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  1. - An UAE prof close to Bin Zayed threatens Turkiye by saying "Turkish govt should be ready for the things will happen soon." - Two BAE agents that followed by Turkish security forces since last 6 months are caught by Turkish security forces. - The agents confessed some plans of UAE during the police questioning. They also say they are in Turkiye to find persons will work in favor of UAE against Turkiye.
  2. Altai

    Daily LoL

    I start this topic to share anything that LoL'ing at them. Decided to start after watching video below. Turkish guy trying to ride bicycle in Colombia and gets robbed again by gunmen
  3. The long term plan is to make each states of US a country. For example Texas will a country alone, Florida will be another country.... and all others. Some of these states are also quite willing for such a plan, even some of them prepared their country flags. The first state which will a be country is Missouri.
  4. Seem like Zionists are planning to destroy Aqsa Mosque with disguised accidental events. Yesterday evening an "accidental" fire was started in one of its rooms. Archaeological excavations may also cause some "accidental" collapses.

  5. Stop thinking like a sheep, learn to think like a fox.

    Notre Dame is not burning because of a kid playing with matches. 

    Its highly probable  burning because of its a masonic symbol. 

  6. IMF decides to create a cyrpto currency. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/nov/14/imf-says-governments-could-set-up-their-own-cryptocurrencies Saudi oil company Aramco is going to be traded in Shangai Energy Market. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/02/21/asia/saudi-arabia-china-mohammed-bin-salman-intl/index.html They are planning to sell oil with cyrpto currencies to get rid of $.
  7. Torium is the nuclear fuel of the future. %70 of the World's torium reserves are in Turkiye. 6 Turkish academicians working on Torium were dead in a plane crash in year 2007. 

  8. You have to be more intelligent than both or have to be equal to the more intelligent one, to be able to compare two intelligence with each other. You dont seem like more intelligent than me or than a border collie. You can disprove my point if you can fulfill my commands, sit, lie down, play dead. Take a video and prove yourself to us.
  9. Larger dog breeds are more idiotic in general. Same thing goes for larger human breeds. Western people are bigger and more idiotic.
  10. If some kind of dogs are more intelligence from some other kind of dogs, we can say the same thing for human beings too. Some human families are more clever than others. For example Asians. (not telling that because of I am a Turk, so a central Asian, this is a fact)
  11. - Today US claims publishing the photo of a "black hole" in space. In the future, they are going to claim that UFOs are coming from here.
  12. Lmfao, Taliban claims they did this :lol: 


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    2. DogOnPorch


      The same spot in Google Earth...


    3. Altai


      I got the news source wrong, it says Taliban claims destroying a plane and share this as a representative photo and I thought this is the plane.

    4. DogOnPorch


      The Taliban probably claim they landed on the Moon. 

      Their 9K32 Strela-2 surface to air missiles, that they have spotty access to, are not particularly good at defeating the ECM and Infrared countermeasures of a B-52...and all the approaches to Bagram are very well defended against such attacks. If one went down, it's far more likely due to some mechanical failure than a very lucky (and unlikely) hit by a hand held rocket launcher.

  13. Artificial intelligence will be Muslim. 

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      I am a ghost in this machine

    3. DogOnPorch


      The original TV version was better.


  14. - Turkish drug mafia keep attacking each other. - Drug mafia Z... report drug mafia C.K.'s shipment to police and police caught 2.1 tons of heroin. - C.K.'s men murdered wife and daughter of Z... - Two guys who murdered his wife and daughter found dead 3 months after. - C.K. and his business partner Z.. been killed by a Canada citizen Colombian. - Canadian guy found dead in foresty area in Canada 1 week after he murders C.K. and Z. - The lawyer of C.K. been killed in a restaurant. - This week another man of C.K. been killed.
  15. If you want to do that, you should stop using $ as reserve money, so you should stop ask for $ when you sell something. There are some countries trying to do that but this should be a common decision, stopping alone wont work while everyone still using it. For example Russia - China or Russia - Turkiye trying to use their own currencies in trades with each other. Another vital point all countries need oil and natural gas to meet their energy need and US controls or tries to control all countries with oil and natural gas reserves (Saudi, Venezuela etc). So they are forcing you to use $ by selling oil with $.
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