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  1. Usually about 25 per week. A couple dozen a day now, 5 days a week. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/new-york-city-hires-laborers-to-bury-dead-in-hart-island-potters-field-amid-coronavirus-surge-2
  2. That's America for you. Other places put aside differences in times of crisis and pull together but Americans double-down on the partisan vitroil.
  3. Because they spend like drunken sailors. After 8 or 9 years of surplus budgets under Chretien, Harper put us back into the red. And I'm pretending this particular Liberal government isn't happening, so don't spoil it for me.
  4. Oh, too bad . Guess I'll go hang myself in the barn. Canada, by any standards, is one of the best places in the world to live. So much so that a case could be made that anyone who doesn't like living here probably wouldn't like living anywhere. That said, better a sister in a whore-house than a brother in the Conservative Party.
  5. Best for the country if the Tories are excluded from government.
  6. Surrender or suicide weren't the only choices. Going down fighting is always an option, unless he was a coward. Never heard anyone justify Hitler like that, "you gotta do what you gotta do."
  7. Geez, you're asking the wrong guy. You'll have to ask one of those TV guys. Good luck, eh.
  8. Like I said, sounds like there's drama queens on both sides of the issue.
  9. Any guess why the SS would specify that the Zyklon be supplied without the indicator? If you're being stressed by reminders of the holocaust, well, it's probably going to continue as long as people express doubt and denial.
  10. Trumps tarrifs are obvious violations of the NAFTA. And his crying about big, bad Canada taking America's lunch money was bogus. NAFTA was negotiated by Bush Sr. who wanted to bring Mexico into the Canada-USA Free Trade Agreement signed by Reagan and Mulroney. When Trump told you that the USA had a trade deficit with Canada he was lying. A balance of trade is figured by totalling the value of all goods and services that pass between countries. He took the value of services out of the equation. Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou at the request of the USA and China retaliated by arresting two Canadians and applying trade sanctions. Canada requested the US hold off on a trade deal until this is resolved but Trump went ahead. He's already speculated that Meng might be a negotiating piece in his dealings with China. Canada and the US can hardly be said to be allies anymore. Trump has changed that status, along with making the word of an American President worthless. What's the value of any agreement with America when the next President can just tear it up and you have to start over from scratch?
  11. Allies? Canada is a national security risk to the USA. That's why the American President put tariffs on Canadian products when there was a free-trade agreement in place between the two countries. That's not 'allies'. What's your guess- will Trump toss Canada under the Chinese bus when Meng Wanzhou is in American hands?
  12. At least. All those white kids with dreadlocks, pretty sure they're about environmentalism and just piggy-backing on the Native issue. Probably think it'll get them more time in front of the cameras. I read somewhere that some didn't even know what would be going through the pipeline. All they're doing is alienating the public. I won't be surprised when the Native protesters put the run on them.
  13. You polled the Mohawks and Wetsuwetin on the picket lines? You got them to identify as far-left ideologically? See, I worked with lots and lots of Natives in mines and for nearly 30 years on structural steel and most of those guys were pretty conservative. Most of the guys I worked with wouldn't trust far-left activists any farther than they could toss them. Give it a moment's thought. Most of the Natives I worked with wanted no part of any ideological political partisanship. Hell, lots of them from the Six Nations didn't consider themselves Canadian or American.
  14. Just curious, did you put the words 'deeply' and 'fathom' in that sentence on purpose? Cause it's a nice subtlety if you did.
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