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  1. EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini urged the international community to press ahead with Syria peace talks at the Syrian aid conference in Brussels. According to her statement, it has become even more urgent after a suspected chemical weapons attack left more than 70 dead in a rebel-held town. “We need to give a push, a strong push to the political talks in Geneva. We have to unite the international community behind these negotiations,” Mogherini said as she went into the Syrian aid conference in Brussels. || What do you think of this statement and the current
  2. In the meantime the question was about expectations for the Geneva talks on Syrian crisis settlement...
  3. Kosovo war started as a geopolitical experiment: the Albanians were massively relocated to the Kosovo region of the Yugoslavia and then allowed to protest and demand independence crying wolves they suffered 'ethnic cleansings' starteb by the Yugoslav special services. So NATO immediately used these calls as casus belli to start its Allied Force operation. The Alliance needed only a cause to start a war which was a real massacre. Actually Yugoslavia was uses as a testing ground for new NATO armed forces cooperation strategy, depleted-uranium munitions effectiveness, internal organs smuggling et
  4. Yep, I can't imagine anything worse than war. But, nevertheless, can the international community finally put an end to the internal conflict in Syria and help it defeat terrorists? What are Geneva talks scheduled on late February expected to finish with?
  5. NATO is not involved there, only the so-called 'coalition' led by the U.S. So, you think no political process is possible in Syria, right?
  6. After Astana talks where the Syrian gov't and opposition representatives met for the first time Russia provided a draft constitution for Syria. Nevertheless, all sides of conflict refused to accept the document and intended to use it as a basis for their own projects. So, the next meeting of the warring sides is scheduled on late February in Geneva. What should we expect from the next round of talks there? Are the sides expected to propose their own constitution drafts?
  7. Maybe the UN is not interested in settling this crisis at all?
  8. The draft Constitution - the subject for discussions and a matter for the conflict sides to think over, not to obey it. The United States with their coalition, Turkey, Iran and other involved had no idea what to do with all the mess there is Syria. Fighting terrorists is ok, but who's going to resolve the political crisis when internal forces don't want to negotiate. I think the draft is not about Russia's sphere of influence, it's about peace making primarily)
  9. Old rivals. Tehran does its best in the Middle East to pursue its interests and Washington doesn't like it at all. Here come the tensions in the region, the nuclear weapons developing accusations etc.
  10. The whole world witnessed Syria's warring sides have met in Astana to try to settle down the crisis and return peace and stability to their country. Russia have offered the representatives of official Damascus and armed opposition a draft Constitution, notably, for 'The Syrian Republic' with no 'Arabic'. What do you think of this Moscow's step?
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