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  1. John Prewett

    The Great Deception

    Trinitarianism is insidious. Contending Jesus “IS” God seems to honor Jesus, but actually is a refusal to abide in the word of Jesus who identified Himself as Son OF God [John 10:36] and endorsed being identified as the Son OF God. [Matt 16] Christians contend Jesus is the Son OF God. Trinitarians contend Jesus IS God. See Matt 16 Peter's confession that Jesus endorsed. Listen to following: "Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God." 1 John 4:15 ...... "...I [Jesus] said, I am the Son of God"” John 10:36 “And this is life eternal, that they should know thee the only true God, and him whom thou didst send, even Jesus Christ” John 17:3 “Jesus said …. go unto my brothers, and say to them, I ascend unto my Father and your Father, and my God and your God” John 20:17 TRINITARIANS put a stumbling block in the way of the blind [Muslims and Jews]. Trinitarianism is insidious. Contending Jesus “IS” God seems to honor Jesus, but actually is a refusal to abide in the word of Jesus who identified Himself as Son OF God. By contending and demanding confession that Jesus IS God, TRINITARIANS have been putting stumbling block in front of Muslims and Jews since the state church of the Roman Empire was established on 27 February 380 with the Edict of Thessalonica, when Emperor Theodosius I made Nicene [TRINITARIAN] "Christianity" the Empire's sole authorized religion. The Roman empire empowered the TRINITARIAN imitation "church" that the deceived world has thought the real Church ever since. With the Edict of Milan of 313, Constantine I gave/established tolerance for Christianity, thus at this time Christians ceased being deemed enemies of the state. The Trinitarian cult, imposed on the Roman empire in 380ad caused Christians to be persecuted as “heretics.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_church_of_the_Roman_Empire
  2. John Prewett

    The Great Deception

    Most of the modern cults that evolved from the Trinitarian Roman State 'church' are Trinitarian.
  3. John Prewett

    The Great Deception

    The Church (Jesus's people) did not become what Jesus preached against. OTOH, what is called organized religion DID become what Jesus preached against. The religious groups of TODAY that are commonly called "organized religion" ... (RomCatholic,Orthodox,Lutheran, Anglican, Prysbyterian, Methodist, Baptist,Mormon, SDAdventist, JehWitness etc etc etc) are as the synagogue of the NT revealed era. As Jesus's people HAD TO COME OUT of the synagogues, so Jesus's people of TODAY will have to come out of what is commonly called organized religion. The clergy of today's organized religion are NOT modern day NT Apostles. Today's clergy of organized religion are modern day scribes and pharisees.Hebrews 13:13 Therefore let us go forth to Him outside the camp, bearing the reproach that He bore.We must go to Jesus OUTSIDE THE CAMP .... outside the "camp" of what is commonly called organized religion. 22 His parents said this, because they feared the Jews. For the Jews had already agreed that if anyone confessed that He was the Christ, he would be put out of the synagogue. John 9:22 42 Yet many of the rulers also believed in Him. But because of the Pharisees they did not confess Him, lest they be put out of the synagogue. John 12:42 2 They will put you out of the synagogues. Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he is offering a service to God. John 16:2
  4. John Prewett

    The Great Deception

    "CHURCH" according to the NT means the people who belong to Jesus Christ. "His" people. Book of Acts reveals The Church. A GREAT deception took place in 380ad. The Roman Emperor empowered a religious group whose binding doctrine was Trinitarianism .... and this Trinitarian group claimed to be "The Church" and the Roman establishment [bunch of assorted Pagans] claimed this newly empowered CULT was "The Church." So from 380ad onward, the worldly have been deceived as to who and where and what is "The Church". All the modern christianish “churches” [“cults, denominations”] evolved from the imitation “church” empowered by the Roman Empire in 380 AD. The foundation the Church rest upon is the confession Peter made …. Not Peter personally. Much NT scripture shows the one and only head of Jesus’s Church is Jesus. Papist and Trinitarians don’t believe scripture. They believe various interpretations of scripture … and that is not the same as believing/heeding scripture. Famous example of putting interpretation of scripture over scripture: “call no man father” Roman Catholicism will give you scads of interpretive pretext to NOT heed the simple “call no man father” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_church_of_the_Roman_Empire Nicene "Trinitarian" ‘christianity’ became the state ‘church’ of the Roman Empire with the Edict of Thessalonica in 380 CE, when Emperor Theodosius I made it the Empire's sole authorized religion.
  5. John Prewett

