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  1. Are you saying the "accommodation" push only emerged after the Quebec mosque shooting and the politically opportunistic M-103 (which was clearly a progressive dog-whistle)? If so, surely you jest. But your post is so poorly written that I can't figure out the actual point you're trying to make.
  2. Trudeau and his "progressive" acolytes promote another form of top-down, anti-democratic totalitarianism. They're not democrats at heart but instead believe the world can and should be shaped by institutions, including government, to fit their own ideological agenda. Trudeau thinks that those who don't believe in this agenda are "fringe" and must not be afforded a voice. The problem for him, of course, will be that eventually a critical mass of voters could just say NO! to all the "progressive" nonsense. Perhaps Trudeau thinks there's no possibility that a protest movement like the "yellow ves
  3. It will be fascinating to see if she runs as an independent candidate. While it's certainly inconvenient that she made a racialist appeal before being dumped or resigning as a Lib candidate, she surely understood that this kind of strategy actually works in attracting some voters. We see this here in Ontario, especially in and around some of the GTA's burgeoning ethnoburbs, where mainstream party candidates sometimes barely conceal their identity affiliations. All of this, I guess, is quite predictable given our open-ended multicultural policy, but what would the reaction be if a candidate of,
  4. China has played its hand very badly in its dispute with Canada. The rest of the Western world, and its allies, are now on notice that China is not a reliable or palatable partner. The West could pretty much wall itself off from China economically if it wished to do so. There are many other countries in the developing world, like India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ethiopia, with cheap and abundant labor, which has been China's main trade advantage over the past few decades. The West could even entice some of the world's developing countries to avoid developing deeper relationships with China by mea
  5. Why do any of these things? Just isolate the Chinese. Close our diplomatic offices and missions in that country and refuse to issue new visas to its citizens. Align our approach to trade with China with Trump's. Military action won't prove anything. Downgrading our economic and diplomatic relationship with China will be much more effective and useful.
  6. Only to some. As I previously asked, what purpose does it serve to not want to know the truth? Let's see how long it takes before authorities disclose the results of the police investigation into the shooter now that the SIU's limited role, which had effectively smothered public access to information for so long, has been removed from the equation. It will reveal the extent to which our authorities are willing to be transparent about such issues.
  7. The real question is, what could they do? Cut off imports of some commodities, of course. Equally, we could apply huge tariffs, as Trump has done. Maybe they'd pull their visa students and make it more difficult for their citizens to invest in Canada? This would be a double-edged sword, with both drawbacks and benefits for Canadians. But we have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. As I said, there would likely be economic consequences but we might as well absorb these right now, while we can. China is counting on us to cave in and do nothing. That's been the Trudeau government's approach but
  8. I think the Dems have far more to fear about their left-wing fringe than many are willing to admit. The past couple days have witnessed the melodramatic and deserved political takedown of Steve King of Iowa for expressing apparent support for the white supremacists, or at least for their right to be heard. But listening to commentators on CNN last night, and particularly the pro-Dem Symone Sanders, who sputtered her utter distaste for the use of the term "Western civilization," the left-progressive agenda is much broader. When the notion of Western civilization itself is now on the apparent ch
  9. I too believe that the West needs to entirely reevaluate its views about China. Canada's obsequious approach has accomplished little or nothing for us. A column by Brian Lee Crowley this week in the G&M notes that Canada is now a victim of China's perception that we are weak, in no small measure due to the Trudeau government's "fawning" efforts to establish closer ties with China. The Chinese regime, Crowley notes, "respects strength, not weakness." The author goes further, stating that Canada does have some options here: "There are measures we can take immediately: the expulsion of the am
  10. Tribalism is the holy grail of modern retail politics. It allows the population to be sliced and diced into easily identifiable cultural constituencies that can then be profiled and bought off one at a time. We kid ourselves if we believe anything other than this is going on in all three mainstream political parties. The only constituency to which collective appeals are considered inappropriate is the majority population. As Maxime Bernier has stated, we're in an era characterized by an agenda of extreme diversity. The problem, of course, will arise if the excluded group asserts its collective
  11. Now that Ontario's SIU has cleared the police of any wrongdoing in the shooter's death, will we be enlightened by authorities as to full extent of the investigation into and evidence available relating to the shooter's motivation(s)? It's an entirely fair question. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/toronto/article-ontario-siu-clears-police-in-toronto-danforth-mass-shooting-confirm/
  12. Obviously, you don't have an inquiring mind as you attack those who want to get real answers about the situation as having a "fervid imagination." Your putdown actually demonstrates your own bias. Is it the best you can do? The author I quote simply says that emerging information or evidence suggests that mental illness wasn't (isn't?) the only line of inquiry being pursued by the police in their quest to determine the shooter's motivation. Now that the SIU has issued its rather limited report, which clears the police in the shooter's death, maybe we can get to the bottom of this.
