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  1. Stephen Harper wasn't proposing anything even slightly resembling bill M103. Sharia Law is next on the agenda. So Omni you're saying we can survive that? We don't have a government in Ottawa we have a group of terrorists.
  2. Trudeau says he speaks for all Canadians but all he speaks is lies and deceit
  3. That was 100 years ago. Now the elections are decided by easterners long before the the polls close in the west.
  4. The point I was making is that our current Prime Minister and his cabinet are ignoring all of our traditional values and selling us out to fascism and chaos. Starting with bill M103. Next come Sharia Law.
  5. The federal government has never done anything of value for the west. Everything is always about Quebec and Ontario.
  6. Actually I totally agree with you but thought this way might be more palatable to the country as a whole. Quebec would get what they want, we westerners would have our way and Ontario in the middle would be lonesome.
  7. Canada traditionally is a bilingual country right from the beginning. For the government to provide special privileges to any other group emigrating either ethnic or religious is totally ludicrous. Trudeau say he speaks for all Canadians but he absolutely does not.
  8. Ottawa has proven it can no longer govern Canada effectively and fairly. They constantly misrepresent the needs of Canadians as a whole. Canada is a very diverse country and it is unrealistic to believe that a central government can truly the diverse needs of all Canadians. Therefore it is only logical that each province have full autonomy yet still operate under the umbrella of Canada.
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