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  1. Bill Morneau will run upon his sword . . . . . Trudeau walks, yet again.
  2. Where's the 'thread drift' ? We're Canadian folks discussing the state of our country and its government. I do recognize that you don't like me or my posts, just as I don't like you. Guessing you'll label this post as thread drift . . . . Waiting for the testimony of the PM. Should be interesting.
  3. CBC is relevant to anything non-Liberal? Jean Chretien looked good and had the stance of a leader. Justin Trudeau looks/acts like a goof. Very embarrassing. Nice deflection attempt on your part though. p.s. Mike Duffy wasn't the Finance Minister. Your Liberal finance minister can't figure out simple household finances . . . . how nice for the Conservative taxpayers.
  4. On another note . . . . . Stephen Harper acted like a Prime Minister. He had the bearing, the education, the intelligence to speak with depth and clarity, knew how to dress and shave . . . . the list is long. What we have now is an uneducated, unqualified, inept little boy . . . despised by world leaders, seen as a joke and a fool where ever he goes, and an embarrassment to Canada. Not too proud to be a Canadian at the moment . . . .
  5. From the 'Cottage School 1910' where went to Grade 1-2-3 in one room.
  6. I do enjoy the comic relief of your posts . . . . thank you. Your reference to Bill C36 showcases your thought process, again thank you.
  7. Honestly . . . . how can any thinking person compare Harper's government with the 'gong show' that's playing out daily in Ottawa now. Surely you jest.
  8. Care to elaborate ? Please be specific.
  9. Truth be told . . . . a mannequin from the store window would have more intelligence and depth than the shitpump that disgraces Rideau Hall now. A Conservative PM is all I can hope for at the moment.
  10. Have to agree with you . . . . Peter MacKay would be the wrong choice. Hoping Erin O'Toole can pull it off and become the official opposition at this time. Have to ask: Are you a Liberal ?
  11. You're a Liberal supporter or delusional . . . . . Leslyn Lewis should be considered for a portfolio if MacKay or O'Toole should win the next Federal election. Otherwise, sadly a vote for her is a vote for what we have now. Apologies for bursting your bubble . . .
  12. What Harper did do was to get rid of the useless Gun Registry. The 'First Nations Financial Transparency Act' that was to track the billions of $$ dumped into that black hole 'Indian Act' . . .cancelled by Justin Trudeau.
  13. Wondering how the constant foul spotlight on 'The Turd' is affecting the Liberal cabinet? At what point does a caucus member realize that they've 'been played' . . . . they've been lumped in with an inept liar, an entitled shitpump, a thief . . . . A smart caucus member would be looking to cut their personal loss of credibility and self-esteem. To scrape the shit off of their shoe . . . .
  14. Was Mike the Finance Minister? Just don't remember.
  15. Bill Morneau . . . . . 'oversight' of $41,000.- on his WE dealings. According to him, he just noticed this 'oversight' this morning before testifying at the inquiry. This fucker is the Finance Minister and this (theft) 'oversight' is just another day at the office . . . . What a sad pathetic country this has become . . . .
  16. Agree . . . . everyone is a 'victim'. A victim of bad personal choices, a victim of this or that. Everything that's wrong with you is someone else's fault. John A. Macdonald caused you to sit on your fat lazy ass and eat 3lbs. of Oreo cookies. Stephen Harper caused the fender to rust out on your '86 Oldsmobile Omega. Donald Trump caused you to not show up for work . . . . the list is long. Country of pussies and whimps . . . . no one's responsible for themselves.
  17. ^^ Non-answer . . . . . . but, thanks anyways.
  18. Communism doesn't work. According to you . . . capitalist governments don't work. Tell us what does work. Be specific if you're able.
  19. Chrystia Freeloader is damaged goods. She's condoned the disgusting behavior, groping, lying, theft of tax $$, conflict of interest, and the complete disdain of Canada on the world stage. She has nothing to offer. The boy in Ottawa is suck-holing to China, whereas the rest of the world is calling out China for what it is . . . a predatory entity. This country has made a fool of itself, a country of fools. Fools voted in this entitled inept boy . . . . . Chrystia Freeloader? We deserve better.
  20. This thread is about the systemic corruption of the present Liberal party and specifically Justin Trudeau . . . . There is nothing 'unique' about the presence and non-committal of Quebec to Canada.
  21. Mulroney failed Quebec? Are you kidding? Quebec has never wanted to contribute to Confederation, never wanted to be a part of Canada. Quebec is the whining child in a room of adults. Always wanting something from everyone else. Your boy in Ottawa is destroying this country. Voters like you make sure he'll be able to succeed at his destruction of Canada. You must be so proud.
  22. Just curious . . . . How/why did you become a Liberal cheerleader? Can you not see the damage to unity, commerce, and national pride that Canada is suffering from under the 'leadership' of the boy in Ottawa? Nice try at deflection. Well done!
  23. If you want real news . . . . you don't listen to CBC.
  24. Trudeau Lite looks and acts weak. He's perceived as a weakling world wide. Pretty hard to change others perceptions . . . . .
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