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    Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press

    Check this out...the whole thing is fishy. The woman wearing glasses standing by the hijab girl, is not her mother, nor a relative. After it is confirmed as a hoax, some liberal media start obscuring this woman’s face in latest report photos. Why? Someone did a little research and foud that the woman is Shamiza Baig, an executive in Kathleen Wynne’s very own Liberal riding association. Search for #Hijabhoax on twitter and you will find lots discussions on this! https://mobile.twitter.com/OneProudCanadia/status/954751350243577856
  2. Open Letter to Justin Trudeau, the MPs, and the press To Justin Trudeau, I guess I have to practice my Constitutional right of free speech one more time. We all know the story: On January 12, 2018 in Toronto, a 11-year-old Muslim school girl, flanked by her families and school board staff, telling the media and the whole world that she was attacked by an 'Asian man' with scissors cutting her hijab, twice. Then came her little brother, recounting the horror that he had witnessed. Then came her mother, saying, “It's just not Canada...We believe in peace in Canada, I am so proud of to be a Canadian... and I want to give him (the attacker) the same message...why are you doing things like this? We are all together in this..." All of a sudden, all the high-profile politicians joined in the condemnation of the hater and attacker... Toronto Mayor Tory: "I join with all Toronto residents in standing up to such an act of hatred. Intolerance and hate of any kind, including islamophobia, has no place..." Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne: "This is a cowardly act of hatred...We must stand firm in our support of this young girl who was assaulted simply for wearing a hijab." Justin Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister: "My heart goes out to the young girl who was attacked, seemingly for her religion..." And this talk about some Muslim-hater assaulting a Muslim girl is all over the place... Fast-forward three days, it turned out the whole thing the little girl, her brother, and her mother were telling is a total lie. On the day of the 'incident', while the facts are still being gathered, you just jumped into the conclusion of an 'attack...seemingly for her religion'. Without knowing the facts, as the Prime Minister, you are wielding high-power political influence, in the making of the narrative that, in Canada, someone attacked a Muslim girl, because of her religion... How are you so sure about that? The Canadians are compassionate people, the outpouring of public support is a proof, and Canadian's generosity was abused. Furthermore, it is an insult to Canadians, as the story was made up, to paint Canada as a shithole country where the streets are filled with haters! And the Asian Canadians would have the reason to feel offended, as someone decided to make up a story of a hate-crime that Canadians would hate, and an 'Asian man' was chosen as the 'suspect'! This fake story basically tells us that among the Asian Canadians, there is such a low-life hater at large, who would attack an innocent school girl just because of her religion! This in effect is a hate propaganda, which "incites hatred against an identifiable group" -- the Asian Canadians. As a result, wouldn't the Asian Canadian parents be afraid of a possible revenge by the Muslims, and be concerned about the safety of their own children? As the Prime Minister of Canada, you should be aware of that the Asian Canadian community is a vulnerable minority group, with a long history of being a victim of racial discriminations. As an educated person, you should understand that one is considered innocent unless proven guilty. Instead, you have insulted the Asian Canadians, and Canadians as a whole! And Justin Trudeau, may I ask what did you say, after you heard that the 'attack' story was a total lie? When the media wrongly identify a member of a minority group (Asian Canadian in this case), as the suspect of a hate-crime, you are so loud to jump in to condemn them! And why are you so silent, when the same minority group (Asian Canadians in this case), are actually a victim of a hate-crime...being a hate propaganda? Now we are talking about a Canadian Prime Minister with a double-standard! Canadians are so disappointed that, you, who were elected by Canadians as the Prime Minister, turned out to be biased, favoring some groups of the Canadians, while turning your back on the others. I suppose as the Prime Minister of Canada, you should work hard to bring Canadians together, to ensure that every Canadian will enjoy equal rights and freedom, and live in peace with each other. Now look at what you have done so far, to bring Canadians together, to live in peace with each other... One of your achievements, is the passing of Motion 103, which basically urges on the Government of Canada to condemn, reduce and eliminate "Islamophobia". Nowhere in any Canadian law can a definition of "Islamophobia" be found, thus the term "Islamophobia" subjects to the wildest imaginations. In the end, any “fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam or Muslims, or towards Islamic politics or culture” (per a controversial TDSB Islam guidebook) can be deemed "Islamophobia". As many Canadians do, I believe that: Motion 103 is unnecessary, it has no legal ground, and it is unconstitutional, the reason is explained below. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is entrenched in the Constitution of Canada, says: Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion; (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; ... It is clear that what the Constitution protects, is the freedom of though and belief of 'Everyone', thus the freedom of a 'person'. The freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, and opinion by a 'person' is guarded by the Criminal Code of Canada -- thus Motion 103 is unnecessary; The protection of a though, belief, or religion, such as Islam, is NOT in the Constitution -- thus Motion 103 has no legal ground; Furthermore, the Constitution says that everyone has the freedom of "though, belief, opinion and expression", thus the freedom of a person's "fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam, or towards Islamic politics or culture” is protected. -- Thus Motion 103 is a violation of the Constitution, so it is unconstitutional! As a Prime Minister, despite all the objections from Canadians, you decided to push forward and pass this unconstitutional Motion 103 in the legislature, how insightful is that?! Instead of promoting the equal rights and freedoms of Canadians of all faiths and beliefs, as a Prime Minister, you have allowed this act of bias and favorable treatments towards one religion! Now look at the consequence of your Motion 103: As what has just happened, someone would just make up a story that a Muslim is attacked, and everyone would cry "Islamophobia" ... at the cost of wrongfully accusing someone from a more vulnerable minority group as a hate-crime perpetrator! Justin Trudeau, as the Prime Minister of Canada, you have done a disservice to Canada. You are not bringing Canadians together, instead, you are tearing Canadians apart! As many Canadians have noticed, some Muslim groups are pushing to have January 29 as a "national day of remembrance and action on Islamophobia"... also thanks to the suggestion of Motion 103, to condemn, reduce and eliminate "Islamophobia"! According to one of the Muslim group leaders, "We must not allow voices of hate, even ones that initially appear to be on the margins, to permeate our public discourse and damage our social fabric." With regard to this Hijab hoax, I doubt if any intelligent adult would really believe that two little kids can fabricate such a big lie, and can make such a big noise, to get such a level of publicity. Filing a false police report and making a false accusation is a serious criminal offence! In my opinion, the reasons and motivations behind the Hijab hoax should be thoroughly investigated by the police! Now I am wondering, since this Hijab hoax was just made up, effectively incites racial hatred against another minority group, doesn’t it fit the description of … "damaging our social fabric"? Recently, all of a sudden, there is a surge of reported attacks on Muslims in the news, including this Hijab hoax. People might wonder, is it just a coincidence or what? Everyone's freedom to thoughts and beliefs should be respected. At the same time, everyone should obey the law, and no one should be above the law. Justin Trudeau, Canadians are lovers, not haters. Canadians want to live in peace with each other. Canadians elected you as the Prime Minister, because Canadians trusted your promise made, to 'bring Canadians together'! Over the two years since you took the office, what you have done is far from 'bringing Canadians together', you are in effect tearing Canadians apart! For the future of Canada, for the well-being of our future generations, it is time for you to apologize to the Canadians, and resign! Sincerely, Proudly Canadian