  13. There's a good column by Brian Lee Crowley on the G&M website that serves as an indictment of sorts of Trudeau's obsequious China policy, noting that China's current strategy directly relates to its perception of Trudeau's and Canada's weakness. This should be required reading for all voters in this election year. Now we know not only that Trudeau wasn't ready for the PM role but, even worse, that his weakness has seriously undermined Canada's reputation and interests. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-china-smells-weakness-so-its-picking-on-canada/
  14. There's a good column by Michele Mandel on the Toronto Sun site about today's revelations, which notes among other things that it's clear the police were (are?) aware of the possibility that a terrorist motive might apply. She points out that commentators who've raised the possibility of a terrorist motive have been demonized for so doing but concludes her piece by asking "isn’t there enough [evidence] here to also wonder whether there was more than mental illness at play on July 22?" Given emerging evidence, you've got to wonder why some apparently still don't want answers about the pos
  15. I don't think you get my point, which is that Canada is comprised of a string of in many cases highly artificial or contingent economies that are only (in some cases arguably) sustainable under the current regime. Once that regime is dismantled, which would occur in the event of the breakup of the federation whether prompted by Quebec or Western Canadian secession, all bets would be off. Toronto's status as the economic centre of the country would be gone for sure, which would send the GTA economy into a tailspin. And what would happen to all the Chinese real estate investment in B.C.? As the
  16. I have many relatives, including two siblings, who live in the U.S. and by all reports they are for the most part happy, prosperous and safe. I sometimes wonder why so many Canadians develop such a reflexively negative view of our American neighbors? Is it merely insecurity or is it envy? Of course, Canadians have a legitimate gripe where the U.S. government's often overbearing behavior is concerned, but, by-and-large, the U.S. is a country and society similar to ours in many respects, at least for English-speaking Canadians. We could once boast of our health care model as a Canadian advantage
  17. 1.) That sounds like Doug Ford's strategy in Ontario these days. 2.) Sheer speculation. The bigger risk is that Western Canadians will give up on a federal system to which the contribute enormously while gettingrelatively little in return. 3.) A lot of Canadians outside of Quebec are naive, silly or self-interested enough (in identity-focused communities in the latter case) to keep on supporting the Lib brand. If Quebec goes, by the way, the U.S. will pick up the pieces of Canada that are valuable enough to it to matter. Ontario, though, is a basket case and will slide further into a
  18. Where did you ever come up with this? Why would the federal government incite an internal insurrection in the first place? We have a constitution that asserts the legitimacy of indigenous rights and successive governments have in recent decades demonstrated considerable restraint in dealing with indigenous affairs. These days, it's not generally the federal government that doesn't recognize the rule of law in dealing with indigenous activists. Instead, as we've seen in recent conflicts, many activists express their disdain for Canadian laws and some even dismiss their applicability altogether.
  19. I don't think China respects Canada or Trudeau but it does continue to court American favor. It tells you which of the two North American countries China actually cares about. Trudeau's obsequious approach in dealing with China has accomplished little or nothing. Ms. Meng is being held by Canada on an American extradition request and Trump is negotiating with the Chinese as he continues to squeeze them with steep tariffs. But which country's citizens are being arbitrarily detained in China right now? The answer to this tells you everything you need to know about Trudeau's and Canada's influenc
  20. Perhaps it does in one tiny aspect relating to the carve-out for Ontario's separate school system. But this isn't necessarily a permanent feature. Quebec and Newfoundland have both removed religion as an organizing principle for their school systems and Ontario can do the same if it so chooses. In that sense, the Charter isn't a straitjacket and neither is the separate schools exemption ideological. It's sometimes difficult to wind down generations of history. As we move toward greater secularism, hopefully support for maintaining a separate school system will wane.
  21. Not all Muslims, of course, are Islamists. And there are certainly social conservatives among other religious communities, including many Christians. But any effort to limit freedom of expression, which is the oxygen of democracy, is clearly problematic. That's why I personally found the M-103 approach so disturbing. The Western ethos, which emerges out of a long and illustrious history dating back to the Reformation, and later the Enlightenment, accommodates and validates the criticism of religion. It's not a bug in the Western system, it's a feature. If we capitulate on this, we give up on t
  22. The Charter exemption relating to Ontario's separate school system originates in a long-standing constitutional arrangement dating back to 1867. The situation significantly predates modern international human rights covenants and the 1999 UN Human Rights Commission's ruling has no legal applicability in Canada, unlike decisions made under the Charter. I believe the UN Human Rights Committee has also come out against the death penalty as well as blasphemy laws, none of which are applicable to Canada. If Canada's only sin is Ontario's separate school system, that's pretty small potatoes. Nobody
  23. And, your point is? Canada and other Western countries routinely pull their diplomatic contingents, including ambassadors, from other countries when diplomatic disputes emerge. Canada did so with Russia following Russia's takeover of Crimea although there are 500 thousand Canadian citizens and/or residents of full or partial Russian ancestry, thousands of whom are Russian-born immigrants to Canada. In 2012 Canada completely broke off diplomatic relations with Iran despite the fact that over 200 thousand Canadians are of Iranian ancestry, many of whom were born in Iran. I'm not sure what m
  24. Of course they are. The Canadian Charter is consistent with the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights although most Muslim-majority countries have opted to back an alternative to the U.N. Declaration called the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, which is an interesting read. It begins with the following premise: "All human beings form one family whose members are united by their subordination to Allah and descent from Adam." Well, you get the picture. It's a counterpoint to the Western understanding of human rights as enunciated in the U.N. Declaration. Unfortunately, mainly due to the eme
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