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  1. Watching Trump bring shame and disgrace to America is more amusing than I suspected. Perhaps it's a shot at the dems for not getting out to vote? Or maybe a beautiful told you so moment for the utter disaster in the white house. The humiliation of actually knowing you voted for Trump.
  2. 1.IC confirms Russian interference in the election 2. Obama expells several Russian diplomats 3. Immediately Russia says they will do the same thing which is historically what it's always been done by them 4. Flynn contacts the Russians ( initially denies it) 5. Russia then decides NOT to retaliate by expelling Americans 6. Immediately Trump tweets admiration for Putin 7. 3 weeks go by until CNN breaks the story and Trump fires Flynn. If it looks like a duck
  3. lol 54 days compared to 8 years and Obama isn't even close to the number or type of trump's lies
  4. In the 56 days Trump has been in office, we’ve counted 219 false or misleading claims. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/trump-claims/
  5. Human history is all about wars and killing. Including jewish terrorism as well as every other race and religion..
  6. In Canada you couldn't get away with insulting POWs and the equivalent of Gold Star families without becoming intimate with the healthcare system.
  7. Maybe you just have to reconcile yourself with the fact Trump is a serial liar.
  8. People ruled by intellect don't vote for a President that speaks to them at a grade 5 level.
  9. Trump was informed that Canada was America;'s biggest customer. Now he knows to shut his mouth and focus on his russian buddies.
  10. Why do you people keep mocking the Ukrainians? Do you have any idea how many have been killed so far? Stop it.
  11. Lying about seems to be an issue but only if you have ethics.,
  12. What terrorist? This is terrorism. Date Dec 27,2008 Location Gaza ..... Time 11:25am..... Operation Cast Lead.... Israel starts first day of 22 days of bombing. First day they drop 100 1 ton bombs on the city of Gaza. No military force there , no tanks, no airplanes, no defence structure at all. A 1 ton bomb will take out a city block Israel dropped 100 the first day Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world . Nowhere to hide . Nowhere to run 11:25 am is important because that's the
  13. Why to pay for Israel's free/ government paid for abortions? is it because you only support killing Jewish babies?
  14. You don't make the rules. Neither do you get to call me an anti semite when in fact you are the one calling for killing semites not me. I have not called for any death to any semite. Jewish or Palestinian . You on the other hand have been very clear about your willingness to kill semites.
  15. You changed it to technical, debatable details ( different opinions on whether PLO recognized Israeli in their charter) rather than intent. i simply exposed your lack of intellectual honesty when it comes to debatable technicalities.
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