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  1. Something for the people and nothing for the people, that is the difference in my opinion socialism vs. capitalism.
  2. The worst, Prime Minister in this country,,,,,, my vote is for Lying Brian for selling us out to the US as the 51st state, that is on the economic end, morally. PET and his son have taken this country to the depths of perdition.
  3. Just new here betsy, so be so kind to inform me how you come to the belief that the Bible is the Word of God.
  4. I am not a guy who paints a race with the brush of one man.
  5. Ok, point made and rec'd, very emotional moment at the birth of a child, the man was from away so maybe the his origin isn't relevant, however it was what is was and in that moment it did not play well.
  6. Well have heard from my wife on and on over the years about the time when our daughter was born and a black doctor came in to examine her, and we as with all of us " subject to them " Well he pushed her legs apart till she cried and it was disturbing ! So for the record, I will never let anyone without personal trust touch any child that I am blessed to have again but his/her mother. I am not saying anything about race here.
  7. I don't believe for one moment that the legalization of this drug will benefit my country in any way, shape, or form to create a more informed and aware populace of who we are and final end.
  8. Canada was made the 51st state at NAFTA, maybe the fruit doesn't fall from the tree with the son.
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