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  1. We’re working closely with the Soros globalists putting together the list of civil liberties to remove. Any suggestions?
  2. Don’t forget the plan to take your guns. Just so you have it straight. Muhahahahahaha!
  3. I just think the media should stay away from their home and stop hounding them. I realize they're public figures, but the law should protect them from these intrusions. The paparazzi basically killed Harry's mother. He's reliving that nightmare when he just wants to have a normal life. Let him have that. Perhaps a very basic surveillance-type security arrangement can be made that is covered partly by Harry, partly by the government of Canada, and partly by Britain. If it's a $50,000 a year security guard and cameras, I think that's not outrageous. He didn't ask to be born into the Royal Family.
  4. Ironic that character was always the issue raised by Republicans to go after Clinton. Forgetting personal life, it’s how Trump speaks to and about people publicly that I think falls short of his office.
  5. Explain the logical steps that should have followed the assassination. None of us know why it happened or the moves that led to it. I’m surprised you have that level of trust.
  6. Only a complete idiot would think that climate change can’t be addressed without global solutions. On Iran, in several days hundreds of people have died due to an unfolding of events that wouldn’t have started without the assassination of that general. No, the US didn’t down that airline, but the downing of that airline is more “collateral damage” of a go it alone manipulation of affairs in the Middle East. Is the world a better place because of those actions? I already know what cheerleaders like you think. Iran’s regime is bad news, but the oppression hasn’t stopped. Also, leaving out personal conduct, disrespectful public behaviour in leaders isn’t good for organizations or countries. It’s neither strong nor admirable. People follow these examples and respond in a like manner. Again, if Americans want belligerent leadership, that’s what they’ll get. Whatever, USA USA USA! “Shoot ‘em all and let God figure it out.” Making money and strong-arming opponents aren’t the real challenges. Restraint and generosity are harder, more important virtues, but that takes character and wisdom. You can’t take anything with you but people remember what you leave behind.
  7. That’s extremely concerning. I hope you’re wrong.
  8. This is happening because climate change and overpopulation of some regions are creating migration pressures and greater competition for land and resources. This is the major source of conflict and environmental degradation in the future. It can either be planned for and managed responsibly at both a macro scale (international and national) and micro scale (sub national and municipal) or we will see various forms of fascism, which will play out as hoarding of resources, exclusion of migrants/the desperate, and in the case of eco fascism, radical restrictions on and high costs for fossil fuel consumption/greenhouse gas production, and perhaps eventually on all consumption and living expenses. These movements are already underway and forming governments. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Trump is not showing the leadership necessary to deal with these major concerns.
  9. Well Reagan came across as a basically kind and decent fellow. There’s too much narcissism and belligerence in Trump’s persona, and America First comes off as excessive greed and supremacy. Trudeau has his own issues and the opposite problem of talking a good line with too little realism to be taken seriously. Ultimately it comes down to wise and honourable statesmanship. At times I’ve seen Trump show decency, but the general impression is brash and amoral. Part of leadership is making sacrifices for the greater good. Acting alone for one’s own benefit is a short game. I’m thinking here about problems that can only be solved through international cooperation, such as tensions in the Middle East, climate change, and even trade imbalances.
  10. I think he will get re-elected. He’s emblematic of America today.
  11. I don’t have to try anything. Trump has given his blessing to Putin and Xi’s dictatorships. In fact he’d like one himself. Maybe if Trump had shared the assassination plan with allies, they could have prepared and a plane full of innocents wouldn’t have been downed. Oh wait, Trump says fuck you to allies.
  12. America has caused more shit than your post would lead one to believe. We could have long discussions about Pinochet and other propped up dictators, arming Iraq and the Mujahadeen, the list goes on. The bottom line is that some/many of the geopolitical problems we have today wouldn’t be so bad if America hadn’t engaged in so much clandestine manipulation of world affairs. America tends to put out a burning match with a fire hose, then can’t understand the source of anti-Americanism. It’s a pattern in domestic politics/law as well, with “three strikes you’re out” and making the poor accept guilty pleas when they’re innocent to avoid trials. There are many examples. You’re right, all countries have problems, but American problems have farther reaching impacts. On greenhouse gas emissions, US policy is leading the world off a cliff.
  13. You’re too rosy and one sided in that post. C’mon.
  14. The Iranian theocracy and current president are garbage that the people of Iran need to throw out. That they have been unable or unwilling to do this doesn’t reflect well on the country.
  15. C’mon. You talk about America as though it’s one person. America has many wise and sophisticated citizens as well as many ignorant and unintelligent citizens. It has mean spirited citizens and people of goodwill. Guess what, so does Iran and all countries. The governance structure in America is better than in most but probably not the best. Its good geography and freedom has attracted many people and built a strong economy and military. Great. With great power comes great responsibility. America’s foreign policy history has a mixed record of success and failure. Many good acts and outcomes (Marshall Plan and D Day, winning the culture war that won the Cold War, etc.) and some lousy acts and outcomes (Iran-Contra, arms for hostages, opium funding of Vietnam war, protracted Vietnam war, second invasion of Iraq, excessive beholdenness to the military industrial complex, disrupting democratic outcomes in Middle East, etc.). I’d still rather see the US dominate than China or Russia, so far. I’d rather see a better international distribution of power that contains the excessive belligerence of any power, including the US. It is true though that economic and military supremacy affords many privileges, including the ability to play by your own rules. The US has that. That’s our reality. American voters should be well informed in order to use this power responsibly. Other countries with good ideas need to find ways to positively impact the use of power. Hard power is important, but in the Information Age, so are ideas. Present a good vision for the world and people will follow. The US doesn’t have a great world vision under current leadership, which is a vulnerability. It’s relying more heavily these days on economic and military might.
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