    Pope, FB and Britain unite to rid world of fake news

    ?Impact and Omni must have never heard of Operation Mockingbird ....
  6. John Prewett


    Scott Mayers said: Your churches have dedicated places of teaching your views already. ............. Back in ancient days when I twere a lad (middle class) in small town Southern USA, the "Churches" ( which I now know are cults) of organized christianish religion had "Sunday School." Most towns did not have Roman Catholic schools. RC schools was a big city thing. I never met a Roman Catholic (or a Jew, much less a Muslim) until I was a young adult. And then not many. I was pushing 30 before I became aware of the inordinate political power Roman Catholicism and Jews had in America. Of course all are aware of the growing clout of Islam. After integration became mandatory (mid 60s) some "private" schools came to be ... sometimes sponsored by a "Church." But most children attended Public School. I watched as over the years American courts and public schools became more and more hostile to the very idea of God. I attended Methodist "Church" until leaving home at 18. Shortly before I left home I decided I was an Atheist .... an unsophisticated one .. but an Atheist nevertheless. Small town public school (me high school grad of 1966) had not been overtly hostile to religious belief .... Some teachers expressed genuine faith .. I remember only one that openly revealed some skepticism of God. Rather Public School had proffered a view of life that was simple Godless. How did life get here ? We were led to believe the life just "evolved" sans God. No serious explanation proffered ... it just happened. Godless, like most TV, movies and music of the time. I haven't watched-heard American TV-Music-Movies for nearly 20 years because I don't live in America. But I bet that now, as then, one seldom see characters counting on God (much less Jesus) for anything. My father did not preach to me .... but I knew he was a believer. He read the Bible and he took us to "Church" and more that made me know he was a believer. I guess I was expecting to see spiritual fireworks .... like see people healed on the spot ... as opposed to preacher going to hospital and doing some praying that didn't deliver instantaneous healing. Preacher would say "let us pray for so and so that is in the hospital .... but I don't recall hearing of any spectacular healings ..... I didn't see any POWER .... and didn't appreciate what I could see (a lot of basically decent human beings). The secular culture around me overcame the leading of my father and "church" and (greatly aided by sex drive) LED ME BY THE NOSE into Atheism. Was Atheist from about 1965 til 1973. (later my father's guidance and faith prevailed)
  7. THIS IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO MEDIA and BROADCASTING ....... life seldom fits neatly into little boxes. https://i.imgur.com/NwijhDp.png
  8. A mod accused me of copy-pasting other people's work. I copy-paste my own work because it would be silly to retype it every time I use it. Like a FAQ Of course, like I'm sure everyone does,... if I choose to post a bit of someone else's work (like few sentences from a book or magazine) I'll copy-paste it and give proper attribution.
  9. John Prewett


