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  1. - British and Russian govts are searching for the bag and documents of agent Le Mesurier. - The bag may be in the hands of US or Turkiye or Israel.
  2. - At least 12 Turkish cargo ships reached to Libya after coup terrorists started an intense attack against elected Libyan govt. - Turkiye puts Palestine citizen Israel agent Dahlan to red category terrorist list.
  3. - Turkiye keep testing new domestic weapons in Libya on mercanaries of Russia, France and Western lapdog ME governments. - New domestic air defence systems will be tested in Libya against France war planes. At least 3 France war planes was shot down in last attacks. - Chinese unmanned air vehicles were also shot down by laser weapons in recent months in Libya.
  4. - The project kid Greta Thunberg is going to claim she changes her gender to male, soon. - "Gender equality" is another project of NWO.
  5. - Libyan coup terrorist so-called navy commander said that "We are ordered to shot Turkish ships approaching to Libyan area."
  6. - Turkish minister of external affairs said: "We are going to take care of Incirlik and Kurecik military bases if any sanctions approved against Turkiye in US senate." Incirlik and Kurecik are two important bases where NATO uses to spy on ME.
  7. - Turkiye is going to close any possible transportation route of US and Russia from Syria by agreeing Lebanon to connect Turkiye and Lebanon exclusive economic maritime zones.
  8. - Western countries and their lapdogs are getting mad after Turkiye turn off the access to Mediterranean Sea by agreeing with Libyan govt to connect Turkiye and Libya exclusive economic maritime zones. - A group of mercenaries of Western backed Libyan coup terrorists trying to seize Libyan govt are caught after intelligence given to Libyan govt. - At least 3 Mig planes belong to Libyan coup terrorists are shot down by Turkiye backed Libyan govt. - Turkiye wants Libyan govt to allow Turkish Army to secure Libyan rights in Mediterranean Sea. - Turkiye keeps training military forces of Libyan govt. - Turkiye wants Libyan govt to allow Turkiye to create military bases in Libya to protect Libya against Western countries and their lapdogs. - Russia keep supporting Libyan coup terrorists to seize capital of Libya.
  9. - Turkiye close the route of a possible EastMed pipeline project by agreeing with Libya to connect Turkiye Sea Area and Libya Sea Area. - Turkiye starts the natural gas flow to Europe with TANAP project which is carrying natural gas from Azerbaijan to Europe. - Turkish Flow pipeline project which is going to carry natural gas from Russia to Europe is planned to start at January 8.
  10. Turkish kid finds out system deficit of Apple is a given $50 award by Apple. <_< The same kid finds another sistem deficit rejects to give it to Apple despite he is offered $220.000 -_-

  11. Put them in ignore list. I have tried before, you cant communicate with them by talk.
  12. Yes everyone is fascist, bad, ugly, idiot, dictator, bully and any other bad adjectives and you are perfect. Discuss ends.
  13. - Despite there is no attack against Russia nor Syrian puppet regime, Syrian puppet regime is bombing civilians in Idlib town to push pro-Turkiye Syrian people to migrate Turkiye. At least 100 civilians are murdered in last two days.
  14. Belgium bans drinking alcohol from midnight to morning. You will keep applying sharia in your life because truth does vary from person to person, it is the same for all. Some people deny, some people accepts
  15. While whole the World begging for Turkiye's economy to collapse and giving negative grades, Turkish economy grew %0,9 in the third quarter.

    While worldwide direct investments rate decreasing by %13, direct investments rate  in Turkiye increased by %12,6. 

    US bank Morgan Stanley expecting Turkiye's economy to shrink have lost about 140 Million $ and starts an investigation about it. 

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