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  1. I've talked with/Facebooked a lot of disappointed women - women who DID vote for him and won't this time round. In spite of the polls, I think there's something going on - especially among those who are likely to actually vote. Put another way, Trudeau has done nothing to improve the high-water mark he had before all his electoral promises faded to lies. Not sure where you're coming from with regards to fatherless youth - of COURSE it's those in prison. I've written several times about the frustratingly obvious root cause of Black crime and Black on Black violence and murders in Toronto.
  2. It's early - I have a lot of faith in the ability of women to know a faker. We'll see.
  3. I'm pretty sure that he will lose a lot of the women's vote. They are not as naive and shallow as he thinks they are. His "feminine schtick" is running a little stale - and his handling of the Rose Knight fiasco was foolishly hypocritical. Imagine - after all the "MeToo" activism, he actually insults Ms. Knight by saying: " Who knows where her mind was and I fully respect her ability to experience something differently". And remember "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".
  4. If you would have checked who and what I was replying to - you would have seen that it was completely on point. As for your comments: 2) Let's put aside your fondness for China for now. You obviously have confused Social Democracy with Socialism. The Scandinavian countries are good examples - free markets with very little government owned enterprises with lots of social support systems - not unlike Canada. Pure (poor choice of words) Socialism is where the government has all the answers - and owns all the factories and businesses - like East Germany did. I use East Germany as an example b
  5. Do you have some new political party in mind that might spring up - otherwise, you're stuck with who we have - unless Singh gets turfed before the election.....right now, it's Scheer or nobody. That's just the way it works.
  6. That article actually goes lightly on Trudeau. Although it's debatable whether Canada should have even TRIED to get closer to China, Trudeau soiled the relationship when he went there and tried to lecture them on Human Rights and Gender Equality - and was swiftly sent packing back home. He embarrassed the entire country with his antics in India. He alienated Abe, the Japanese PM all the Pacific Partnership countries by not even showing up for the signing - after Canada indicated we would sign. After Trump had informally agreed to drop the sunset clause in NAFTA at the G20 hosted by Canada - he
  7. It's almost impossible to tell the difference in skin colour between Indian/Pakistani (broadly called South Asian) and the Black community when you're stopping a car - especially at night........yet we don't hear any issues emanating from those communities. The South Asian community is 50% larger than the Black community. Again, it's difficult to ignore the likely fact that Blacks are simply putting themselves in situations that lead to Police upholding the law. And again, I'll site the most important piece of missing information: how many "violent interactions" were the result of police
  8. Yes indeed - it helps air quality - no argument there. Spare me the crap about per capita emissions - I think you're clever enough to know why that is a disingenuous comment.....and how will a Dem president help with those 1600 coal generated plants planned in those 62 countries? Or will they pick up from Obama who bragged that under his administration he had "built enough pipelines to circle the globe - and then some!".
  9. 1600 Coal-fired plants are planned across 62 countries. And WE should turn ourselves inside out to satisfy Trudeau's insane virtue signalling? That alone should tell you something - they rightly don't believe the UN spiel that an Armageddon is coming by 2030. We're being played for suckers in the elitist march to Globalism/Socialism. Link: https://www.thegwpf.com/forget-paris-1600-new-coal-power-plants-to-be-built-around-the-world/
  10. The missing statistic is what percentage of violent interactions were as a result of responding to a call. The media - especially The Star and the CBC - make it seem like police are stopping Black people and instigating violence where none should exist. I think that's bull. If Police receive a call - they respond - not knowing what colour the person might be. It's their job to uphold the law. By the way, if the Black community is 20 times more likely to be shot by police - what's an acceptable ratio - 15 times - 10 times? Any dumbo can see there's a problem that goes beyond numbers. The police
  11. Argus - you're entirely right of course. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten. The reserve system - no matter how it was created - has become a system of self-apartheid. Only the brain-dead could refuse to acknowledge that living on a remote reserve with no aspirations. no jobs and no hope is nothing more than enprisoning a community. If we can take a refugee who doesn't speak English or French and within reason, provide a path that leads to the foundation of a productive and contributing Canadian family, surely we can draw a parallel roadmap fo
  12. There's only one way to make substantial reductions in emissions in the short term that we've been told is required - and that's closing coal-fired generating plants. That's the low-hanging fruit and you can attribute most of any "progress" to that. Ontario is a good example. It took us 10 years longer than planned but it's where most of our reductions came from. As the West tries to find tiny, incremental ways to squeeze out more reductions, China and India alone will replace those emissions 10 times over. And where are we? the world has not come close to meeting ANY targets and now the high-
  13. If Trudeau signs it - you can bet that our activist courts will start to consider the "aspirations" that we committed to. So - in spite of any and all assurances, we will - as usual - be at the mercy of the courts thanks to the influence of unelected elites at the UN and the worst PM in Canadian history. We are sleep-walking to a Canada that no one will recognize.
