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  1. Centerpiece


    Betsy.......you risk being called a racist - unCanadian!
  2. Centerpiece

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    Withholding the facts has done more harm that providing reasonable updates as they unfold. It has allowed pro and con positions to become entrenched and conspiracy theories to flourish. The "cover-up" becomes the story - even if there is none.
  3. Centerpiece

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    Same story - a bit more information..... https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/loaded-magazines-ammunition-found-in-danforth-shooter-s-room-newly-unsealed-documents-1.4254910
  4. Centerpiece

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    I don't think we yet have to stoop to repeatedly using the term Fascism. But I do see a major socialistic theme rising through the Humanities university streams and enabled by the "journalists" that so easily enable that slippery path. It's the "Everything is free, what's in it for me" culture that provides the platform for government dependency. We simply do not teach the failings and miseries of socialism - the Milennials didn't experience the USSR. Will they learn from Venezuela? Not if the media don't teach them. Do they understand the raw misery of East Germany when juxtaposed over the successful West Germany? Canada's second problem is more immediate - and more correctly addresses your use of that perjorative term. Some of what you say about totalitarianism is indeed embedded in the current Butts/Trudeau regime. No need to provide the background - their intolerant ideology has become clear to most who care.
  5. Centerpiece

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Yes, it is a sham. First Nations that choose to succeed - can........but we seldom hear all the good stories. The most current one is the disappointment expressed by the 20 First Nations who approved the LNG Project in BC - and now first potential further obstacles in their path to prosperity. I listened to a female band leader who was not only optimistic about their future but praised the corporate consultation process because it got the different bands talking to one another. The CBC and The Star - and certainly this Liberal Party have their own agenda for continuing the doom and gloom - and are always prepared to give oxygen to any dissenters. Here's an article that paints the path to success that many First Nations have taken. Link: https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/why-first-nations-succeed-in-canada
  6. Centerpiece

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    We have now taken in a teenage Saudi who has renounced Islam. That was the basis of her refugee claim. Now that the precedent is set, does this mean Canada is now welcoming anyone who renounces Islam? That won't play well with Trudeau's Islamic voter base, eh?
  7. Centerpiece

    What is Wrong With the United State?

    To answer the topic's question, not too much is actually wrong if people can get by their dislike of Trump.......here's an interesting column by Conrad Black. People might not agree with everything but the general intent of his writing is pretty sound. Certainly an interesting read..... https://nationalpost.com/opinion/conrad-black-americas-resurgence-is-reshaping-the-world
  8. Interesting. How about using the topic information to just acknowledge that our taxation system is very "progressive" with the top earners providing most of the tax revenue? We shouldn't be looking to load up our taxes on the bottom half - nor should we kill the goose that laid the golden egg by trying to hammer those higher earners even more. There is a tipping point where people start to shield their earnings even more than they do. That's why it's so vitally important to not run deficits unless absolutely necessary. We are living in a fantasy world if we think we can be all things to all people and get somebody to pay for it all. Take Healthcare - the big Elephant that consumes the largest share of revenues. Why on earth have we not yet produced an invoice for everyone at least twice a year - with all the procedures and related costs. That shows everyone that it's not free - and it would help rout out fraud. And yes - I will utter that sacrilegious word - co-payments. Yes - co-payments for those who can afford it......on their tax returns...a percentage of the costs from their invoices to a maximum of some sort....increasing with earnings.
  9. Centerpiece

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    Yes - the cost for this fiasco is incremental. If it takes two years to get a hearing, it would take at least three years to send most of them home - resulting in a three year incremental "rolling" cost - and that's a Conservative estimate (pardon the pun). It's on record that the cost was close to $400 million federally and $200 million each for Ontario and Quebec - and only for Year One....that's at least $800 million. If we continue to have open borders, we'll have a similar amount for new illegals in Year Two while still paying for illegals from Year One. Similarly, a new cost for illegals in Year Three while paying for Year Two and Year One. It's pretty easy to see that even if we can cycle these illegals through in three years - we'll have an increasing cost that will push two billion dollars annually.
  10. Centerpiece

