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  1. I'm not too sure how that is relevant to this thread. What do you mean by "the discussion". It's a bit vague. Do you mean "the discussion of how technology can be harmful"? If yes, I've been more or less growing aware of it along with everyone else. McLuhan talked about what the medium would do the human mind in the 60's, although he hardly appreciated the neurobiological or traumatological aspects of the process, he understood quite well the potential transformation that would inevitably result from interfacing with reality through wildly different modalities. But seeing most
  2. If you've ever heard the term "New World Order"? Well, it can probably be said now more than ever that Humanity is heading into a genuine New World Order. Now, I am a Canadian - an Ontario resident - and more or less feel like Canada is a preferable country to be in at the present time. Yet it will not so forever. Any student of history, or any person with a developed logical faculty, can see where our present trajectory is heading. The question to be asked next is: how is it so few people are aware of what is basically around the core i.e. world economic collapse, drop of the U.S
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