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  1. You don't get it . . . . the so called 'green' energy is just as dirty as you proclaim oil/gas is. Solar powered Caterpillar heavy equipment building another dam so you can plug your 'green' car in. Green just doesn't cut it on its own. A child would figure that out.
  2. ^ ^ ^ Comply or die ^ ^ ^ Are there more folks like you that will live 'Free' of anything oil/energy related? Yeah! sure.
  3. You do not have to apologize to anyone for your choice of President of the United States. Welcome to the forum. Post often!
  4. Canada has 'stepped in something' . . . and no matter how hard/often it scrapes its shoe, the stench of Turds remain.
  5. Past President Donald Trump is firmly between the ears of Argus. Argus put him there, wants him there. Sad
  6. Trump understood this. He didn't know how to effectively use it to his advantage . . . . his responses were usually emotion based, reactionary, and far too many. This, combined with his personal image (needing a haircut, frequently frowning, etc.) worked against him. A well spoken presentable President would be foolish not to learn what's acceptable to the voting public.
  7. Some folks use a crystal ball, others read tea leaves, others yet use a pendulum . . . . . all excellent, foolproof ways to make decisions that affect others and the country. My prediction is that 'the boy in charge' will appoint Meng Wanzhou as the new Governor General . . . . . this decision will be based on consultations with his butt plug.
  8. Argus & Betsy . . . . . maybe they deserve each other. Disturbing thought.
  9. He need help. Hoping he realizes this.
  10. betsy . . . . why the rude billboard sized script?
  11. Argus is . . . . Mike Argus? Should have addressed it as Michael Hardner. Apologies.
  12. Mike . . . . . What would you do about China? What's a feasible course of action for Canada? Short & long term.
  13. Would an 'Anger Management' class be of benefit to you? Probably covered under your Provincial Health Plan. Biden will soon be there for you . . . . Really would like to see Hunter Biden participate in some fashion with Finances & Banking. He'd be an asset to the White House and Dad.
  14. But, then again, your perception is somewhat stunted. Carry on.
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