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  1. Where is the journalistic curiosity into the funding for the "Caravan"?Who funds the needs of 7000 Folks who Spontaneously all decided to go on a march of some 1500 Miles..? Food, Water, Footwear, Bedding, BackPacks, Medical Supplies, the flatbed trucks that seem to be ubiquitous and a myriad of other costs - a trip that should take some 60-70 days by the mostly young males and all arriving just in time for the mid-term Elections? What an amazing coincidence that is! Astounding actually! And not one MSM outlet has questions as to how, why & who funds this? You have to go to the "outlier" n
  2. They have FOX News as well. I find watching CNN a bit helps me work up a sweat.
  3. I'm on my way to the fitness club - I usually watch a bit of CNN on the cross-trainer. Looking forward to the non-stop reporting of this.
  4. Hopefully, you are learning that you shouldn't be blindly influenced by what "someone" tells you. Think for yourself. If something bothers you - research it - consider what people say who are in favour, as well as those who think otherwise.....and come to your own conclusion - and be prepared to alter your position based on new information.
  5. Seems we lost Carbon - our newest looney-tune member who started this thread. Seriously though, I'd hazard a guess that there might be a sizable increase in the number of "independent" voters in the US of A.
  6. I'm only about 20 pages into Stephen Harper's latest book - Right Here, Right Now.......and he's already summarized the last US election where Democrats sat on their hands and Republicans voted for Trump. In simple terms, the status-quo Democratic Party and the status-quo Republican Party were not listening to broad swaths of Americans. There were fed up and wanted.....needed something new - something other than the same old, same old because it just wasn't working for them. So they ended up with extreme, outside the norm candidates. Democrats were drawn to Bernie Sanders and his Left Wing dog
  7. In spite of the almost historical certainty that the Republicans will lose the house, you can expect to hear CNN bleat on about how Americans have opted for a return to democracy - and a thorough trouncing of Trump's "vile Presidency". It'll be interesting if they make it close.
  8. Where was the outrage when Obama began doing exactly the same thing? But really, what was wrong with him doing that? As for Trump, he's rightfully continuing the process, emphasizing that you should not lie or cheat to become a citizen. There's always a reason why people lie and cheat. Were Obama's people called a "task force"? Was it a witch hunt under Obama? How did Obama decide who gets re-examined? With Obama, apparently nobody cared. Under Trump, apparently, now the media (AKA anti-Trump crowd) care an awful lot.
  9. That's right - because there are only a handful of those "right wing nuts" while there's thousands upon thousands of those misguided "social justice warriors" that permeate the Left. And of course you've conveniently forgotten James Hodgkinson - the Left-wing nut who carried out the Congressional Baseball shooting just last year. No emoticon. It's just not funny.
  10. That MIGHT have some truth to it - but more troubling are all the Left wing activists that permeate most universities, Labour "rallies", and the eco civil (not) disobedience crowd. The Liberal Arts crowd have, over time, inundated most of the media and it's a fact that the vast, vast majority of professors are registered Democrats. VERY troubling is the resurrection of Socialist/Marxist/Communist ideology as viable alternatives to traditional market-driven Democracies. Schools and universities should be teaching the dismal failures - indeed, the human suffering of the Cubas, North Koreas, USSR
  11. Wanted to post it myself. Just another example of how the Lefties dominate the news. That was the nexus of America saying they were fed up. Fast forward and you get crooked Hillary sandbagging Bernie Sanders. Hillary was in fact the illegitimate nominee for the Democrats - and ironically, Sanders would probably have beaten Trump. Because of the outrageous magnitude of this downplayed corruption - the Clinton legacy of sexual depravity and corruption should be forever soiled - yet the both of them are on "speaking tours" talking about the Trump "threat to democracy". And here we are - angry, f
  12. Actually, I wasn't totally accurate - the minimum wage WAS increased by the Liberals over the past 10 years but in general, they paid lip service to it over the past 8 years including NO raises for 4 years. Lying is not a nice word. The jury is still out on how many jobs have been lost, how many people have NOT been hired and how many worker's hours have been cut. It's a difficult combination to calculate, especially when the economy was doing so well in the spring - that tends to mask/delay things. The predictions by virtually all reputable sources (Bank of Canada for one) predicted subs
