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  1. Stephen Harper and his Conservatives have racked up dozens of serious abuses of power since forming government in 2006. From scams to smears, monkey-wrenching opponents to intimidating public servants like an Orwellian gorilla, some offences are criminal, others just offend human decency Last week we published 59 examples in two parts, and asked our readers to suggest any we may have missed. Among the many suggestions we gratefully received, we concluded that 11 more meet the criteria for "abuses of power." Today we compile all 70 items into one omnibus of abuse by
  2. do you men when Mr. Mulroney was stuffing Money in his pockets....he only got caught with 300 thousand
  3. And there’s no question that, since coming to office in 2006, the Conservative government has cut taxes. But they’ve mostly been the wrong taxes, cut for the wrong reasons. Tax cuts aren’t just about reducing the overall tax burden on citizens — although that is important. But cutting the right taxes at the right times can spur economic growth, employment, savings rates. Cutting the wrong taxes can end up accomplishing nothing at all — beyond robbing the state of the revenue it needs to do its work, and winning a few points in the polls, short-term. Back in 2004, the Department of Finance
  4. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/sean-casey/harper-debt-economy_b_3976972.html
  5. well I certainly don't envy any of the conservative leaders in the last hundred years...not a one
  6. http://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/ranking-canadas-best-and-worst-prime-ministers/ I do not want you to cry after reading this!!!!!!!!!!!! oh sorry I forgot to put a spelling mastake in ....... had to edit it for you
  7. nothing like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing like risking the lives of others chasing you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/politics/inside-politics-blog/2010/08/harper-on-an-atv-i-make-the-rules.html Harper on an ATV: 'I make the rules' by James Cudmore Posted: August 26, 2010 2:19 PM Last Updated: August 26, 2010 2:39 PM Prime Minister Stephen Harper drives an ATV as he visits Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. on Thursday. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press) Prime Minister Stephen Harper went ATVing today...on the runway at Tuktoyaktuk. He too
  8. your a narcissist too........Is every conservative one?,,,,,oh ya... I forgat about the last 2 conservative leaders.....
  9. whos dumb....I would say that the person who cant read charts.....or cant read facts...... is not that intelligent.....why don't you get someone to help you? I see you have another 2% with you......2 percenters with things tht don't go their way..or someone proves them wrong...they always seem to complain if someone makes a spelling mistake or how they write....they are usually....narcissistic now I will make sure I have spelling mistakes just to drive you up the wall...you were a bully in school weren't you? y
  10. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/sean-casey/harper-debt-economy_b_3976972.html look back at previous posts...here it is again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! banned for what reason..because you don't like facts?
  11. • Fact: Between 1996-97 and 2005-06, the Liberal government paid $81.4-billion against the national debt. • Fact: The federal debt in the fiscal year 1996-97 was $562.9-billion. By the time the Liberals left office in 2006, it was reduced to $481.5-billion • In contrast, by the year 2014-15, the Conservatives will have added $176,400,000,000 to the national debt. Let me say that again, Stephen Harper has added and will add $176,400,000,000 to our debt. • Fact: The Conservative federal debt in 2008-09 = $457.6-billion. • Fact: The expected Conservative debt in 2014-15 = $634
  12. If it wasn't for Obama and our liberals of Chretien and Martin....you would be driving the roads looking for road kill to feed your Family
  13. • . and the only reason Harper had his first 2 years of no deficits is because the liberal polocies were still bringing in revenue besides the 14.6 billion he left in the PMO For him....lol
  14. • Stephen Harper has managed to turn 10 consecutive federal budget surpluses of the Martin-Chretien era into 7 straight consecutive deficits. • Stephen Harper has the worst record of economic growth of any Prime Minister since RB Bennett and the great depression. • Under Stephen Harper, household debt has exploded. The average household debt-to-income ratio (i.e., the amount of debt the average Canadian household owes for every dollar of their annual disposable income) has risen from $1.31 to $1.64 -- which is where the United States was before the housing market crashed.
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