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  1. I would like to know if anybody else has had a similar experience. I have recently bought an used camera on ebay.com I paid $1000 for the product, $60 for shipping which is high but I accepted that. and additional to it $80 for import taxes to bring it to Canada. All that I agreed to pay. No problem with that. My problem is that after a month I received an invoice from FedEx ground for $222.30. Thinking it was a mistake I called them and explained that I have already paid for shipping but they said that was also for importation I told them on ebay you paid that in advance and I am not paying that amount so they said they would contact the sender. In the meantime I keep receiving the "payment reminders" from FedEx till I received a demand of payment from a financial institution. I called them again to see what is happening they say all the amount is duty taxes that it doesnt have anything to do with what I have already paid on ebay. So I ask them how come its such a high amount... To make the story shorter I said and would like to dispute the payment because I didnt find it fair so they the transferred me to the broker company which the one that bills Fedex they said customs charges the gst the rest its the broker's fee and all this happens when Fedex ground is used. I still can't believe the % I have to pay in addition to all the charges I have previously paid. They didnt offer a different solution other than paying the whole amount. I have previously purchased from ebay many many things and this is the first time it happens so if its Fedex thing -which I didnt choose the sender did. I´ll just make sure to never ever use their service and make sure that every time I buy something the senders dont use it either if not I´ll be expecting to pay 25% more of the original bill. All this over an used product bought not from a company. Maybe it's just me but I dont see it normal
  2. I take responsibility of failing if that speeding moment is enough to fail but again the violation notes they gave me afterwards shows crossing a red light (not true, only did it once to turn left, as well he wrote in 2 different occasions I had a speed of 37 and 40km which doesnt make sense since those 2 roads are 50km ones so whats the violation? Then the advices he gave me were ok if you have been driving for a week anyways...
  3. Tell me about it. It is just outrageous they control everything and there is no way you will win a battle against them. Sometimes people just have to get crazy to get the government's attention.
  4. I can confidently say that I drive better and much safer than the majority of people in BC
  5. This is what i have written to ICBC: I actually have several complaints about the Penticton DL office. Every time I have visited this place Its been a bad experience. I had a Manitoba drivers licence class 5A and and driver experience of over 20 years outside Canada. In two different occasions nobody there really knew what to do with me to exchange my license after hours and multiple consults they decided I have to take both knowledge and rd test, so they took my previous licence. So I took the knowledge test then had an appointment for the rd test. After it they took my only photo ID and asked to be returned to me. They wouldn't´t do it, maybe they thought was another licence in any case they kept me waiting for a long time when i had a list of stuff to do and people waiting for me, appointments etc. I asked the front desk person why are they not giving me my ID they are discussing about it responded. Discussing what? There was nothing to discuss it was my ID, after a while they just simply returned of course no apologies just arrogance. In the other hand the rd test was an absolute joke. Clearly I know how to drive well and safe but they dont care about that. They pointers the agent gave me made no sense like checking my right when i am turning which i always did maybe i just needed to be exaggerated in my body movement like a beginner. Also in the notes wrote that I was going 37 in main st which is a 50 km rd and westminster 40 which is also a 50km rd. True i did speed in a desertic playground zone. Also said that in stop i would not make a complete stop not true but of course who are you going to believe? Also in the agent's notes as a violation "turned right on a red light". Since when you cant do that? There was nobody else coming from other direction that wouldn't let me do that safely. Disappointing experience for sure but I guess cant do much about it...
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