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  1. Your familiarity with psychiatrists is the give-away . . . . . Is it the mark of a true Torontonian? "Hey Bob! they're getting hungry again . . . "
  2. No Michael, yet again your perception is skewed . . . . The question is: Why do Torontonians harbour hostility towards the rest of Canada?
  3. Hey RD . . . If they've spent decades/generations down the hole in the backhouse, it's not our job to inform them that they are brown and smell 'earthy' . . . it's our job to keep telling them how lucky they are - wish we could be there too, and hope that they stay there and never realize that the rest of Canada guffaws while we hold our noses . . . "Where ya' goin' Bob?" . . . . . . "out to the backhouse to feed the Torontonians" 😉
  4. 'First Nations Financial Transparency Act' . . . implemented by PM Stephan Harper, cancelled by PM Justin Trudeau. Huge amounts of $$ siphoned off . . . . no accountability.
  5. That useless fucker wearing Golden eagle tail feathers . . . what an insult. A turkey wanting to be an eagle . . . .
  6. There are those that believe 'being a victim' has everything to do with your mindset and your choosing to believe you're a victim. There are others that were subjected to the same adversities, view themselves as victims, and don't understand why their lives have stalled. Instill this mindset into their children . . . . and on and on it goes. Generations of victims. This is not a critique . . . . just know a little bit about it. There are also the imported expert apologist types on here that endorse this victim mentality.
  7. You've identified a good portion of the problem Goddess . . . . below is another small portion. There are generations of folks 'on reserve' that just don't have any concept of the personal pride and benefit that can be achieved with dropping the 'victim status' and partaking of mainstream Canadian society. Many of these folks don't have any idea of the personal responsibility of holding down a job, of looking after your family. We refer to the status card as the 'entitlement ticket' . . . . The native guys that leave reserve and get into the workforce, pay taxes, drop the 'victim mentality' and compete for the better jobs would never consider going back to that mindset . . that everybody 'owes' them. Trudeau and his ilk encourage the 'victim mentality' for his personal political reasons. Not a good situation.
  8. Too bad that you're most certainly an 'Oilers' fan . . . . 😉
  9. From southern Alberta too. Can wear a moccasin or cowboy boot . . . . they both fit.
  10. Green Party policy is not sustainable . . . . most everyone knows this. Irrelevant party, irrelevant policies.
  11. Suspect that Trudeau will win a majority. Really hoping I'm wrong.
  12. Bachelor/Master degrees in Economics . . . . Stephen Harper. Canada did well in the banking crisis. Then we have Trudeau . . . . nice hair, sparkle socks, and an adoring Cougar. Canada bankrupt. Cougar laughs.
  13. Your reference to Argus' post . . . 'no vision'. Combined with a politically lazy, entitled, and ignorant voter, this has created the perfect storm for the likes of Trudeau and Butts. Brains/Butts and Bobble-head/Trudeau . . . . . and more of the same coming to a theatre near you.
  14. With that gibberish response, one would naturally think that you and Cougar are one and the same . . . .
  15. If 'old growth' was never logged . . . there'd be no 'second growth'. Think of the logger when you're reaching for the roll of ass-wipe. Or, maybe you don't use it?
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