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  1. Betsy, The common good is a Socratic Platonic and Aristotelian concept of the principle or law of the good. Principles or laws are responsible for things happening as they do. It really does not matter how we describe them, they are what they are, so I do not really understand your point. Before we cry halleluja let us first wait and see if the joint efforts of the Democrats and the Republicans can bring about a peace settlement with regard to NK. When that is done lets hope they can then agree to take measures to prevent the HUGE numbers of people dying in the USA because of the so ca
  2. Michael, I do not think the democracies of the past would tell us everything we need to know about our own democracy and that is because democracy is not merely a description of a form of government but also at least insofar as the common good is concerned, democracy has a prescriptive connotation. The American argument, (according to Kissinger's work "Diplomacy") for spreading democracy over the world was not a historical one built on the principle of causality and historical description: it was a judgment of value or as R S Peters claims a policy judgment claiming what ought to b
  3. Michael, Thanks for the reply. Yes I think there is a relatively clear fall in the stocks and shares of authority which Hannah Arendt talked about in her work on Totalitarianism. Mass movements are paradoxically anti-authoritarian(Anyone can do anything, anything goes). They use Science and Philosophy to get to power and then abandon these as useless tools. Arendt points to Stalin and the purges of millions of people without real cause(they were no real threat). The Principle of Causality would seem to me to be(along with respect for the facts) a minimum condition for explaining what happ
  4. The USA has according to Henry Kissinger regarded itself as a beacon for the world insofar as the communication of democratic values is concerned. I believe the Trump phenomenon puts this claim into its correct context. The election of Trump represents the triumph of direct democracy and this, in turn, represents the requiem of representative democracy in the USA. The Republican/Democratic opposition seen from the perspective of Europe is a phenomenon of partisan politics that has abandoned the concept of representation and no longer represents the interests of the American people. The reactio
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