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  1. Trudeau and his gang are pretty slippery - oily actually. Although they have promised (well, sort of - after all, it's a Liberal promise!) to return 90% of the revenue while the tax is $10 a ton. How about when it goes to $20 - or $50 - or as the eco-nuts would like - hundreds of dollars. Will all that go back to Canadians? Of course not - they've already said they are trying to change peoples' attitudes. Like Rogers, Bell and Cogeco - it's just a promotional program so they can sucker you in for a long term tax grab.
  2. The increase to $15 is not "cancelled" - just delayed until October 2020 - after which increases will be tied to inflation - which will be great for workers because the minimum wage has historically been stuck on one amount for several/many years - and good for businesses because it will be predictable. Good move - makes sense. There was never anything wrong with moving the minimum wage to $15 - only the timing was wrong - should have been over 4 or 5 years. The Wynne Liberals did it a one fell swoop to simply use it as an election ploy. The crooks are gone.
  3. Perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying. Any - and I repeat any attempt to reduce our carbon emissions by a meaningful amount in the next 12 years is pure folly.......and the IPCC "scare the bejesus out of everyone" target of reducing global emissions in half by 2030 is - as I said - insanity from the minds of lunatics. Carbon taxes, Cap & Trace, Carbon dividends - they are all useless in the context of what I presented in the topic.
  4. To put an exclamation point on it - China is responsible for 67% of the increase in Global emissions since 2000. India is responsible for 15%. What rationale could ever maintain that Canada's attempt to reduce our emissions by 30% of our measly 2% makes any sense at all? As I - and others have stated many times - Canada could make a bigger difference by building pipelines and helping to replace coal in other parts of the world - although I admit, even that would have a relatively negligible overall effect. At this point in time - I'm sure Canadians would like to shut off buying Saudi oil......
  5. We need facts - we need the truth. We need rational, common sense. The UN plan to avoid Armageddon is pure folly. Any gains that can by “sucker countries” will be dwarfed by the increase in emissions by so-called “developing” countries. Any rational look at the UN target of cutting global emissions in half by 2030 is not only unachievable – it is outrageously insane – literally the thinking of madmen. In fact, emissions will grow over that period. Globally, they have already grown by 40% since 2000! It boggles the mind how the UN and our pliant media use such ambiguous terms as pollu
  6. Taxme - You're not the "extreme" anymore. Maybe a bit excitable - but you're just expressing what many Canadians are starting to see. What our schools and media have failed to do is warn us how devastating socialism/Marxism/Communism has been. You only have to look at North Korea, the old USSR, East Germany and Cuba to understand. Their systems were - and are - so bad that they have to lock people in. They should teach it in schools - teach how Socialism - the Utopian attempt to make everyone equal - takes away the natural drive of the human race to better themselves - to want more for their f
  7. With Trudeau, you can bet it's closely tied to not alienating the Arab voting block when it comes to that useless rotating seat on the UN security council. He's spending OUR money to glorify his personal standing. We're all suckers for voting for him and he's made Canada into a sucker nation - kowtowing to an unelected body of socialists that creates "guilt committees" to feed a pliant Western media.
