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  1. Your above post with all its assumptions shows how utterly uninformed you are. Hoping that your Walt Disney-ish ideas don't get you and your dog into a situation you know nothing about.
  2. Had a 'permit to pack' while prospecting up the BC coastal inlets. Mine: Ruger Super Blackhawk. Tell me about travelling in thick coastal vegetation alone . . . Mississauga man. You're out of your league here. Stick to the BC Parks you referenced. Pick some mushrooms for clarity of thought.
  3. There's your naive mentality . . . . . and then there's normal folks mentalities. A dog can be a detriment in bear country.
  4. You have the city dweller mentality . . . . hard to hide. You didn't say where you immigrated from . . . . guessing Toronto?
  5. Have hunted all my life. The taking of that game animal's life is not a joyous occasion, in reality, it's quite sad. It's always made me sad at the moment, but quietly thankful for the opportunity to provide food for my family. Cougar's views are somewhat unrealistic and seem to be from a common thought pattern of the inner city dweller unconnected to nature.
  6. You call yourself 'cougar' . . . . . . begs the question: Have you ever seen one in the wild?
  7. Not missing the point at all . . . . I replied to one of your misinformed quotes. By the way, where did you immigrate from ?
  8. You forgot to mention the primary reason for harvesting wildlife . . . . food! Did the first European settlers carry a supply of Kraft dinner, were they vegans? They killed wildlife just like the Indians did. Both white/natives still hunt.
  9. Hoping to listen to the 'boy leader' continue in his soothing voice every morning . . . . a real nice way to start the day.
  10. Perhaps cottage cheese or some other fromage has contributed to Marocc's endlessly annoying 'persecution complex' issues . . . . hoping he/she get's well soon.
  11. Most, if not all omnivores are predatory at times . . . we have forward facing eyes for depth perception, residual canine teeth, single stomach with the enzymes to digest meat, etc. Care to elaborate on your somewhat incorrect statement?
  12. Live in BC also, and spend most of my time in the bush. There's a 'new' kind of wilderness user that has no respect for anything. Hat's off to you sir . . . .
  13. Marocc . . . . always playing the offended victim, it's really getting old. If you don't like it here, you have options. You're the racist.
  14. Zeitgeist must be aroused . . . now that his boy leader is playing to the uninformed. The fool and company have made a firearm declaration.
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