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  1. Might be interesting if there were any evidence whatever for these rantings, but alas, it's just Trump trumping. People in America kill one another with guns, because the salesmen have you by the short and hairy, mugs.
  2. He won it only in the strange American way, having lost by three million votes. What's wrong with the American gunmen all of a sudden?
  3. You just like to be in a huge majority. Who supports Trump without being stupid, for God's sake?
  4. Quite. So don't go around the world prating about what you know nothing about.
  5. Mrs Clinton got three million more votes. and in a democracy would be President.
  6. America is too powerful to destroy, and anyway, what's the rush, since it will destroy us all within a lifetime? Hating the weirdoes is silly - it is just to sink to their own level. Cultivate your garden, if they haven't stolen it. Yorkshiremen who admire the nuthouse do well to escape elsewhere: Bradford is the racist capital of the world, outside 'Israel'.
  7. The various books anthologised as 'the Bible' mostly got put together higgledy-piggledy in the usual way of folk material and the like. Those who can't see the difference between the convincing bits of the Gospels and the rest (including, obviously, the bits invented to fit 'prophesy') are hardly sensible enough to be worth listening to, are they?
  8. Your point? Those countries not bribed to support @Israel' in the UN desperately wanted to keep displaced persons out of their countries at all costs, as you know.
  9. It seems to me there is a distinction between what people 'are' and what they do. Boys in English public schools very often had their first sexual experience with other boys, teachers or parsons. Are sailors or blokes in jail so heavily homosexual? The current fashion is always to set up categories to belong to. I don't doubt that some people are firmly fixed in one way of behaving, and the best thing is to accept what, at the moment, they 'are', but it seems a huge fuss about nothing very much.
  10. You won't be old enough to remember the Zionist murders of British troops or the booby-trapping their bodies. kid, as their part of the 'war' on the German version of their faith, which never hurt a single German. I was once mug enough to plan on emigrating to your favourite Nazi colony, but fortunately I met some of the Natives and learned of its model and how it stole their country. What exactly do you get out of supporting these murderous racists? Read up on Zionism and find out what you are making propaganda for. It is very, very sick.
  11. Capitalism is world-wide and will remain so. The games the thieves play don't alter that.
  12. I doubt you speak it. Which of my words don't you know, amigo?
  13. Fascism, as all sane people know, is the crisis form of capitalism, when it allows lower-middle-class gangsters to take over and destroy the organisations of the working class. Its ideology is any old-fashioned bilge that will get the support of the local mugs. This means that racism, for instance, is not a necessary mark of fascism, even in places like 'Israel', because crooks always use pukish old ideas like 'race'. Trump is just a pathetic shambles who longs for a capitalist collapse to help him silence opposition.
  14. I'd take Jesus's opinion myself. See Dives and Lazarus etc etc etc.
  15. Well, we supported terrorism against the Nazis. Hitler said so. The Zionists have nor right whatever in Palestine, and all means to destroy them are permissible. We can doubtless come to some arrangement with the settlers when the war criminals have been hanged or gone home to America.
  16. Neither are the Jews a race, kid. Tell Netenyahu and his SS and stop talking bullshit.
  17. I thought you said you supported the racist occupation of Palestine?
  18. As you know, the Zionists reacted to the Nazis by deciding to imitate them, understandable then, sick now. Who chose the Grand Mufti. kiddo?
  19. Doesn't it depend on what you mean by 'practicing Christians'. Aren't there any capitalists there then? Good!
  20. The same way everybody wanted the destruction of the Nazi regime in South Africa. Don't you weirdoes ever realise that you always get Resistance to racist colonialism? Drop the racism and adopt democracy in Occupied Palestine (and do stop talking Nazi nonsense!)
  21. Who's denyi8ng Hitler's racist murders, which the Zionist Nazis are already imitating. Once they've twisted Trump's arm a bit further they'll be setting up death camps on your Great Model's pattern, as well you know. Heil Netemyahu and the Master Race!
  22. I intended to go and settle in 'Israel' (what's a foreskin between friends?) but, fortunately, I met a couple of Palestinians (in a London pub) , who took me apart intellectually. I changed the discussion as to whether they ought to be drinking and was taken apart again on the Prophet's intentions. Saved me a lifetime's disillusionment, that session!
  23. As you know this is a tedious lie. Hitler is the Great Model of Zionism, and evil racist murderer like Netenyahu.
  24. Her idiot sense of duty made her try to make a case for the madmen, who just want to blame the evil EU as they cut their own fatuous throats. The majority now want to get back to sense here.
  25. Most peoples fight back when foreign Nazis steal their land, as you know.
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