  8. Reefer, Reefer...........always trying to shoot the messenger........that's the Alarmist Way.... Link: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/climate/britains-met-office-welcomes-audit-by-australian-researcher-about-hadcrut-errors/news-story/c82ba88888d9eba2af9d1dca52e7fe07
  9. $75 million......but Trudeau has no money for vets......... Link: https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/malcolm-liberals-continue-to-fund-troubled-unrwa
  10. In Canada, we have "rationed health care" with a triage component to identify those who need critical and immediate care. The rest wait as long as necessary. There is no "pressure release valve" to the system - other than waiting. It is what it is. The false comparison of universal "free" healthcare versus private is disingenuous. Canada ranks 30th in the world (the US is #37) in healthcare effectiveness for a reason - we certainly put enough money into it. The majority of countries ahead of Canada mix in some private healthcare and THAT becomes the pressure valve. As with so many other issues
  11. Perhaps this has already been posted but according to the World Health Organization (WHO), we're ranked 30th in the world - the US is #37.........the usual subjects are so arrogant and sanctimonious on this topic. Do they actually understand the term "evidence based"? Link: http://thepatientfactor.com/canadian-health-care-information/world-health-organizations-ranking-of-the-worlds-health-systems/
  12. The proof is there if you want to see it. She had no payoff - but it's become clear that this poor woman had been undergoing therapy for more than just PTSD. The Democrats sat on the allegations for two months - knowing that a proper and full Senate investigation would have dismissed them as totally uncorroborated - and caught her in some of the more outlandish claims that she's made. They brought her forward at the last minute to do nothing but destroy Kavanaugh's reputation and in the meantime, throw Ford under the bus. Thanks to this particular disgusting group of Democrats, Ford has done m
  13. It shouldn't be about your lifelong contempt for Republicans. It should be about this particular issue. Americans voted for Republicans - and Trump, It was their turn to nominate a judge. Kavanaugh ran the full gauntlet of hearings but ran smack into a politically motivated last minute smear. You're entitled to disagree with his appointment - but your admitted contempt for all things Republican - in the context of this rudderless, contemptible bunch of Democrats is misplaced.
  14. Doubling down on who believes Ford as opposed to Kavanaugh. It'll be interesting to see how Independent woman vote. My guess is that the majority - being independent - will be more inclined to vote according to the facts.....so the GOP might pick up more votes than they might previously have expected. Surprisingly, the GOP have the "high road" with this whole debacle - so much so that even some Democrats might stay home out of disgust. We'll just have to wait and see how things unfold.
  15. ....and he passed every test leading up to the mostly debunked, last minute Ford accusations - accusations that fulfilled the Democrats threat to do anything and everything to block his confirmation. The withering Senate interview process could find nothing - absolutely nothing to dispute his character, jurisprudence, temperament or integrity. If I were an American - I'd want my Supreme Court judge to fight lies, bias and injustice - especially in our political system. In doing so, do I care if he did - or did not get a bit crabby when he had too many beer in college - when there has been
  16. Here's an interview with Harper about his book. Always good to hear his perspective - whether you agree with him or not. He's a thinker.... Link:
  17. The ABA supported him as a professional organization. This petition involves personal choice.......do you think the "Democrats" could motivate law professors from proven left-leaning academia? Sure....and you can bet they did.
  18. Let's see if these whiners actually get out and vote - or whether most is just staged outrage.....we'll know soon enough.
  19. "Just ahead of a new report from the IPCC, dubbed SR#15 about to be released today, we have this bombshell- a detailed audit shows the surface temperature data is unfit for purpose. The first ever audit of the world’s most important temperature data set (HadCRUT4) has found it to be so riddled with errors and “freakishly improbable data” that it is effectively useless." HadCRUT4 is the primary global temperature dataset used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to make its dramatic claims about “man-made global warming”. It’s also the dataset at the center of “Climate
  20. Oh c'mon argus......I think a bit of senility might be wending it's way toward you........
  21. Hillary and Bill are starting a North American speaking tour that includes Toronto. Do you think the "Me-Too" crowd will be holding frantic demonstrations against Oily Bill - a proven serial sex assaulter who used his position to assault, if not rape vulnerable women? Do you think we'll hear a peep from them? What do you think HIS teenage years would have looked like if he was put under the microscope.
  22. Just take a flight pretty well anywhere in North America and see how clean and beautiful everything is - and it gives perspective to how big the world is - and the folly that humans can actually control the climate by a CO2 control knob. Sure there are a few big cities along the way but man, the rest is gorgeous. It was that way 100 years ago and it will be that way 100 years from now. From Kyoto to Paris - the "schemes" have always centered around redistribution of wealth - from those who have it, to those who don't.....and it was important to do it quickly before the scam unraveled and the R
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