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  1. LoL Turkish guy become police chief in New Jersey and read Quran, prays in Arabic and in Turkish.


    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      It's called religious freedom, you can pray to your toaster if you like, and talk in any language as well including Klingon... Can you do that in turkey ?  

  2. LoL president Erdogan gifts a mirror and a military helmet to germany pm merkel, I dont know what message he gives to germans.

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Ya he really is a class act is he not, I wonder if turkey has blood on their hands for the genocide of millions of Kurds….

  3. Turkiye's first domestic car brand Togg receives at least 150.000 pre-orders in just a few days. German car brands planning to produce electric cars got their release date 2 years early not to lose market potential against Turkiye.

  4. Turkiye's first %100 domestic car Togg unveiled. Togg is a fully electric powered car with 5 different models. Expected to be on roads at 2022. Pre-sales will start next year.


  5. Turkish kid finds out system deficit of Apple is a given $50 award by Apple. <_< The same kid finds another sistem deficit rejects to give it to Apple despite he is offered $220.000 -_-

  6. While whole the World begging for Turkiye's economy to collapse and giving negative grades, Turkish economy grew %0,9 in the third quarter.

    While worldwide direct investments rate decreasing by %13, direct investments rate  in Turkiye increased by %12,6. 

    US bank Morgan Stanley expecting Turkiye's economy to shrink have lost about 140 Million $ and starts an investigation about it. 

  7. Iranian guy who says he came to Turkiye to be mafia is killed while walking in the street. 

    The idiot of the day.

    1. OftenWrong


      I heard there is a really bad drug war going on there in Turkiye. My advice, don't go out alone at night.

  8. The famous Turkish swindler "Tosuncuk" (The little calf) now is seen in Ukraine :lol: Tosuncuk was seen in Uruguay last time. According to criminal records he illegally collects 1 Billion 150 Million $ from totally about 132.000 people. 

  9. Today we have planted 14 millions of tree saplings all over the Turkiye. It was planned to be 11 million but more people attended to activity than expected. The activity aims 30% of Turkiye to be green until 2023.

  10. The Silk Road, One Generation One Way. Is it going to end Turkish industry or boost the growth ? The first train of The Silk Road enters Turkiye.

  11. If you are able to "fire", then you are able to die. Your title does not matter, you may have a journalist, doctor, engineer or astronaut title.

  12. After Turkiye, Russia is going to close Western propaganda tool Wikipedia too.

  13. LoL Spanish rock climber who wants to open Pyd terror organization flag at Himalayas fell from the rocks and dies. The idiot of the day. 

  14. Netherland: We have bombed and killed (so murdered) at least 70 civilians in 2015 during operations done "against" ISIS in a town in Iraq. 

    No guys you terrorists have murdered millions of people by claiming figthing against "fake" terror organizations and you will pay the price of it sooner or later but for sure.

  15. US congress approves the initiation of dismissal of Trump. Now they want Trump to surrender. If Trump rejects to surrender, they will try to assasinate him. 

  16. Israel close their Turkiye embassy. 

    Means: We dont have money to pay worker salaries.

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      No it means you should sleep with one eye open....

    2. scribblet


      The Mossad is watching.

  17. LoL Trump says they witdraw from Syria together their soldiers and oil and suddenly baghdadi is killed. (for the 25. times) :lol: sheep people sheep. beeeee beeee

  18. We as Turkiye are just trying to gain some time to get strong enough. We will fight you sooner or later. Do not forget that and tell it to your kids if you are an old person. 

    1. OftenWrong


      Watching the Middle East fight itself is always an interesting spectacle.

      But I think, that is the best way to control you people. By keeping you fighting.

  19. "Do not be anything other, be yourself, you are much more beautiful in this way, come to me in honesty or simply fck off"



  20. - hah ... and I told them I came here from Texas to establish you a Kurdistan puhaha
    - did they swallow the bait again ? 
    - yeaaa absolutely !! haaaahhh
    - these guys are our Mesopotamia donkeys
    - how many Kurdistan did you established for them until now ? 
    - about 25 or 26 hahahahahha, what about you ? 
    - mine is more than 40 puahahah


  21. Civilian, journalist,terrorist



  22. X and Y persons are getting married.
    Then Y is divorcing from X and gets married with Z.
    V the ex-partner of Z gets married with X
    X and Z are cousins 

    Typical Turkish Sabetai Jewish marriage process. Its difficult to follow their footprints but they cant flee away from me. They control all the media and big companies in Turkiye.

  23. Classic PKK sympathizer

    Before: I will f.ck you all, come here if you are man. F.ck all your martyrs, f.ck your flag, f.ck your country

    After: I louwf youwf aall,  aiii loveuuall, ai ou love yiu awlll

    We love you too ^_^


  24. LoL this girl reminds me Gollum much more than any other politicians do.



  25. Lo berde zulfun yuzun de perde



    1. QuebecOverCanada


      I don't understand turkroach language

    2. OftenWrong


      Probably "One beautiful day we will all cut their heads off,
      the infidels... the infidels..."

      or something!


    3. OftenWrong
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