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  1. Our inclusive PM at work again, insouciantly virtue signalling his cultural Marxism shite again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAITVaZfhSo This guy is an embarrassment.
  2. Thank you for your input Michael, we are thankful you are here, we know that any issue that involves Israel or Jews - you and a few others will surely speak up. It's too bad the CJC doesn't pay you anything, but I suppose there will be quiet ceremonies for hasbara activity. :) However you didn't address the issue I raised, why does the CBC feel it needs to go to bat for someone who started this latest cold war with Russia? Why won't the CBC give airtime to Browder's detractors? After all his travails has lead to the creation of the Magnitsky Act. Why is the CBC on the Russiaphobe bandwago
  3. I've noted that Carol Off the host of CBC Radio's The Current often goes to Jews - excuse me - right wing Zionist Jews for Mid East foreign policy views - which of course support the tribes narrative. I.e. the Assad is using chemical weapons. If you don't understand why its' an absurdity that Assad is killing strategically rich target like civilians with chemical weapons, then please read no further. It's not clear to me, why as a tax paying Canadian to support mendacious narratives which can only lead to conflict and war and why the CBC carries water. Recently though my ire was rai
  4. Anarchy and tyranny: Samuel Francis argued that the problems of managerial state extend to issues of crime and justice. In 1992, he introduced the word “anarcho-tyranny” into the paleocon vocabulary.[13] He once defined it this way: “we refuse to control real criminals (that's the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that's the tyranny).”[14] Francis argued that this situation extends across the U.S. and Europe. While the government functions normally, violent crime remains a constant, creating a climate of fear (anarchy). He says that “laws that are supposed to protect ordinary citizens
  5. Apparently it was Trudeau insistence on bumping this black person ahead of an already determined line up, which included the first Canadian female in law school. Such is the way of identity politics so clumsily but eagerly played by the True or Trudeau regime.
  6. They deserved no less and should (by now) become acquainted, familiar and comfortable with a foreign armed military presence amongst them. After all it's been almost 70 years, surely it's time one accepts a lessor existence. I wonder what a life would be like, if I couldn't leave my town, city or Bantustan. I suspect many European Jews would appreciate the predicament of the ghetto - be it placed in Warsaw or in Hebron. Most Jews are starting to see Israel for being an aggressive ethnostate, and increasingly don't identify with Israel. Of course some trolls will strategically camp va
  7. I'm certain that the "monoethnic" character of MSM ownership and/or management is purely chance and not by design. As a matter of fact I would extend this perception to not only MSM ownership and/or ,management but the ownership of most publishing houses, the ownership of movie making and distribution channels - convenient accidents of luck, perchance fate that one group falsely known to create "nations within nations" should come to completely dominate and control most cultural institutions. No design here at all. No ulterior motive, just chance.
  8. I would argue that the media focuses on outliers to fragment populism.
  9. The "most moral" army: NSFW: https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/10/middleeast/video-israeli-sniper-intl/index.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyLzRv_kNXU
  10. It is good to be able to vote in who employs you. I just wonder why no members of the elite have coined a phrase for the "super citizen" status of public sector unions. Dang, not even my social Studies teacher in High School made mention of this. He did say that the gov't pays its workers will since "gov't sets an example for the private sector." Yea really hahaha
  11. "The Jews?" I made no mention of or spoke any generality, perhaps you are mistaken? Fun fact: The etymology Michael" is Hebrew "Micha-el" for 'Who is like God.'