  13. You posted a topic with no links - and now all you can offer is a one line question? The Liberals waited 10 years - until they were on their deathbed - before they raised the minimum wage - but also said they would let it stagnate again until 2025. I'll answer your question in two parts. First, businesses need time to plan for changes of this magnitude. It has already cost the loss of thousands of lower paying jobs that helped first time and younger workers - and older workers trying to augment their incomes. Secondly, with the exception of Alberta, Ontario was boosted ahead of all the other p
  14. Shad Olson Radio host and author, Shad Olson, is an Emmy-winning and Edward R. Murrow awarded investigative reporter living in Rapid City, South Dakota. His work has won numerous awards for excellence in broadcast journalism. He has shared the stage with numerous national personalities and appeared on radio and television broadcasts from coast to coast. He is also the published author of more than 100 works of short fiction. His collection, Tales from the Red Rooster Cafe is available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.com
  15. Reading the background on him, he obviously had a few loose screws and was going downhill - but I haven't yet seen the democrat reference other than in the social media frenzy.
  16. Still waiting for New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami to experience unusual flooding. How about the Florida Keys? Glaciers have come and gone before. Climate Change has always had cycles within cycles within cycles. As some alpine glaciers retreat, we've found remnants of forests and habitation from Roman times. As for arable lands becoming deserts - how about the more abundant "near-arable" land becoming arable? That's the untold story - billions of acres of new farmland to feed China and Russia - and give Canada something other than its narrow strip of habitable territory. Have a
  17. Well - it seems my "speculation" was wrong - but hey, that's half the fun of following the American Circus. Looks like the perpetrator was in fact a Republican sympathizer with a long criminal record with all sorts of charges. Still a bit to unfold........
  18. Yes - I am. Do you disagree or find it hard to believe? If so, I'll give you a cite.
  19. It took a while to sink in but 10 devices - and none went off? That's because they weren't supposed to go off. All speculation of course but why now? Because of the upcoming mid-terms of course. Whoever's behind it has to be pretty smart to plan and carry out the hoax. Smart enough to know that it could severely damage the Republican image. That's why it can't be a Republican sympathizer. That leaves us with the Democrats and/or their operatives or an angry Democratic sympathizer - or you can go crazy and speculate it's a Russian (not likely). Par for the course, It'll be interesting to see ho
  20. Climate Plans don't spell Armageddon - they are useful tools for useful idiots to balance out their socialistic equality. Strangle the western economies and let the developing world "catch up" with green energy funded by sucker nations. And all coordinated by politicians jockeying for electoral advantage and the United Nations. What could possibly go wrong with that?
  21. Wrong. We are a contributing factor - to what level is still unknown. Scientists admit that at least the last decade has shown a marked decrease in the amount of warming. Their theory is that the "extra heat" is in the deep oceans - although they don't yet know how to effectively prove it. But it matters not - this topic is about the futility of Climate plans in the context of the Armageddon prediction of the IPCC that we must cut our global emissions in half by 2030.
  22. There's a good chance that it would displace some of the coal they are burning - or if you're a fan of Human Rights, displacing Saudi oil. Either way, it would at least "do no harm" and at best, reduce China and India's dependence on coal and therefore reduce emissions - otherwise, you're just admitting to complete failure - so why should Canada self flagellate? But again, you're losing track of the big picture: if you believe the IPCC, there is simply no chance at all that we can make ANY difference in the next 20-30 years towards their "save the planet" goals. So we'd best get ready for tomo
  23. Simple? First. get the middle East, China, Russia and India to do that. Chances of success: less than zero. But let's assume the whole world goes insane overnight and it actually happens. No cars, no furnaces, no air conditioners, no food processing, no lights. That's what would happen as soon as inventories run out. As I said in the topic title - The folly of Climate "Plans".
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