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  1. I must differ. ICBC was set up because the public was sick of the abuse it suffered from the private insurers. The initiation of the plan was what, largely, got the NDP elected. Let's not forget the 16 years of BC Liberal sabotage of that plan - a miss-named political party that would like to privatise everything that moves. There's a need to return to the original plan. ICBC: DON'T NIX IT - FIX IT.
  2. And I suppose Israel showing no restraint could include taking no prisoners and nuking those annoying Arabs to hell.
  3. No, seriously? Many a DC3 has given over 50 years service. Are we really to believe that a bridge that at any moment may be supporting a thousand tonnes of traffic, may be toppled by the wind? With such a claim I'd look very closely for vested interest of those looking for a new bridge over renovating.
  4. The BC NDP/Green government has just approved spending of $1.4 billion to replace the "dangerously old" Pattullo Bridge. Dangerously old? What bloody nonsense. At 80 years, we're talking of the Pattullo Bridge. England's Tickford Bridge, built 1810, carries main road traffic today. It's not the oldest steel bridge, one being built in 1779. I see the replacement for the Pattullo as a gift to the Steelworkers for the cancellation (?) of a bridge, to replace the Deas Tunnel. That bridge started prematurely with the aim to get it to the point of no return, by the previous government. Whether a riv
  5. Reportedly, four Israeli soldiers are injured by an alleged explosive. In response, two Palestinians are killed in a tank shelling. Israel also carries out 18 air attacks (CBC Radio 1) On the matter of proportionality, Israel appears to surpass the Nazis who aimed for ten dead for one of their own. Is this not almost as sickening as the West's obsequiousness toward Israel?
  6. It's true, that ICBC is the absolute pits, but for 16 years under the previous government it has been sabotaged. When in1973 (?) ICBC was created by the NDP, it was to be a not-for-profit plan to serve policy holders. At that time, many believed they were getting a raw deal from private insurers. Not surprisingly, today, many are demanding that ICBC be abolished. Rather than this, it's my hope that it be returned to the original plan. If necessary to oust the current directors to accomplish this, let it be so.
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