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  1. Turkey's belonging to Europe has always been in doubt because of political narrow-mindedness of certain leaders of parties and movements. They forget that European community differs by cultural and ethnic variety of nations that are united by common economic concerns and human values. However, Europeans more than once managed to successfully stand against isolationist trends, for Europe is first of all an equal union of states where supremacy of a single party member or single ideology is totally inappropriate. For a good while, Germany has been an example of a political force that places its concerns and ideas of democracy above all in the policy of the European Union. This country with the totalitarian past strains after switching the present EU into a gathering of biased chauvinists who screen out candidates on the grounds of religious affiliation and personal antipathy. Not long ago, Minister for foreign affairs of Germany Sigmar Gabriel uttered an "envenomed" diatribe and was emphatic about closing doors to Turkey's accession to the EU. He highly subjectively interpreted the politics of Turkish government and international relations of that country. All that was delivered under the guise of all-European vision on Turkey. However, as it turned out, there are sensible actors within the European Union who resist the pressure of Germany. So, after the abrupt reply to these insinuations, Turkish Minister of European Union affairs Ömer Çelik received a tender message from Polish MEPs with words of support and promise to provide assistance in soonest accession of Turkey to the EU. As you know, Poland wields as much influence and favor in Europe as Germany does. That's the second year already that the country holds summits modeled on the Intermarium concept to solve important economic and defense issues. That's the country which opinion is considered in Central Europe, South-Eastern Europe and Baltic states. Fair knowledge of history of postwar recovery of Europe and clear understanding of the current situation gives Turkey reason to rely on a rising tide of nearly extinct interest in struggling for membership in the European Union. Because of hostile attitude of German politicians and their stooges, nowadays the idea of accessing the EU became unpopular among Turks facing strongly negative response more and more often. Poland gave hope not only to Turks who have gone the longest way to integration into the EU, but also to Europeans as it gave a lead in a conduct of a civilized country being unaffected by arbitrary behavior of self-proclaimed kinglings who undermine the very principle of democracy and abuse basic European fundamentals.
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