    The Worst Time Ever to Accept the CPC

    Firstly - your hatred of Trump should best be portrayed on this board's US politics. Secondly - as for Harper's being respected by world leaders - he just happened to drop in on Indian Prime Minister Modi recently. Link:
  11. Centerpiece

    The Worst Time Ever to Accept the CPC

    10 years of Stephen Harper helped to maintain our standing as one of the best countries in the world to live in. The CPC increased immigration to record levels and formulated a rational plan to take in 10,000 refugees in a responsible and sustainable fashion. Mr. Harper was also - and still is - one of the most respected world leaders (except for within the eco and UN elitist crowd). Trudeau on the other hand, has alienated just about every foreign relationship he has been given responsibility to nurture. He is virtually persona non-grata in India and disliked in Japan, Australia, Belgim, Viet Nam, China - and probably the US as well.,,,,much as a result of his silly virtue signalling. He has divided our provinces as never before - first by forcing the Harper healthcare formula on the provinces in a divide and conquer maneuver....a formula that he had described as "gutting" the healthcare system. His pipeline/Carbon policies have alienated the West and bubbling up separation talks in Alberta. He is a clear and present danger to the fabric of this country. Your use of the term "facism" does a huge dis-service to those who have lived under the tyranny of such systems. It may surprise you that our Prime Minister has much more absolute power than any US President. With the backing of his party, our PM can do literally anything - make any law, repeal any law - by using the notwithstanding clause if required. The US President has no such powers. Any use of the term Facism for rational arguments has no place in Canadian political discussion.
  12. Centerpiece

    Are humans really responsible for climate change?

    Probably should have added this to my previous post. Good reading for those in the third group that I mentioned: https://business.financialpost.com/news/the-environmental-movement-has-lost-its-way?fbclid=IwAR2yZYPDTNfiSpEPhls3u5VQxX_JGPycQzXdAOMiDg55jqF_zjk5nGlcSUQ
  13. Centerpiece

    Are humans really responsible for climate change?

    There are three sides to almost every story. On one side, we have the alarmists who say that if we don't reverse the GHG trend and start moving the needle down by 2030, we are all doomed. Some of these alarmists actually believe that humans cause Climate Change! On the other side, we have true deniers - those that see absolutely no problem with anything that humans are doing and that we have no impact on Climate Change. Alarmists, Deniers. They are intransigent. Then we have what I personally feel is a growing body of "middle of the road" constituents - the third side. Climate Change has always been with us. Humans are exacerbating it. They're not sure how much we're contributing. They want to take some responsible action. They're not sure how big the problem is. They're not sure what action we should take. They don't want to commit economic suicide - nor do they want to make major personal sacrifices. This third side is neither alarmist - nor deniers. They vary between "worriers" and skeptics - and they may very well represent the largest constituency of the debate. In the upcoming election, how the issue is framed for this third group will be paramount. In light of China, Russia, India, Indonesia and others completely and undeniably obliterating any GHG reductions the West might be able to make - there should be a rational way of framing the debate that would catch the imagination of this group.
  14. Centerpiece

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Manley was right - we could have/should have warned Meng not to land in Canada. We were aware of the extradition request. But then again, this government has done many things to exacerbate international relations.
  15. Centerpiece

    Justin Trudeau the Worst PM Since Pierre Trudeau?

    Monty, Monty. Maybe you're a troll - or perhaps just a misguided, naive university student - or possibly missing a screw......but if we can teach you anything as a participant of this board - it's that we are all Canadians - and while we might disagree with each other in certain areas, for the most part, we respect the basic values of humanity. Anyone who wants to embrace the values of - as the French say - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - are welcome here - no matter their colour or religion. Traditional Liberals and Conservatives think the same on these values - they just express them a little differently (until young Trudeau came along). It's what has made Canada strong. Free speech in Canada means your opinions can be voiced - they only serve to validate the need to stick with our values and do our best to wage what seems like a fruitless battle against the intractable views of extremists like yourself. Or of course, we can ignore you.