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  1. What investor would spend a dime in this country? Heading to third world shit-hole status. Lazy stupid voters, dim-witted government. Nice!
  2. Communists like yourself and Cougar squirm when confronted with what everyone else sees about you both. If you feel better being referred to as 'woke' . . . . . Please list your 100 reasons.
  3. 'Is Canada becoming a Communist state?' It's all a matter of degree . . . . yes, we're heading down the control road. Communists abhor the word 'communism' when they seep into mainstream media, when they contaminate a productive company, when they subtly smear initiative, enthusiasm, and the 'self-starters' that built this country. Mix in the 'verbal victims' of everything from racism, perceived racism, future racism, pretend racism, bad breath, and a build-up of empty beer cans. Everybody is a victim. All tools of the closet communist. Country's fucked-up.
  4. What's your solution . . . . total acceptance, without question, of everything the 'sock monkey & crew' are doing to this once great country?
  5. Bonnie Henry . . . . $360,000.- annual income. Couldn't find any verification on this. Maybe not looking in the right place ?
  6. You're saying it's acceptable to you then?
  7. This may have been posted before . . . Rex Murphy interviewed by Aaron Gunn. 'Cancel Culture' and the 'woke' mobs . youtube.com/watch?v=L6bbgQqYs_U Hope the link works . . .
  8. "the phasing out of the Canadian Armed Forces." Let's invite the Chinese Army in to 'train' . . . . We older (mature) citizens are witness to the systematic dismantling of Canada. Soon to be just another shithole with no direction, no initiative, and no enthusiasm.
  9. Jagmeet & Co. . . . . . . out in the ozone layer. Out of touch with reality. Un-funny comic relief. Communists.
  10. It's not a 'blame thing' anymore . . . . . they are Canadians in a foreign prison. They should be here.
  11. Quebec & Ontario . . . bought and paid for with many western dollars. The smug little prick will win again, Jagmeet Singh kicked to the curb where he came from. China shits on Canada . . . forever. The two Michael hostages pay the price. Happy days are here again . . . .
  12. You stick to your 'Ontario Forestry Truths' and I'll refer to my 4+ decades of hands on BC Forestry Facts. You sound like you're repeating something from a pamphlet . . .
  13. Yeah, I figured you were from Ontario. Your forest industry is a joke. Hopefully you can grasp the fact that forests are a renew-able resource. That's what we do in BC. Supply the 'better than thou' housing industry in places like yours.
  14. You live in a wood house? Use toilet paper? Eat any crops grown on that cleared land? What color is the sky in 'your world' ?
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