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  1. #1. I apologize but I am in stark disagreement with your usage of 'fascism' in describing a means to facilitate the prevention of fighting. You are certainly not describing fascism here. Fascism involves the FORCIBLE suppression of differing views and expressions of those views. This characteristic is all channeled through a single dictator archetype (either Muhammad or Hitler are prime examples) and backed by... in the case of both aforementioned people, the primary objective of Islam: eradicate the Jews. Muhammad, like Hitler, and now like Justin Trudeau, are using (drawing) their power back
  2. It is not weird - I have read the history of Muhammad's political/military career. He established human trafficking 'businesses' (Muhammad was a merchant) that funded the expansion and/or jihad. Men of military age were beheaded, women and children were absorbed into the empire and 'given' to front-line jihadists to be used as their personal sex slaves. This is why in Islam it is legislated that a woman may not refuse her husband sex unless she is ill or menstruating. This legislation is pro-slavery (as Islam is absolutely pro-slavery) and encourages over-breeding to produce migrants that
  3. #1. Indeed the problem does come to the understanding of evil. In fact, the very first story in the first book of Moses (a figure whom is regarded as a true prophet of the biblical God of Abraham and/or Allah) deals with the problem of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and how it surely leads to death. The problem enters with the religious institutions established on committing this very act: labeling the 'other' as evil. When I use the term fascism as it relates to religions such as Christianity and Islam, it is closely related to the problem of evil. These are the people projecting thei
  4. Now take the root of CLASS word: they are both empires based on a singular model that involves emulating the pattern of conduct and/or example of a man. Regarding Islam and Christianity this is Muhammad and Jesus respectively. This ties it all back into my original position: that these two empires are inherently idolatrous and are the sources of fascism. The fruits of fascism emerge from within the political realm but find their genesis from the religious one: Bolshevism being a product of Judaism is a prime example. To your next comment: I understand the origins of Christianity before it
  5. I stopped reading at this point. One of the main (and most destructive) characteristics of fascism is the forcible oppression of any/all opposition. Islam as a political entity employs the systematic degradation and subjugation of those who do not follow the faith. Motion M-103 in Canada is an example of Islam attempting to minimize opposition to it by calling for a 'whole of government approach' to tackling "Islamophobia" which is another fascist term used to label people that criticize Islam. Islam is absolutely saturated with fascist ideology - that one cannot question the Qur'an,
  6. Generally, fascism can be described as 'forcible suppression of opposition'. Examining the history of the Catholic Church and the present-day Islamic empire, one finds forcible suppression of opposition. Examine the Sharia anti-blasphemy laws of Islam and motion M-103 in Canada. These are examples of silencing opposition.
  7. To the first point - indeed there are different ways to interpret those symbols. But interpretation is not truth - there can only ever be one truth that is not bound to the influence of time whatsoever, hence the expression "truth is always in plain sight" because that's all can ever be present. This part is not conjecture - there is a cyclic process in nature that involves a coming into being, a sustenance, and a dissolution. This is the same cycle that is depicted by the Hindu pantheon Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva: Creator, Preserver, Destroyer respectively. These three elements are universal in al
  8. This is all true - and yet runs deeper than that. We must never ignore the fact that a Bolshevik society has (Talmudic) Jewish origins. These Jews have as their ultimate authority the Torah/Talmud. So back we are again to holy books - in the case of Judaism, we are talking about first the books of Moses (which is Hebraic mythology) and various others including books and even oral traditions. Islam is all a product of this - it contains a Judaic substrate that has elements of a Christian heresy, such as Jesus/Isa will return to redeem humanity. That entire concept is a misunderstandin
  9. Consider the general concept 'state censorship'. In this 'state' the central power effectively controls what information is available to its own population. For example, China is considered a communist state as it does not have an open press, but rather all open-broadcast release of information must be state-sanctioned and approved. This is an example of 'state censorship'. Replace China with Islam. Islam, when Sharia is enforced, effectively is the ability to enforce "laws" that are in accordance with Islam. The first of these is anti-blasphemy: controlling what one may an
  10. To your first point, take the Sunni/Shia conflict within Islam as an example of internal conflict. This is precisely what is owing to the fundamental problem of Islam as both a religion and/or political entity: The belief that the Qur'an is the perfect, inimitable, unaltered, inerrant word of the creator of the universe is false. This renders Muhammad as not a prophet, but rather precisely what his real sunnah depicts him as: a pillaging warlord that established human trafficking 'businesses' in order to fund his jihad/expansion. This is why Islam begins religiously, and ends politic
  11. Islam does not have "flavours" [sic] - there is only one Qur'an. You might be confusing "flavours" [sic] with degrees to which certain Muslims actually execute the pattern of conduct of Muhammad as they are instructed to by the Qur'an. The more one does this, the one more resembles Muhammad who, as we both know, committed genocide on Jews. This creates a spectrum - but the spectrum as a whole is one Islam - as it always has been owing to there being only one Qur'an and only one testimony in order to join Islam to become a 'Muslim': that there is no God or deity to worship, there is only Allah,
  12. What does the term (word) 'fascism' actually refer to? From Wikipedia: Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, Are there any political institutions in existence that contain any of these characteristics? There are certainly institutions in existence that contain these characteristics in a broad sense: organized (institutionalized) religion, including (but not limited to) Christianity and Islam. When we observe
  13. I'm not talking about M103, I'm referencing the global jihad taking place. -There are Muslim rape gangs raping women after citing Qur'an verses all over Europe -The term "Islamophobia" being thrown at anyone who criticizes Islam in accordance to Sharia anti-blasphemy laws -Muslims are blocking roadways and public spaces (such as parks) performing prayers in violation with municipal laws -Sweden is down/dead, Germany is nearly there, UK is nearly there -Facebook/Google/Twitter are shadow-banning people criticizing Islam in accordance with Sharia -Prime Minister Justin Trud
  14. We are now into April 2018 and the tactics discussed in the OP are increasingly becoming more and more apparent.
  15. Here is how I see the Uranium One scandal: The Uranium One scandal was 'known' by the IC (patriots) the entire time. It was a massive bribery scheme which involved several beneficiaries spanning across multiple agencies which essentially facilitated the sale of uranium to Russia. Of course at the time of the scandal, Dems and their donors were "confident" that HRC would win the POTUS elections, which didn't happen. The collusion was so widespread and high-level, those involved thought they would walk unscathed. Even as small details of the scandal leaked into the public eye in 2015,
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