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  1. You would be surprised what I know about science. I know a number of things like the big bang and evolution are purely speculation and unproven. Science does not claim to have all the answers and never did make such a claim. When it comes to the origin of the universe, there is absolutely no evidence or proof that God did not create it ten or fifteen thousand years ago, with an apparent age built it. Many of the greatest scientists in history believed in God. They could see the evidence of God's creation all around them and just accepted it.
  2. Jesus said "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32 KJB When I say I already know the truth, I am referring to the basic truth according to the Bible, and because of that, Jesus said I am free. "28 So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation." Hebrews 9:28 KJB I am not judged and going to hell, but I am on the way to heaven. Jesus promised this. So your claim is contrary to what Jesus said and is false.
  3. Trudeau just claimed "scientists say we face an EXISTENTIAL threat". This is an outrageously false statement and extreme fear mongering and alarmism. I seriously doubt many scientists would make a statement like that which means human life will end (due to climate change). Thousands of scientists do not even believe in man-made climate change. They would be shocked that a leader of a developed western country would make a claim that our existence is threatened by climate change. Climate has always changed and is simply a natural process as part of God's creation. Tragic for Canadians t
  4. Cut off travel from India now. This should have been done over a year ago along with all air travel from the rest of the world.
  5. I don't know how to turn the italics off. Doesn't seem to be a way. The BC NDP (Marxist leaning) is now imposing travel restrictions on BC citizens and not allowing them to travel from one health region to another for unnecessary travel, whatever that is. They are planning random police roadblocks/check points to question travelers to see what their reason for travel is. This sounds like it may be contrary to the Charter of Rights. But that is how Canadian provincial governments and the federal government operate; they do what they wish without regard to the Charter of Rights, and wi
  6. Let's be honest; you were the one who said "So lets get specific. We could do this same exercise for many of the immoral actions of God in the bible, but lets stick with slavery. " Stating the the actions of God are immoral is about as demonic and evil a comment as one could make. More likely it demonstrates you have no idea of who God is or what you are talking about.
  7. I have explained my point of view in great length. It is you who responded with two or three sentences and claim I have not understood other perspectives. I can only go by what you say. I have watched an hour or more of actual debate between Stephen Hawking re his God Delusion book and a Christian apologetics professor when they discussed the subject in fairly great depth. If you want you can watch their debate on youtube. I don't agree with all TV evangelists or preachers. You seem to be assuming I agree with everything certain people like Ken Ham and Eric Hovind and Ray Comfort
  8. I am not sure why there is no delete key for a posting. I hit the wrong key and a reply to someone came up as a general posting and I can't delete it.
  9. Nobody gives their occupations and education in order to comment on here. You live in some kind of strange alternate reality. I have given you lots of reason to explain my beliefs. You don't seem to accept the most basic reality. Your idea of a world where everyone is entitled to other people's property and wealth is a dark, evil criminal ideology which would lead to destruction and anarchy. A world without law and order , private property rights, and respect for individual rights is a kind of hell. That's the way it is in Communist countries and other brutal dictatorships. Maybe because
  10. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is on CBC at the moment where he mentioned his favourite line, the " ultra rich". He said some time back that the Communist revolution in Cuba lifted the people up, an obvious support of Communist revolutions. The guy proves himself to be a Communist sympathizer, yet he is a leader of the third political party in Canada. There are countless examples proving Canada is moving toward Marxism or Communism. The "ultra rich" line is a common phrase of Marxists who believe they have a right to other people's property. Canadians are continually being brainwashed into thi
  11. America was fighting to defend freedom in the west in proxy wars in N. Korea, Vietnam, etc. It was your freedom also that they were fighting for during the cold war with Communist USSR. In Iraq they were fighting against ISIS extremists. In Afghanistan, NATO, including Canada, the UK, and U.S.A were fighting Al Qaida jihadist extremists who attacked America on 9-11 and killed over 3,000 people. You need to learn something about world affairs and the ongoing struggle between Communist Russia, China, and the west, as well as radical Islam. The new cold war will be between America and it's
  12. Yep, the puppets who followed Lenin, Stalin, and Mao murdered tens of millions of people at their orders and leadership.
  13. You know I think your vision is very limited. You need to broaden your knowledge about the universe and include things that are foreign to you in the past, such as how the universe came to be. Many famous scientists believe that God exists and created the universe. It might shake your belief system and trust in left wing liberalism, but the truth is what matters.
  14. Ten famous scientists who believed in God: "Often at times, when you think of Scientists and religion you don't think of them in the same spectrum. However, history shows us that not all scientists are atheist and not all scientists are theist. And it is the same today. Some of the renowned scientists believe in God. Charles Darwin is famous for his work on the theory of evolution. Although later in Charles life he have conflicts in Christianity particularly in regards to "problem of evil". Despite the struggle, in his a letter to John Fordyce, 7th May, 1879 he wrote "I have nev
  15. Many scientists believe in God and also believe in genuine science. People can believe in God and legitimate science. Your problem is you have blinders on and can't see the real world, which was not a cosmic accident.
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