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  1. President Erdogan warns Western Armies who is trying to steal underground resources in Mediterranean sea: "Even if you move your eyes, our army will be there in an instant."
  2. Security forces caught Western backed PKK terrorists with suicide bomb vests at Syria border of Turkiye. Try again.
  3. Altai

    Daily LoL

  4. Altai

    Daily LoL

    You wont understand anything because you have no idea about politics of Turkiye but this is still funny even for an ignorant
  5. Turkish Army continues the sweeping operation in Iraq against lapdog terror organizations and British - US military formations to push them to the south of Iraq before the operation in Syria against US military formations and lapdog terror organizations.
  6. Turkish Government announces that Turkish Army changes the compulsory military system and reduces number of soldiers by half.
  7. Oil tankers are burnt and blamed on Iran by US. US terror organization foreign minister said that when they look at how the event happens they see Iran as resposible. (Lmfao)
  8. Turkish General Staff announces that at least 2000 terrorists are neutralized in and around the borders of Turkiye in first 5 months 2019.
  9. Kargu assassin drones are actively used in terror operations by Turkish Army, Kargu flocks kills at least 5 terrorists that trying to run away in last operations.
  10. - US state controlled media CNN claims; CIA gets intelligence of huge amount of budget reserved by Saudis to develop balistic missile program with China. I gave you this intelligence 3 months before CIA .
  11. After special forces operates to the hideouts of terrorists in mountainous areas of Iraq, at least four simultaneous bomb attacks done by Western backed PKK terror organization in Turkic populated Iraq city Kirkuk, claiming it is done by ISIS.
  12. Western is getting more mad with each passing day. You are destroying the future of your kids with your hands. Bravo. Western countries are also trying to spread the same corruption to other countries in the World.
  13. - One of the agents admits they knew the unsuccesful coup attempt in Turkiye 1 week before the attempt. Other agent was died during questioning.
  14. Turkish Navy replaces US made Harpoon anti-ship missiles with domestic Atmaca missiles against a possible war between Turkish Army and Western Armies in Mediterranean Sea for underground resources.
  15. 18 ISIS terrorists that planning terror attacks in different cities been caught by security forces. Weapons and bomb assemblies found buried in foresty area. Try again.
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