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  1. They don't even refer to themselves as 'Canadians' . . . why would they with dual citizenship ?
  2. Says the guy with an undying love for some overseas group of in-bred ne'er do well's . . . . .
  3. A 'hardball' Premier of Alberta would refuse to remit transfer payments, carbon tax, etc. . . . . What would that parasite Ottawa do about it ? Kick them out of Canada ? Ottawa has no power if a province refuses to play their game. What if every Albertan refused to remit 'Federal Tax Payable, gave the province 1/2 of that tax, and put the other 1/2 in their pockets ? Every Albertan go to jail ? I doubt it. Alberta wouldn't need to vote to leave, they'd show it by their actions . . . You're only a victim if you agree to play the victim role. Ottawa needs a kick in the crotch . . . . this would do it.
  4. Me thinks that you're the one who's disloyal, disloyal to Canada. England/Germany is calling you . . . . please go.
  5. Very sad indeed . . . . Perhaps you'd be a happier person if you moved to the homeland of your queen . . . . England or Germany ?
  6. Perhaps you should get some sleep. Re-read your own reply in the morning and add some more assumptions . . .
  7. They both wear blue jerseys, both have brain-dead fans, and the two teams have a combined losing streak of 100 years . . . . Anything else you care to add ?
  8. If it's not a deflection, it's a cryptic reply . . . . Again, what's your point ?
  9. Let's celebrate Vancouver Canucks style . . . . go downtown and burn some cars! Smash windows, steal things, watch the cops insert their collective thumbs up their collective lazy asses. Celebrate the Sedin sisters retirement . . . burn some Volvos! Might need some gas to get the fires started . . . "what! no gas?" Oh yeah . . . .$1.749 per litre = $7.95 per Imperial gallon. Canucks . . . . chronic underachievers. Canuck fans . . . . stupid. A chicken has a higher IQ. Happy B-lated Canada Day.
  10. What planet are you on ? Trudeau might have 'nice hair' and colorful socks, but this country is a business, and as a business man Trudeau is a dismal failure. Wanting Trump to hold his hand in foreign relations just shows the weakness and shallowness of this cuck PM. Phucking embarrassing !!
  11. Trudeau refuses to act like a leader . . . . a truly embarrassing situation for Canada. This country is being 'sandbagged' from within . . . Trudeau is a cuck.
  12. Ahhhhh . . . . the typical deflection. Expected and predictable. Can anyone relate to the fool in Ottawa? Again, October 21st can't come fast enough. Do your duty and vote !
  13. Trudeau Lite's problems stem from a lack of experience in anything that relates blue collar citizens . . . . he just does not 'get it'. A strong leader wouldn't be begging someone else to do his negotiations for him. How embarrassing for this country. Vote this cuck out on October 21st . . . . time to flush the toilet on this mistake.
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