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  1. ScarboroSr.

    Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

    Yes. vote- hungry conservatives can always count on gaining the support of the tax averse. Mel Lastman was elected repeatedly in Toronto by promising lower taxation. As a result, building a proper subway system was ignored, and many billions will have to be spent to make up for inaction under his leadership. The execrable Rob Ford won overwhelming support from resentful losers, including those for whom a reduction in taxes was a holy grail. This applies at the federal and provincial levels also where you will not find such voters turning their backs on any tax-funded benefits for which they qualify. A distressing number of Canadians want to benefit from generous government programs. At the same time, they resent having to support these programs by paying higher taxes.
  2. ScarboroSr.

    Justin Trudeau, another Kardashian

    1. I have never voted Liberal in any provincial or federal election in the over 60 years that I have been eligible to cast a ballot. I mention this now, so that no other users will assume that I am a Liberal Party supporter. I am not. 2. I am having a problem with the characterizations of Pierre Trudeau that I see here. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who would care to explain to me what people gain by using this forum to lambaste him. Are they simply frustrated at his success? Is their hatred so strong that it must be expressed somewhere? 3. What purpose is served by attacking *any* of the party leaders in his way? Can people be so frustrated with the fact their own party is out of power, that they feel compelled to complain about Trudeau's *style* in such unkind terms? Finally, I would like to know how members of other parties feel, when it is their party leader who is being savaged. Sorry, if I have aggravated anyone.