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  1. When I made a comment on an elected BC Liberal's Facebook page, that he might not like, a computer bot came onto my computer a little later and started reading every word on the screen by highlighting the word in yellow and then stepping to the next word. I shut the computer down. Approximately a day later a photo of himself with a police officer standing next to him appeared on his FB post. Just coincidence or a form of intimidation/terror. Elected officials have more power that we think. That's the kind of democracy we live in now in the information age. MSN also now heavily censors all comments, deleting many and are under the control of the federal government, CRTC. New legislation, C10 and C36, will mean even far more control of all social media comments. New powers will be given to the CRTC to do this plus powers to fine people $70,000 plus one year of house arrest.
  2. Probably, but I'm too old to consider that. Will stay here and take my chances. No point in voting in this deeply messed up country. Those other countries are worse by the way. Never trust politicians.
  3. A few weeks ago I made a controversial comment on a BC Liberal MLA's Facebook page. Shortly after I made the comment, a spy bot came into my computer and started searching every word on the screen, highlighting the words in yellow as it moved. I shut the computer down. Within the next few days, he posted a photo of himself standing with an RCMP officer on his FB page. Were these actions meant to intimidate and terrorize or just a coincidence? Would this be classified as state-sponsored intimidation?
  4. I think all types of psychological trauma can be overcome, but it requires help from God. Never accept the view that it is hopeless. Of course if one believes it is hopeless and nothing can be done, they will never recover. It might take a long slow process of recovery but hope and faith in God and his Word can help one. Trust in God, his written word, and look not to men or some other thing as the answer. There are many former alcoholics who will tell you they were once in bondage but have been set free. They realize they are susceptible so they stay away from liquor and certain people and situations because they know it is a lifelong battle to remain free of it. This principle would apply to many things that enslave people, almost anything you can think of that can be an addiction or stumbling block. Sometimes, one must get out of the circumstances that contribute to the enslavement as well as take other measures such as seek spiritual help. That help should be sought from someone who has faith in Christ and a good knowledge of the Bible. It may require trying more than one person until one feels confident that they have sound support. We live in troubled times with many different beliefs and errors around. Even a solid counseling service through the internet might be preferable if nobody qualified can be found locally. The following healing centre might be something worth investigating. I have not investigated it but only mention it as a possibility worth looking into. Five Things the Scriptures Teach Us about Trauma and Suffering - By Dr. Matthew S. Stanford - Hope and Healing Center and Institute
  5. Some say trauma cannot be overcome or lasts for generations. This is a hopeless, defeatist attitude. It does not help the victims. Trauma can be a spiritual problem or illness that can be overcome with the help of God. There are even resources right on the internet that go into details about this help and how to obtain it. The tragic part many of the people who are protesting the treatment of FNs, are fighting against any spiritual help and some are busy blaming all churches, or even vandalizing and burning down churches. These people are certainly not helping any natives who are caught in the cycle of trauma, drugs, alcohol, domestic abuse, etc. It is as if the Devil is working to drive the people who need help further into trauma and encourage them to continue to be victims instead of seeking help and recovery. Of course this would be the Devil's objective. He doesn't want anyone healed. He wants to keep them in bondage and destruction. The Devil's message is there is no hope, you are a victim, and you need to blame others for your condition. Stay away for anything spiritual or Biblical. The irony is mainline churches were involved in residential schools so this plays into the hands of the Devil who now uses all religion and Biblical truth as the cause rather than the cure for trauma. Five Things the Scriptures Teach Us about Trauma and Suffering - By Dr. Matthew S. Stanford - Hope and Healing Center and Institute
  6. Apparently the Charter of Rights does not apply in every situation in society. One legal company says it applies with regard to the federal government. The same source says private companies can censor comments and that they are under the jurisdiction the CRTC (federal government). This sounds very Marxist or authoritarian. People are worried about C10 and C36 controlling speech on the internet, but it sounds like the federal government is already controlling speech through the CRTC. So where exactly freedom of expression in the Charter applies is not absolutely clear. There may be a lot of situations where Canadians are not protected by the Charter, which is kind of concerning. Canada may be on a path of steadily taking away the freedom of it's citizens by ever-increasing regulations, bureaucracy, laws, and tribunals. This problem is made worse by many people who think other people's freedom of expression should be curtailed or banned if they do not agree with them.
  7. "According to the UN Population Division, a total fertility rate (TFR) of about 2.1 children per woman is called replacement-level fertility. If replacement level fertility is sustained over a sufficiently long period, each generation will exactly replace itself." - wikipedia
  8. Canada has given billions over the years in grants, compensations, and various support and continues to do so. At some point, drug addicts, alcoholics, domestic abuse criminals, etc. must take responsibility for their own actions like everyone else should and not expect others to take the blame and coddle them with cash and special treatment forever. Wrongdoers claiming victimhood and being mollycoddled forever doesn't solve anything and just perpetuates the problems and criminality. The government already provides assistance in every way possible, including sending mental health professionals to places where there are a lot of suicides. The endless accusations by activists and radicals about genocide, abuse by society against them and denial of rights, blah blah blah doesn't cut it any more.
