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  1. Really good article on subsidies - laid out in simple terms. If you understood the underlying purpose of subsidies around the world, you might look at them differently. Put your Green blinders aside and think of subsidies around the world through the eyes of The People - especially poor people in poor countries. As with just about everything - there are three sides to every story. Link: https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Is-Canadian-Oil-Actually-Subsidized.html
  2. Huge subsidies and feed-in tariffs are still abundant in the UK. China has indicated they will be ending all subsidies for Solar power. Without subsidies, "Green Energy" will continue to remain a boutique industry. And lets not forget - the term "renewable energy" includes hydro-electricity which serves to inflate the "Green" numbers. That's why Quebec was so willing to join California in their cockamayme Emissions Trading Scheme - it was a no=lose proposition because most of Quebec's energy is clean Hydro - thanks only to Mother Nature's geography.
  3. Thanks Reefer - at least you are putting your own thoughts and ideas out there. Many on this board just sit back and criticize - if not ridicule. All that said, I can't agree with you entirely. I'm no expert - not even a neophyte.....but one of the goals of any industry or sector is to create barriers to entry. Otherwise, anyone could get in on the action. Getting into the oil business takes literally billions. You could throw Banking into that category - or the diamond industry. Both have very closed and protected markets. I'm sure those critiquers I talked about can come up with others. Shou
  4. Even so - she and the Left still don't get it. Anything they don't approve of - is called populism! Fact is, the majority of these "populist" governments are not "anti-immigration" - they are simply anti "open borders" and rightfully want control over how many are welcomed into their country - and ensure that they are willing contributors and willing to integrate into the broader society. Pretty natural reaction. Elites like Clinton are hypocrites - too far removed from the unwashed masses she calls "deplorables". If anyone wants a good read about the political turmoil of today - and how we go
  5. He could have said something like "The world needs to transition its dependence off fossil fuels"............but he didn't - because he and Butts want to be seen as virtuous eco-saviours by the UN and Davos crowd - at the expense of every single Canadian. And the media is either too stupid to put the pieces together - or they actually believe that staving our economy is a good thing. Where are all the pipeline protesters as pipeline after pipeline is built in the US - under Trump AND Obama? They are all up here in Canada. Why? Because we let them. Insanity!!!! Link: https://www.cbc.ca/ne
  6. It’s beyond obvious that the Trudeau Liberals want to crush the oilsands. Justin Trudeau keeps trying to get everyone to disbelieve their own eyes and ears. His actions make it clear that he wants to crush the oilsands, and the oil industry is in crisis. Yet, he claims to support Canadian energy, pretending as if the crisis has nothing to do with him or his government. But it’s not just Trudeau’s actions that reveal his dishonesty. It’s also who he surrounds himself with. Particularly, Gerald Butts. Butts, a close friend of Trudeau and his top advisor, was the head
  7. ....but not because he actually thought about it - he doesn't have the mental capacity. His unelected advisers just tell him what to say and he does his best to memorize his scripted answers. Of course, every now and then, he's not prepared and his Mother's son shines through. I just have to keep posting these because people just don't understand how daft and shallow poor Justin is: Trudeau on Trade Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oedaSfUU0vc Trudeau on Ethics Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-U8fvYvtec&fbclid=IwAR23wiGWzx7C0z9yRwR_4N5PMB6gsI3OqNx_bPuet-143y7xcfj9
  8. Well said - but you give JT too much credit. He doesn't have the intellect to even contemplate making a decision. He is nothing but a figurehead - unable to speak coherently unless he's reading from a script or just reciting memorized talking points. The country is being run by his longtime friend Gerald Butts along with the same villainous gang that drove Ontario into ruinous deficits and debt. Canadians had hoped for better but his total ineptness has exceeded the predictions of his worst critics.
  9. To use a Liberal word, I'm "outraged" with the way the CBC and The Star are covering this "story". They've rolled everything up into a convenient "Ford cutting Frencophone Servivces" headline. He's canceling a hail Mary Wynne election promise to build a Francophone University because we don't have the money! He's rolled the Commissioner position into the Ombudsman office. Where are the big "service cuts". Compare this to Trudeau telling our veterans that he "couldn't afford what they were asking for". Where is the CBC outrage on that. Quickly came and went.
