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  1. Nefarious Banana

    Separation ...... what if ?

    Is Toronto a country ..... ?
  2. Nefarious Banana

    Separation ...... what if ?

    You lived on 'the dole' until the cod came back ..... You don't like the western provinces ? Well you sure like the Alberta/Ft. Mac money ...... and the transfer payments pouring in to the maritime provinces.
  3. Nefarious Banana

    Separation ...... what if ?

    Is your house built of wood ? You do use toilet paper ..... maybe not ?
  4. Nefarious Banana

    Ex Tory senator calls Scheer a liar

    The buffalo are gone ..... they're not coming back. Get over it! The sad thing in Canada and especially BC .... is that the province is being cleaved apart along racial lines and issues. Didn't Harper enact the Transparency Act .... didn't Trudeau dis-member it ? https://ipolitics.ca/2015/12/24/thetransparency-act-is-one-harper-law-trudeau-should-have-left-alone/
  5. Nefarious Banana

    Separation ...... what if ?

    Separation ..... always on the table for Canadians. Quebec threatening separation .... ad infinitum. The Federal Government ass kissing ad infinitum. A dog chasing its tail ..... What if ..... the four western provinces, Yukon and the old NWT separated to become a vibrant 'cancer free' country of its own. No more transfer payments pouring into the third world Maritime Provinces, same for that 'have-not' cancer that is Quebec ...... and the fact is that, Ontario needs the West more than we need them. With two more ice free months due to global warming, shipping to Europe via Churchill would be feasible .... and of course, the western shipping to Asia via Vancouver/Prince Rupert. Let Ontario decide which direction to align with .... east or west. No special status. All have an equal say/seats in the new Western govt. Manufacturing and the needed resources are all here. Next time the 'spoiled child' of Canada threatens separation ..... show them the door. You can bet that the northern FN groups, and other ceded/gifted lands won't be included in the 'separated Quebec' .... Quebec will be a strip of real estate along the St Lawrence ..... help the spoiled little kid with the pissy pants leave. The rest of us will be better off for it. Am really tired of Ontario and Quebec calling the shots in this country. Otherwise ..... How are ya' ..... ?
  6. Nefarious Banana

    Justin Trudeau: Libertarian, Statist, Anglo

    "He's just not ready ........ " We laugh at Trump here in Canada ....... and look the other way when 'Our Fool' repeatedly steps in the doo doo.
  7. Nefarious Banana

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    'Trudeau Light' won the election with 39.5 % of the vote ...... Subtract the 'dopes' that wanted/got legalization, and may not bother with the next election ..... and the first time kid voters that only want 'selfies' with our fool ..... there may be a good chance for a Conservative win next time, if they can find a candidate. Andrew Sheer just ain't going to do it. Canada's worst Prime Minister ...... without a doubt. Shallow, entitled, and has great hair and big tears ...... what other qualification is needed ?