  12. shame on me. Fool me again and again - am I an idiot or is this just a fake consensus seeking? Syrian chemical attack is a false flag - heck it's unfortunate that this obvious has to be mentioned, even discerned or explained to others. It seems the media fools very few and yet the drums for war beat on. And drone tech offers payback without the political costs of losing troops. But what is impressive and typical is the chorus of support for aggressive action towards hapless and already fucked up Syria - as if they didn't have it bad enough some segments of the US (((wants))) to take
  13. It seems some drink the Statist cool aid. NPR (National Public Radio) did a study in the US about how dangerous firefighting is. They concluded it is less dangerous than working the nightshift at a convenience store, but with two qualifiers: 1. Four out of five firefighters nationwide are overweight or obese, and roughly half of all firefighters who die in the line of duty each year are killed by heart attacks. https://extremephysiolmed.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/2046-7648-2-6 2. Since until recently firefighters weren't required to use safety belts, traffic deaths tha
  14. What a conundrum for a middling intellect like Justeen's - Does a multi cultural country have in fact no culture or many cultures? And if that is so, then why does our gov't keep "cultural institutions" off the free trade table? It seems they want their cake and to eat it too.
  15. It's not clear what you mean. Would you mind elaborating please? In the meantime perhaps you can hum a line or two of "Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya, oh lord kumbaya" A mind at peace is a mind at focus!
  16. In the UK it is very well documented which group leads the "open borders" movement. I suspect we would find the same influences here in Canada.
  17. Justeen bumped some enviable people to shoe horn his next identity politics example into place. One person was the first women in law school, another a suffragette. BTW isn't it incredibly racist or non-multiculturality (lol) when we aren't honouring the well known and icon of the equal rights movement one Rosa Parks? Why aren't we honouring her? and instead picking this unknown charlatan - only because she happens to be Canadian? Tisk tisk. /sarcasm
  18. They have so much free time and so well funded they are taking jobs away from private contractors. ~50% - of the municipal budget goes to edu. ~10% - policing ~6% - "fire fighting" etc. `33% - garbage pickup, seware maintenance, water treatment, road building, infrastructure improvements .... everything else. it's unconscionable that our politicians let an incredibly small but powerful clique gets all the benefits and no downside. We should consider ending this insanity.
  19. Here's a site you should become familiar with, two actually: Morgoth's Review a UK blog: http://nwioqeqkdf.blogspot.com/ and Prof. Kevin Macdonald's blog: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2018/04/05/the-special-jewish-role-in-passage-of-the-1965-immigration-law-a-reply-to-abraham-miller/
  20. The US spends ~$1.2Bn/year to keep Jordan as a "friend." The US spends almost $2Bn a year to keep Egypt as a "friend." Fun fact: while it is illegal for Hungarians or any other country to set up a charitable organization here in Canada to buy lands for just one ethnicity, Justeen welcome the efforts of his friends at the Jewish National Fund and their efforts to build more settlement - wait for it - on someone else's land! No other group enjoys this super privilege. Now that's chutzpah. That's the kind of duplicity, the intellectual fraud that is the second rate character the "kumba
  21. The vast majority of countries, in fact some 198 out of ~200 do not grant citizenship on the basis of where you were birthed. (We need to stop the Chinese birth tourists). But perhaps the concept of citizenship must rely on something more than happenstance, for surely the baby is not aware of any geographic enlightenment due to him/her being born on this apparently Sacred Soil. Perhaps citizenship should reflect common cultural values, common views ... commonness. Justeen and our hostile elite prefer the instruments of cultural Marxism to create good global citizenry not of multicult
  22. Oh and I'd like to thank our gov't for their munificence. I am a private contractor and over 80% of my work comes from homeowners where at least one (and often both) are "civil" "servants." I'd like to thank a long line of LibCon politicians who for decades have been earnest in succoring public sector votes - even without the virtue signalling enabling tools like digital photography. Thank you Bill Davis. Thank you Joe Clark. Thank you Brian Mulrooney. Thank you Pierre. Thank you Justeen. Thank you Dalton. Thank you Cathleen. Ontario is now the most indebted sub-national jurisdiction
  23. it seems that public sector employees enjoy a "super citizen" status unavailable to the rest of us since we can't choose our employer and choose the employer who will pay more. Our politicians in a spirit of largesse, of selective philandry, in their financial malfeasance hides most of the inequity in public vs. private sector remuneration not in easily comparable wage differences, but in the very difficult and nebulous field of "benefits." A comparison of employees who leave public vs. private sector jobs is revealing and at odds with the liberal intelligentsia diatribes of "gov't leadin
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