  10. I mean really - REALLY! Can we really expect anything of substance from this government when our Prime Minister - LEADER of our country is so challenged to explain the basics of Trade. It's difficult NOT to speak ill of him - but this short clip encapsulates why we're going downhill...... Link:
  11. Finally, Trudeau is showing some intelligence. He might not be as vacuous as his critics portray. Here's a clip that shows that we're in good hands on how the steel trade/tariffs work. Link:
  12. Gee, I thought a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. I guess some are more equal than others.
  13. Oh - but they're not that bad - you're only getting the shrill voices - the hard edges. Everything will be fine - just trust us. That's the "progressive" mindset. Give yourself a good shake if you believe that kind of nonsense. As much as they hate the Jews today - do not doubr=t that they will come for everyone else tomorrow. The Koran is what guides them - and Allah is the one - the only true God. As many Muslims have said - if it takes a hundred - or a thousand years - Islam will prevail. Those that ignore it, do so at OUR own peril. Out with Trudeau ASAP.
  14. You're right in that the media is twisting the term "nationalism" to mean something dark and ominous. They do so at their own eventual peril. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Here's some of the word-twisting that the media tries to sucker us with.....Global Warming has morphed into the almost-anything Climate Change, CO2 emissions are now pollution, Carbon Tax is now either a fee or a levy - and now if it's not a Kumbaya Globalism - it's the dark forces of nationalism. The Trump phenomenon is not complicated - just start listening to The People. That goes for Republicans
  15. I just wish the media would expose the fallacy of our sentencing. Sentences in Canada are already notoriously light - but it's actually much, much worse. If someone is sentenced to 12 years in prison - Statutory Release means they have to be released after serving two-thirds of their sentence (8 years) unless there are very compelling reasons to the contrary. The default is they get out. Full parole, if granted is given after one third. Don't get me going on early Day Parole. So - a sentence of 12 years is actually 4 to 8 years. Like in the US, the sentence should be publicized as "they are se
  16. That's the danger that Stephen Harper speaks of in his book "Right Here, Right Now.......". It's an excellent read with lots of insight into how we got here and how we can move forward. It's a good read - $25 at Chapters. As for Harper, I'll say this about him...."You don't know what you've got till it's gone".
  17. I'm still feeling nauseous from the staged Quantum Computing "explanation" that Trudeau gave back in Sunny Days....the one that the Global Liberal Press immediately fawned over. I think they've caught onto how naive they were - hopefully. But it says a lot about the mentality of our PM - so sensitive to criticism that he's a shallow, empty suit - that he has to stage a spectacle to puff himself up. It fits nicely beside the Bollywood fiasco.
  18. In answer to the topic question - yes, yes.....without a doubt.....and by a country mile.
  19. It better. That's why a guy like Trump resonated with so many people. They were tired of not being listened to.
  20. Take a look at the electoral map and you'll see the Great Divide with 75% or more of the American landscape painted Red. The cities are home to an increasingly entitled population that is largely disconnected from the historic values of personal responsibility, hard work, family, faith, and community. The Hollywood influence is not the best foundation for Democratic party principles and morals. Add to that their internal struggles to harness a radical Left and the continued lack of leadership under the age of 75. All that said, the right path for America is always compassionate Conservatism -
  21. History clearly says they are SUPPOSED to lose the house. Over the past 21 mid-term elections, the President's party has lost an average of 30 seats. Obama set the record - losing 63 seats and his majority. Tuesday is certainly not a referendum on Trump - it's more a referendum on the Democrats. If they cannot take the house by a significant margin - and the Republicans make gains in the Senate - it will serve to validate Trump and conversely, validate the continued evidence that Democrats still don't get it.
  22. I listened to both Blaine Higgs and Kris Austen and found them both to be very pragmatic Center/Center Right politicians who seem to genuinely have the betterment of New Brunswickers as their mission. Brian Gallant seemed to have nothing - except for his desire to remain in power.....he seemed like he might somehow be related to Trudeau - sort of an empty suit. It remains to be seen whether Higgs' sensible approach might make New Brunswickers see Trudeau for what he is - an empty suit.
  23. Pretty simple to defuse most concerns. The government could just give us three examples of programs where the specific data that they are accessing would be helpful - and why. It's called communicating.
  24. Pretty simple. The government could give us examples of three programs where the specific data that they are accessing would be helpful - and why. It's called communicating.
  25. I have an idea.....why don't they build a wall?
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