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  1. If . . . . Donald Trump didn't 'tweet', knew when to speak in a meaningful way, didn't frown all the time, got a haircut . . . . . in other words, he was a Ronald Reagan clone - he'd be President until his old age death. Canada has a frivolous fool . . .
  2. Canada's like the dumb twerp in school wandering around with the 'Kick Me' sign on his back. Everyone wants to come here 'cause we're so stupid.
  3. No point getting all excited about any/all leader(s) . . . . .there will never be a country as long as Quebec is paid with Alberta $$ to stay.
  4. Entitled Refugees . . . . . . Harry and Meghan! Perhaps Doug1943 would like the protection contract for those two. Basement suite for them? Taxpayer picks up the tab?
  5. Problem solved . . . . . Justin Trudeau's face on one side, and his other face on the other side. One face is white, the other face brown . . . . endless possibilities. Perhaps one side with his 'beard' and tears, the other side . . . . . . ?
  6. Agree . . . the moderation here is arrogant and overbearing. Humour and sarcasm is not tolerated. The ebb and flow of conversation is stifled on a variety of subjects without any input from the moderator except his perceived 'thread drift' warnings. Suspensions, points against, countless e-mail verifications, etc., etc. . . . . make this site ponderous and dull. I'm talking about Charles Anthony.
  7. Was being facetious . . . . Hoping its not to be written into the preamble of the Charter of Rights.
  8. Is there anything as 'backward' as Sharia Law ? Will stoning necessarily cause death ?
  9. Much ado about nothing . . . . . disregard the pre-amble Scott Mayers. You, trying to link your hatred of any 'belief system' other than your own is getting tiresome. Perhaps 'light your hair on fire' about something important
  10. My 'feelings' weren't mentioned . . . . but, your 'reading comprehension' should be. If you don't believe in 'anything' . . . . so be it. No big deal. Disregard the pre-amble.
  11. Endless text from you on this subject. Nothing resolved to your satisfaction. Begs the question: What are you going to do now?
  12. The Constitution as it stands now, does not work for western Canada. Times change and Constitution wholly based on what benefits Upper Canada and Quebec is not worth having. Tear it up, amend it, or separate . . . . surprised that a Saskatchewan resident is satisfied with status quo ?
  13. You don't know, I don't know . . . . . perhaps this is the start of a separation process. This isn't the time to be smug. Save that for Trudeau. By the way, I consider Trudeau a traitor.
  14. Until there's some type amending formula for the Constitution that reflects what the country is to-day . . . . Canada will continue to divide along regional, racial, and economic lines. Canada's not doing 'pretty well' . . . . it's coming apart.
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