  9. Nobody said they can't have their traditional cultures, providing they do not break the laws of Canada. Canada is sovereign over the whole country and all people are subject to the laws and authorities that govern Canada. People are free to have their own traditions as long as they don't run afoul of the laws which are designed to protect everyone. As far as I know laws against potlatches were abolished long ago. But potlatches can cause serious problems if you look into it. In non-native society, everyone has to work in a regular job in order to pay for the cost of living. This was a change that many natives found hard to accept or adjust to. Their old way of life disappeared and it was necessary to adjust to the times. Their tradition was only to work when it was needed for harvesting food, while the women did much of the day-to-day work at home. Money was not a part of life as I already explained. In modern civilization, most people must work in a steady job 8 hrs a day and five days a week to earn money to support their families. Some never did accept that and live in poverty or on welfare and government handouts. Add drugs, alcohol and domestic abuse to that and you end up with the mess many found themselves in and prisons with an excessive number of aboriginals in them.
  10. The problems they have with drugs, alcohol, and domestic abuse, are largely of their own making. They have been told all along that drugs, alcohol abuse, domestic violence are the wrong way to go, but many just choose to ignore the warnings. You can't force people not to do those things. Blaming white man for all the problems is the the way of shifting the blame, but not everyone buys it. The government spends billions of dollars every year to help them. But there are corrupt leaders among them to have helped themselves at the expense of their own people. Yes there are many things they have to accept responsibility for and stop blaming others. Also, they could not support themselves on their traditional ways of making a living for a variety of complex reasons. They could not survive by just working when they wanted to. The world changed and the old way of life was no longer sustainable. Why are you in denial? If you really want to know the answers as to why they could not remain in their old way of life after the arrival of Europeans and settlement, you can do some research yourself. It is simply a fact of how history developed.
  11. It was obvious that traditional native culture was not going to work in Canada. We are not talking about the culture of dressing in masks and native clothing or native dancing. That is not the problem. The problem was natives believed in only working when they needed to. They did not work an 8 hours day for five days a week on a certain scheduled starting and ending time. They did not use money. That's where the phrase "Indian time" came from. They also wanted the modern conveniences of civilization brought by the Europeans, such as houses, appliances, and various other conveniences. That requires a person to work in a regular job and earn money. Who was going to pay for or provide all these things? Also, if they could not read and write, they could not function in modern civilization. There were only three choices. 1. Leave them on their reserves to try to live the way they always did. 2. Totally support them with government funding and grants. or 3. Bring them to residential schools and educate them so they could function in modern society. Number 1. and 2. were not viable. Number 1. was not very practical because their traditional ways of supporting themselves was disappearing and they could not afford to buy homes, and all the conveniences that white man had. White man's civilization worked on the principle of work to earn money. That was not the principle of native culture. The government had to change them to the system of work for a living to support themselves and use money. These things were alien to native culture. Number 2 was not acceptable to the government and taxpayers because of the huge cost of supporting every native in the country forever. That leaves only one alternative. To educate them so they could support themselves in society, the same as non-natives did. They would have to learn to be able to get a job and work for a living in the new world. Just leaving them uneducated was not a viable choice.
  12. If anyone watched the Manitoba aboriginal chiefs in full headgear on CBC this morning on the steps of the Manitoba legislature, they will know what I am talking about. They sound like they have tremendous hate for white man and want to see Canada become decolonized. They sound like they are living around about 200 years ago. Right out of past. The way they talk, there is no rational discussion with them possible. They demand Premier Pallister and his aboriginal affairs minister resign. They forget or ignore the fact that the government was elected by the people to govern for the whole province, not just a tiny minority of radicals. They admit native bands have huge problems related to alcohol, drugs, domestic abuse, poverty, etc., but really don't sound like they would be interested in finding any rational solutions. Their ridiculous demands do nothing to help find solutions to the problems they have, but will turn Canadians off. It is a sad situation.
  13. It seems it is OK for the CBC and aboriginals to constantly talk about race but if a white person were to even begin to do that, there would be a torrent of outrage by the media. But everyone accepts it as normal when an aboriginal or black person emphasizes his racial status and how it has negatively affected him in some way. We get a steady diet of this on mainstream media like the CBC. I wonder what this means for the future. Instead of working toward eliminating race as an important factor in life, the mainstream media and many politicians and others seem to be relishing and promoting differences in race as something to be exalted. How about we promote our shared humanity and stop emphasizing our racial differences as the central factor of life?
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