  14. Schools and Universities don't teach the proven, historical (and current) failures of socialism - and the death and misery that comes from its policies. Socialism inevitably leads to a police state, because people who don't play along or compete with the state system must be stopped - one way or another. Socialism is like a giant monopoly, with barriers to entry "licenses", special permits, grants, subsidization, trade restrictions, quotas, tariffs. Even technology and innovation become the enemy. Socialism - even in its milder "transitional" form, blunts the natural human tendencies to explo
  15. Always good to re-visit the promises that were made - which got him elected: Link: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/liberals-propose-modest-deficits-in-order-to-kickstart-the-economy/article26125406/
  16. It's not about what he spent it on - it's about the self-aggrandizing method that he used to announce it - even using his personal twitter account rather than an official government one. Just another example of a juvenile attitude that is not in keeping with the serious job of Prime Minister.
  17. In the case of something that has been stated to be in the National interest - and a Provincial Parliament that does not indicate a large opposition to such a move.....YES!
  18. Something that Andrew Coyne said last year - it bears repeating - over and over........ Link: https://nationalpost.com/opinion/andrew-coyne-its-not-the-liberals-fault-for-lying-about-electoral-reform-its-yours-for-believing-them
  19. As I said - I was just blue-skying. We have Toyota plants here in Ontario - non union of course. If the USMCA would permit it, we could export to the US. Dirt cheap is what the City Golf and City Jettas were. Maybe an investment from Stronach. Just sayin.........wouldn't it be nice.
  20. Would love to see something like that. The Mexicans did pretty good building beetles and "city" golfs and City Jettas - previous generation cars that served as entry level vehicles for VW. Wouldn't it be nice if we could build a previous generation Corolla - Canada's favourite car for a long time.......or something along those lines. Just Blue-skying......but you never know.
  21. Under the guise of "moving to electric cars", GM is actually doing what Ford did - getting out of the sedan business. Remember all the rage with the Chevy VOLT? Well, they are discontinuing it completely in 2019 and shuttering the plant that builds it. How's that for electrification. It's all about profit and building what people want to buy - SUVs, crossovers and trucks. Fill 'er up! Link: https://electrek.co/2018/11/26/gm-chevy-volt-factory-shutdown-electric-investmet/
  22. I feel sorry for you in a way. I consider myself pretty normal (tough definition to support, I agree) but consider this - I've always been an environmental supporter - protecting species, clean water, clean air, sustainable forests - and I always admired people who could dedicate themselves to such lifelong endeavors - often at the expense of personal sacrifice - and it's usually a thankless job needing a lot of fundraising support. But now - thanks to people like you - this honourable and traditional view of environmental stewardship has been hijacked by the Carbon Crowd. Millions upon millio
  23. I don't think there can be any doubt that Unionized Labour creates a barrier between management and the shop floor - an impediment to true workplace collaboration that can generate incremental productivity improvements that may/could forestall some automation. Best to be part of the solution than viewed as part of the problem.
  24. Your topic fails to define the middle class and in doing so, pretty well waters down or invalidates your theory. The middle class is not defined by government - it's defined by each individual. If you don't think you are rich - and you don't think you are poor (genuinely poor), then you usually think of yourself as middle class. As for taxes - a rough allocation sees Canada's top 20% earners paying about 60% of all taxes collected while the bottom 20% pays less than 1%. That leaves almost 40% of taxes paid by (arguably) the middle class. Why do governments of both stripes use the term "middle
  25. Never a peep about the fact that Toyota and Honda workers are not unionized in spite of Unifor trying for years. They just go about their business.
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