    Scott Mayers inquired: Should the textbooks also include mentioning ALL religion's theories about origins? Tell me, should the textbook reserve a chapter on those who believe Aliens from other planets came here and originally planted humans here? What about Buddha? What about each and every theory by each and every claim believed true about origins? ------------------------------------------------------------ I don't care to waste my time proffering opinions that will never remotely influence what goes in to common secular textbooks. My point had to do with the accusation someone made about believers being "led by the nose" into becoming Christians. I submit that common public schools lead children by the nose into acquiring a Atheist Materialist Humanist Paganish mindset. As for Catholic schools .... consider: Former priest, Roman Catholic in good standing, John Carroll is a prolific well respected RC author. Following from his "An American Requiem," page 109: (when he entered RC seminary) "It jolted me to hear professors and classmates discussing what I had taken to be God's great interventions in time and space as myth and story, constructions that may or may not have "really happened,..." " heroes of the faith who may not have existed. ......." Form criticism undid my notion not only of Noah, but of Jesus. It staggered me to learn that Gospel accounts were anything but historical records of Jesus' life and ministry. ….. I learned that none of the Gospels was written by eyewitness …..” https://www.amazon.com/American-Requiem-Father-That-Between/dp/039585993X
  10. I care less what such as you makes of my post .... which was/is my original work, NOT copied from someone else.
  11. With collective guilt, sweeping generalization, cherry picking of facts and double standard, one can demonize any demographic or nation. For your consideration: Why are Blacks "behind" ? Evil Whites oppressing them says liberal establishment and a significant faction of Blacks. Racial "bottom line" is a combination and vicious cycle. 1] Blacks got the physical edge/more testosterone which contributes to more aggressive behavior [and denser bone/muscle tissue] 2] Search engine IQ gap. ["bottom line" reason blacks are behind in everything except athletics, pop culture and violent crime stats] 3] Forced integration. [exacerbates racial animosity] 4] Manual/blue-collar labor devaluation [due to technology progress] disproportionately negatively impacted black family / community. Blacks especially hurt by virtual elimination of rural farm work due to mechanization. Blacks did not thrive as well as whites in city and factory. 5] Tax, labor, trade and environmental laws caused corporations to move many jobs overseas which negatively impacted all Americans, however, disproportionately negatively impacted black family/community. 6] Fed gov welfare policy penalizes family and work and rewards fertility. 7] "Affirmative Action" constitutes Fed gov endorsement of the left wing/black power establishment article of faith that blacks lag behind due to white racism/oppression. A faction of blacks interprets that as justification for violent crime against the "oppressors." Thus inciting ongoing spike upward in interracial black perp violent crime. “AA” also causes resentment among whites who refuse to plead guilty to crimes [real and imagined] committed by others [committed even centuries ago]. 8] Anti-Social [“Fuxk the Police”] black pop “culture.” 9] For decades major advertising, movies and pop culture has deliberately incited and increased racial animosity by commonly and increasingly portraying and encouraging black male-white female hook up. Contributing to this is MSMedia glorification of athletes which is the main Black strong suit. 10] Academia teaches blacks to hate whites. See Nkosi Thandiwe. For the past 50 years, the Federal government, Academia, Entertainment Industry and Mass Media have taught whites the wonderfulness of integration and "diversity." While simultaneously teaching blacks to hate and despise the "oppressor" whites. 11] Promulgation of the "White Privilege" doctrine which incites and justifies black on white violent crime. 12] By a significant and growing faction of blacks, succeeding according to traditional “white” standards [getting along with society] is deemed “acting white” and condemned. 13] The slavery experience. Blacks are at bottom of every list involving intelligence. Blacks are at top of every list of violent criminality. There are lots of violent white criminals. They rarely target blacks. For all violent criminals, whites are the victims of choice. Ps: All wishing reconciliation should go to the corner of “all have sinned” and “love one another.” We’ll be waiting.
  12. John Prewett


    Within past 50 year, modern science has uncovered a vast amount of information about living creatures that was unknown to the Darwin era. Knowledge of DNA alone makes 'blind chance' evolution implausible. An intelligent designer is the ONLY rational explanation for living creatures. Naturally, many remain in denial.
  13. John Prewett


    2000 years ago the Revelation predicted there would come a day when financial transactions all over the world could be monitored and controlled. Just within past 50 or so years technology making that prediction INEVITABLE ("cashless society") came into existence. All denying this fulfillment is EVIDENCE are dishonest.
  14. John Prewett


    The Hebrew scripture predicted the dispersal and regathering of Israel. It happed. Many millions see that the very existence of modern Israel is evidence for the God of the Bible. All denying this fulfillment is EVIDENCE are dishonest.
  15. John Prewett


    Your current gross ignorance of God, Satan and the value of the Revelation is noted.