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  1. The UK Muslim Council has condemned the attack in their press release. Day of: http://www.mcb.org.uk/westminster-attack/ Day after: http://www.mcb.org.uk/westminster-attack-call-for-solidarity-and-prayer/ Neo-nazis, come out and play!
  2. It's quite sad that you say that. Statements like that make it obvious people are living in a bubble in this country with their fingers in the ears. Start reading about what life is like for aboriginals in this country and what conditions they live in. Better yet, aboriginal women. I know you won't but at least I've done my part. Nothing left to say to someone who is not well informed on this topic.
  3. That's the standard you're using to make the comparison? Wow. Gassing, bad. Anything else = good treatment. Right on.
  4. And we have a terrible reputation of treating First Nation aboriginals like dog doodoo. Blame game is a child's game.
  5. Those folks must have been an entertaining bunch. But then again, if you grew up in a household where everyone looks the same, what else is one to expect?
  6. Cool story. I was told by an Arab that all Israelis are thieves and not to be trusted. I was also told by a First Nation aborginial that all white men steal land and rape women. Any relevance? None. Except when it comes to prejudice itself.
  7. Are you kidding? Scroll up just a bit and see what Goh Shah posted 3-4 posts above mine.
  8. I think she/he was trying to imply that because muslims aren't what they are portrayed to be by main stream media and politicians (murderers, terrorists, bombers, etc.), then one isn't considered a muslim. Hence the word "moderate". At least judging by that persons ignorance regarding this particular religion.
  9. Lol. What is "the real sense"?
  10. The double-standard on these forums is scary. I expect to see "I hate them because they are muslims" and messages of that ilk on extremely conservative (ie. neo-nazi) forums, but here? Holy smokes. :S
  11. It's absurd how the mods of these forums allow such blatant hatred and bigotry to be posted. Let me join in on the fun; I hate Asians, all of 'em. Because they are slant eyed and because they eat dogs and cats. I wish there was a ban on them. Wonder how long this will last.
  12. Wow. If you need a citation for my "claim", then you are absolutely delusional. It has been widely reported that he was mentally ill. Google it. I'm not spoon feeding anyone. I understand some might have an extreme dislike of religion, in this case Islam, but fabricating stories is just childish.
  13. Holy cow. If someone has the audacity to spread fake news like this (Puerto Rican Alaskan Muslim), they need to be humiliated publicly. This is just asking for trouble. He was a war veteran who had a mental disease. Is it so hard to accept?
  14. Not sure what Sweden defending it's borders have to do with the US elections or why Trump would serve best in Putin's interests (since that's what the main discussion is here). Which again brings me to my point; why does the US have to protect the world? The world existed way before US was founded. You seem stuck on that Russkies are against the world rhetoric which as I've said before; move on. Of course I don't agree with Putin. Now let me ask you something; do you know why the Soviet Union fell apart? Hint: it wasn't because of the US.
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