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  1. "in all thy sons command" is now "in all of us command." I, for one, am excited. Thoughts?
  2. I'm confused and disappointed. I was a fence sitter and Patrick Brown pulled me towards the tories. With new leadership I'm not entirely sure how I'll feel. Is everyone expecting Doug Ford to be next up? I like Lisa MacLeod but I guess that's not happening...
  3. Yeah, I'm also interested to hear if others will come forward. I'm hesitant to take any kind of stance until a full investigation has been done and Patrick Brown is given his due process, but apparently there has been suspicion about Patrick Brown being involved in sexual misconduct far before he came into leadership. I'm not sure how true or untrue these statements are. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  4. Cool piece. 1. I feel like it would make more sense to take in less immigrants and provide them with better services than to take them in excess and sparsely divide services. I can't really back this up with any empirical data though, just a thought. 2. Our Government puts a lot of resources into immigration and sometimes it seems as if there is more value placed on helping immigrants than there is in helping Aboriginal peoples. I would rather have more resources, money, time, thought, etc. be put into helping Aboriginals who need assistance rather than immigrants. (Wow, I sort
  5. Funny reading this. Was just in Gatineau last night doing the same thing; they still don't care for ID
  6. Reading this made me slightly jealous of my friends in Geology! Really though, thank you. Unfortunately, it is a field I have no interest in
  7. Thanks for the reply! Very helpful. Based on your chart Economics ended up winning. And hey, listen, you can still be a Playboy photographer if you want. Don't let your dreams die Argus. I'm not sure I exactly want to be an Economist. I'm not even sure how the heck people become Economists. However, I am very interested in policy work and other things closely related to it. I figured Economics would allow me to get there easier as well as Political Science. Thanks for giving me things to consider. Also, accounting looks so boring! My dad is an accountant and I told myself I would ne
  8. Extremely sorry for the late reply, RB. Your response is greatly appreciated.
  9. Lady Gaga running for President is the only logical next step!
  10. I didn't! I don't remember learning about that in History class. I'll go check it out.
  11. Honestly, it is conflicting at times! I can acknowledge that teachings in Islam are homophobic and be opposed to the religion itself while also believing that people should not be subjected to discrimination simply for practicing Islam. I'm fine with criticism of the religion, not so much criticism of the individual who practices said religion. Of course, this is where it gets conflicting... Can the two be separated? Does someone who practices a certain religion adhere to every single teaching in it? After all, there are tons of unique interpretations of a religion. Is it fair to assume a
  12. Has this gem already been posted?
  13. Ah. Is this why many consider academia to be a bad route? I've read so many articles on why a PhD is a bad financial decision because tenure is so difficult. But, then I could see why those who complete PhD's would branch off into private/public sector work. More stability I assume (?) and you probably need that if you want kids, a home, etc. That's a bit depressing! I imagine some have to decide between following their passions or going for practicality (though, this is an extreme and I'm sure there are many cases where the two overlap).
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