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    You Have Everything To Fear

    I'm not too sure how that is relevant to this thread. What do you mean by "the discussion". It's a bit vague. Do you mean "the discussion of how technology can be harmful"? If yes, I've been more or less growing aware of it along with everyone else. McLuhan talked about what the medium would do the human mind in the 60's, although he hardly appreciated the neurobiological or traumatological aspects of the process, he understood quite well the potential transformation that would inevitably result from interfacing with reality through wildly different modalities. But seeing most people are horribly ignorant of how reality works i.e. don't care much about philosophy, science, psychology, history, etc, they cannot appreciate what in scientific study of animal behavior is called the "environment of evolutionary adaptedness". This basic and profoundly coherent idea explains all animal behavior in terms of a genetic/epigenetic continuous adaptation of the organism to maintain a 'coherent organization' vis-à-vis the situation and events in the environment. This means something simple: change the external events, and you change the internal processes within the organism, such that the resultant emergent property - in this, consciousness - becomes more and more expressed and experienced in terms of what the modality they self-organize through affords, and even more importantly, deprives, consciousness of knowing. The mind is very much a cause-effect process, so if you believe in any nominalistic, gnostic, or dualistic philosophy, or any viewpoint which relativizes morality or imagines human beings can have "different tastes" - that's all delusional being girded on by a society mired in idealization, and the effect of which is 'dissociation of everything we don't want to deal with'. Why else is society going to collapse but for this reason? Idealization and egotism and individualism creates minds that ignore the long term consequences of processes that follow iron-clad rules i.e. the "bell curve" being an expression of that rule all creatures are bound by. The transformation of society is fundamentally related to the organization of a consciousness that is coherently related to the facts of reality. If nature is not understood, then the limits nature imposes on human cognition will not be respected; and from there you get egotists full of bluster and unjustified assertions and claims about what is and isn't real. I'm not anti-technology, but we have to have a more realistic understanding of the human mind to realize that the big tech giants are absolutely working to blunt human consciousness via sensualism and the cult of the spectacle. People are sooooooo naïve to not realize that the power the 'elite' class has is so impressive, it would have given Hitler a complete hard-on to know what sort of powers on the control on human minds - and the ability to surveil and find those who deviate from the desired model - the computer has opened up.
  2. If you've ever heard the term "New World Order"? Well, it can probably be said now more than ever that Humanity is heading into a genuine New World Order. Now, I am a Canadian - an Ontario resident - and more or less feel like Canada is a preferable country to be in at the present time. Yet it will not so forever. Any student of history, or any person with a developed logical faculty, can see where our present trajectory is heading. The question to be asked next is: how is it so few people are aware of what is basically around the core i.e. world economic collapse, drop of the U.S dollar, possible/likely nuclear war, and no doubt, the institution of martial law in many "western democracies" to deal with the wave of panic that will come with food shortages, famine, crime, etc. Scary stuff, eh? Well, if you're one of the many billions of people being neurologically trained to think - and be transfixed by the bright flickering lights - by your smart phone, you are likely going to dissociate - disconnect from the dysregulating "object" - because that's how the powers-that-be have people trained. They've done quite well. In a certain sense - what is the "mark of the beast"? Ignore all the religious garb that the idea carries...At a purely metaphorical level, we can say that the "beast" is the instinct within every animal for its individual survival - yes? So, we can say 'self-preservation' is the beast, inasmuch as every evil action in human eyes has to do with what we regard as gratuitously selfish or cruel behavior. We may not yet be cruel (not yet...but people have been trained by a postmodern nihilistic media to have all sorts of living ideas brewing in their minds) but we are most certainly self-absorbed narcissists i.e. the "IPhone", "YouTube" etc; thus, if anything could be the mark of the beast, I would nominate the smart phone, which has simultaneously transformed people into self-absorbed overly activated individualists that are constantly preoccupied with and addicted to what the smart phone can "do for them' whenever they have a desire to check something; and indeed, the capacity to "inhibit" the desire to check is practically non-existent. The electric screen effect has long been known to provoke a subtle release of endorphins i.e. endogenous opiods - and so had a slightly "addicting" effect. Seems small, but it isn't. I feel we are living in perhaps one of the most deranged and out of control societies in the history of this planet. It's intellectual's hardly qualify as intellectuals; they too have been numbed into the stupidity of neoliberal commercialism, T.V's, and a hyper-idealistic interpretation of what the western world represents in terms of our relationship with other countries. In any case, I am not a psychic and cannot say for certain where our planet is heading, but if everything goes as I hope it will, the concept of "political philosophy", as well as "politics", will be a thing of the past, as science and truth and reality are questions that are more settled and understood than most people appreciate; and indeed, planet Earth needs a break from Human delusions about the humans place in the large scheme of things. Ecology calls for self-awareness, which means, acknowledging what we are in the larger scheme of things - something already appreciated (if naively and wrongly) by the elite class. The only intelligent philosophy of society is one based in science, which is one based in what the sciences understand about human beings. Above all, developmental psychology has much to say on this subject matter. To put it blunt terms (which may not be conducive to constructive dialogue): progressivist politics based in care for the other, and an actual obedience to the golden rule, is true and right; whereas conservative issues/interests are based in issues of neurobiological and relational trauma, and so is something that needs to be resolved, which, perhaps, the world ahead of us may help bring about.