starts from Russia and reaches to Europe.
  15. Altai

    Daily LoL

    Model car in traffic
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