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  1. Well you got part of my bloodline right.....Part Russian and the other half is Shawnee who fought with the British during War of 1812 to Keep Canada from the yanks. So I could argue you stinking white men came to my country changing our race for another...sound familiar.....but i dont piss and moan about it like you...I have a large unionized multi trade construction company and am happy to pay my taxes. Happy to live in Canada along with my ethnic neighbors and even most white men as long as they are not racist whinny little men like you.
  2. You give white people a bad rap....What ever tax you pay on your Mcdonalds pay stub you get back at tax time and remember your ancestors come to Canada to enjoy its benefits....to bad you dont appreciate what Canada's gave you..You whinny little man ....Stop complaining and get on that ship that brought your ancestors here and leave....Good Fucking Riddance.
  3. What a waste of time for you to type that bullshit and for us to read that bullshit.....your such a sad little man with a world of hate....pay your taxes....get along with other cultures and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
  4. Hey there you little creep.....you ratted me out also....you are such a little man just full of hate..I would match wits with you but you are unarmed and I accept your surrender
  5. Kerfuffle

    Trump caves in to EU on trade

    Giving farmers 12 billion kinda explains it all EU-1 TRUMP-0
  6. Why so worried....i feel for your insecurity.....just chant lock them up...lock them up and you will be fine in the morning
  7. Interesting....FLED from the US who would of thought
  8. Interesting....FLED from the US ....who would of thought
  9. Damn..Canadians treat immigrants with kindness and respect....I can understand why the yanks put immigrants in cages when many Americans live in tin cans also known as trailers and having no health care....just wouldn't be right to treat the immigrants half decent when they cant treat their own people with the basics.
  10. Kerfuffle

    NAFTA negotiations.

    So much whining so early in the morning....you sound just like President Brain fart with diarrhea of the mouth.....The only thing missing in your post is the constant " Trudeau has been to Washington 16 times" whine.
  11. Kerfuffle

    The Helsinki debacle

    Clinton should have used Trumps excuse “In a key sentence in my remarks said the word would instead of wouldn’t,”....Clinton "I meant to say I did have sex with Monica not I didn't have sex with Monica"
  12. Kerfuffle

    The Helsinki debacle

    Need to get back on topic.....all this talk is making me feel warm and tingly...:)
  13. Kerfuffle

    The Helsinki debacle

    Why was it that the Republicans made such a big deal when Clinton was enjoying Monika.
  14. Kerfuffle

    The Helsinki debacle

    If that is how Americans like to negotiate with foreign powers have at it....
  15. Kerfuffle

    The Helsinki debacle

    Well thats good to know......now someone from Trumps staff needs to explain to him what Putin meant when he was rubbing the top of Trumps head and telling Trump he had good oral skills.