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  1. Thinking that 'our dolt' should have taken the face paint to go with his costume for his inspiring India trip . . . . maybe the terrorist that accompanied him could have donned some mime makeup. Good role reversal situation. Endless possibilities . . . .
  2. For the 'theater of your mind' . . . . . visualize Donald Trump, or Vladimir Putin, or Stephen Harper, or Boris Johnson, or anyone else who's a Caucasian leader dressed-up in 'black face' . . . How embarrassing to have this vacuous fool representing our country. How embarrassing to have him re-elected.
  3. You're stuck in the past . . . all your Confederation, Queen, Republic, Hanover, Windsor, etc., etc., etc. gets really tiring. You're here in Canada now, yet you bitch and moan about this not being a country, about your allegiance to some figurehead in Europe, how tough a soldier you are, and on and on . . . . If you are not happy in the country of Canada, the world is at your doorstep. Maybe a move to somewhere else would make you happier. I'm betting most Canadians consider this as their country and are trying to make it better. Again betting, most Canadians don't give a rat's ass about some pompous foreign kingdom . . . No doubt this post will bring down the 'Wraith of Chuckie' . . . . well, so be it.
  4. As you mention above . . . . a traitor, liar, without morals or scruples. The disgusting thing is that his behavior is 'acceptable' to many . . . personally, I'd love to see him arrested, charged, and convicted . . . . . would be great to see that smug prick behind bars.
  5. Again, all transfer payments from the west must stop. All Federal Tax Payable from personal/commercial income must stop. Starve out parasitic Quebec and crybaby Ottawa. Western Separation . . . . .
  6. The dimwit PM's scandals, groping, law breaking, and lying have become acceptable. The Trudeau appointed RCMP Commissioner sits on her fat arse and does nothing. Sunny ways . . .
  7. Whether you liked Harper or not, he ran this country like the business it is. He had the credentials and used them. As Shady mentions above, Trudeau maybe hasn't ruined the country, but he's set us back financially for at least a decade . . . and, we've got nothing to show for it. Elect a fool, and you'll get foolish laws and decisions. If re-elected, there's a real chance this country will be ruined. Trudeau has proven to be the dumbest, most destructive thing that has happened to Canada in a very long time. Vote accordingly . . .
  8. Many Canadian Black bears died to make those toques . . . those Mounties must have cold ears.
  9. Cut off all transfer payments to Ottawa . . . . . Quebec is the Canadian tapeworm. Take the medicine and shit out the parasite. Encourage Quebec to vote on separation . . . again.
  10. Have you ever pondered the question: Where does the money for healthcare, Indian payouts, Canada pension/OAP, etc. come from ? Just askin' . . .
  11. Considering that Switzerland is relatively small with much the same terrain border to border, the wants and needs of each faction may be very similar . . . eg: good roads, snow removal, etc., etc. This would be more of a unifying factor than the wants and needs of Cape Breton and Saskatchewan. Cape Breton may not give a rat's ass about Saskatchewan potash, and Saskatchewan not caring about Cape Breton fishing. Just a thought . . . .
  12. Do me a favor and define monarchy, confederation, republic, and country . . . . as you see it. Perhaps your definitions are different than the dictionary versions. Thanks.
  13. As you mention above . . . . This election isn't about the brain-dead socialist PM and his band of penguins, everyone can see how poorly our country has been served, it's about how much better a PC govt. will serve the citizens/electorate. Andrew Scheer just doesn't have the 'royal jelly' . . . . . Michelle Rempel or a few other members seem to have the 'fire' needed at this time.
  14. Let Quebec play their games . . . stop all transfer payments from the west. What's Ottawa going to do if the west just says 'no more' . . . . ? Kick the west out of Canada ? We, the west, could have some real fun with the centralist fuk-tards . . . . they need the west more than the west need them. Wake up West !
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