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  1. How's Trump doing? I can't waste energy watching this crap! Rather watch golf!
  2. I'm not going to play the game anymore. No vote it is. I'm out!
  3. So the vote is just another sham? This short read seems to agree: https://steemit.com/politics/@dwinblood/left-vs-right-democrat-vs-republican-and-the-illusion
  4. Wow! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread so far. It's been interesting to read all the comments. It's impressive how one question and a simple poll blossomed into what it did. However, now that we've gone to Gramma's house, are we ever coming back? I'm starting to get the feeling that the original question and poll are so small picture that they are irrelevant in the grand scope. This is fine, but by not answering the question directly, I get the impression that the vote doesn't really matter at all. Is this what I am hearing? If so, why do so many people put so much energy into this strange game? Are there not better things for us to do with our time?
  5. @Dougie93 What jobs have we done well, what jobs have we been unable to do, and what jobs need more attention currently?
  6. What equipment are we talking about?
  7. Interesting perspective. Are you saying that Canada does not have Canadians who secure its people's liberties? Or are you saying that American forces secure the liberties of the Canadians who secure its people's liberties? Seems like an onion of epic proportions!
  8. Is that apex predator male who is hyper tribal and hyper territorial a product of his environment? If so, can that environment be changed? Seems improbable under the current system. Perhaps we should try a new approach. Nevertheless, I get the feeling that one uneducated or non-vote will not change the outcome.
  9. Ah, the enemy. Do we really have a common enemy? If anything, the common enemy is the systems we create that protect ancient philosophies, slowing progress and limiting creativity.
  10. But can they live with themselves when the dust settles?
  11. And there goes the whole "peaceful transfer of power". Up in smoke.
  12. @Dougie93 Ah! Brings back child hood memories of the board game Monopoly. Are you saying that the more one owns the wealthier one is? What happens when the few who own so much are challenged by the many who own so much less? Maybe the choice to own everything becomes unwise, no?
  13. @Dougie93 Money is merely a medium for exchanging value, no? It's value comes from what it can buy whether it's invested or not, no? Meaning, the more value it represents, the wealthier I am, no? Just because I choose to blow it on hookers and blow, doesn't mean I wasn't rich once - right? My poor decisions made me poor again. Looping back, would it be a poorer decision to vote for someone you know nothing about, or who represents changing things you know nothing about, or to simply not vote at all?
  14. @Dougie93 If large holdings of currency does not constitute wealth, then what does exactly? Our market economy seems to contradict that thought, no?
  15. @Altai Thank you for your input. Would you agree that voting one way because you hate the opponent implies that the voter is somewhat educated? I was hoping to get thoughts on whether one should cast an uneducated vote as opposed to not voting at all.
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