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  1. - Turkish Army settled in 30 different spots around Idlib province of Syria. - Russia-Syria-Iran is planning to defeat Turkish Army in Idlib Battle. - US/Western/Russia/lapdog ME countries backed PKK terror organization is planning to attack to Afrin province of Syria if Turkish Army will be defeated in Idlib Battle. - Russian terror organization share photos of Turkish Army units in Syria taken from Russian war jets and trying to give message to Turkiye. - Turkiye is planning to seize another Syrian city Aleppo after seizing Idlib. - Pakistan announced that they are ready to support Turkish Army in Idlib Battle. - Turkiye and Pakistan agrees on working for development and production of nuclear weapons in close collaboration.
  2. - Turkish Army commando units are seen in Syrian city Idlib streets which is randomly been bombed by Russia and Syrian lapdog government to force local people to migrate. - Idlib is a city populated 1.5 Million. - President Erdogan said in his last speech that Turkish Army is ready to seize Idlib city in one night all of a sudden.
  3. - After a new coup attempt rumors spread in recent days about Turkiye, today Turkish court makes a scandal decision and ruled "innocence" of Gezi Park coup attempt ringleaders.
  4. - Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs said that no coup attendees will survive if another coup attempt happens, as response to Rand Coop. - Two US terror organization so-called generals training PYD terrorists been assassinated in Syria.
  5. - British royal family website gives link to porn sites after some "hacker" interventions.
  6. - Russia's Turkiye ambassador claims that he receieves serious death threats since Turkish Army observation spots in Syria been attacked. - UN's Libya represantative said that arms embargo is just a joke and violated countless times.
  7. - Rockefeller is planning to offer chipping people under the pretext of "detecting diseases". - Rockefeller thinks that they can control chipped people when 7G is available.
  8. - A Turkish military official who does not give his name said they have strong evidences that one of the last two attacks done to Turkish Army units in Syria which were blamed on Assad goverment is actually done by a Russian fighter jet, not by mortars.
  9. - Turkish and Russian officials makes a meeting about the attacks done to Turkish military observations spots. - Russian officials immediately left the meeting after a Syrian copter shot down during meeting. - Iran sources claim that Assad is hospitalized and about to die. - President Erdogan warns Assad the lapdog as a message to Russia and US.
  10. - Dahlan is seen in a yatch at Malta coasts. - Dahlan made a meeting with F.C.D. the wife of killed CIA agent M.D. - There were 4 Turks in yatch, a French person who was invited to meeting canceled his trip.
  11. - US and Russia agrees on forcing Turkiye to operate Idlib province of Syria to turn attention from Libya to Syria. - Turkiye temporarily cut off relationship with China for next weeks. - Despite 132 countries cut off their relationship with China, China made an official statement just for Turkiye that they are disturbed by the move of Turkiye. - Turkiye is also one of just a few countries that trying to help Chinese govt about Corona virus. - US spreading Corona in China wants Chinese govt to make anti-Turkiye speeches. - US and Russia planning more attacks to Turkish Military spots around Idlib province in Syria to provoke Turkiye for a big operation. - US wants Turkiye to open border gates to send millions of refugees to Europe.
  12. - Russia rejects the responsiblity of attacks done to observations spots. - Russian general claims that 4 Russian intelligence members are killed in Syria in recent days. - Russia claims that a group named Tahrer Sham is working for US and organizing the attacks done to the observations spots. - Rand Cooperations said that Turkiye should be stopped with a new military coup as soon as possible, in the last report published.
  13. - Turkish Army entered Idlib province of Syria with convoy of 900 vehicles. - At least 40 more Syrian puppet govt soldiers are killed, 3 tanks and 1 copter is destroyed
  14. - Syrian lapdog government keeps attacking Turkish observation spots around Idlib province of Syria. - 5 Turkish soldiers are martyred by mortar attacks done today. - Turkish Army responds the mortar attacks, at least 170 Syrian soldiers are killed in two different attacks.
  15. LoL Turkish guy become police chief in New Jersey and read Quran, prays in Arabic and in Turkish.


    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      It's called religious freedom, you can pray to your toaster if you like, and talk in any language as well including Klingon... Can you do that in turkey ?  

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