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  1. Yes you’re right. The CRA goes after hard working people who may have made minor mistakes in their returns but won’t go after the serious evaders. Why? They know that good people will comply and are low hanging fruit. It’s totally unfair, but our governments and police follow the same principle. It’s the middle class parent rushing to work who gets the tickets. Major crime is too much work, so they go after the little guys.
  2. Quebec is well known to have a harsh police force with a dubious record for transparency. I trust the OPP far more that the Surete du Quebec. It’s one of the reasons Quebec’s Indigenous worry about separation.
  3. Ultimately people who want to go to their cottages can do so. In Ontario at least the police aren’t pulling cars over at random. I don’t know of checkpoints within the province, though it may come to that for hot spot areas. The anti-cottage exodus movement is about not overwhelming small northern hospitals. In summer some of these lake towns grow twenty or thirty-fold.
  4. It’s a good temporary policy and I’m upset that Ontario doesn’t bar non-essential travel from Quebec, the country’s biggest hot spot right now.
  5. A certain amount of this is essential to stopping the spread. Think of the impact of people coming from New York State right now into other states.
  6. I hear your concerns, but we need global data and solutions for certain things. Also, Hariri makes the excellent point that the only way we can beat this crisis is through global solidarity. If we take the self-interested approach, this disease keeps coming back and far more people die. This is what the narrow, selfish vision of Trump doesn’t see. We need coordinated approaches to global problems. Nevertheless, we need to be in control of what comes into our country. That’s a central aspect of national defence.
  7. You’re a romantic gentleman for sure. I’m impressed. Well done. That’s exactly what we should be doing now. Be there for family and community. Very little else matters.
  8. That's why government will likely have to provide the jobs, but if they're useful jobs, that's a much better set-up than paying people to do nothing. Public works can be the big temporary employer until companies gain the confidence to get back on their feet, as that will likely take some time, especially in sectors where social gathering and contact are the heart of the business: sports, restaurants, bars, resorts, movie theatres, concerts, and much more...
  9. Yes, pot shops are closed now, but you can still order online. Be glad of what liberties are still available to us.
  10. Once the cases peak, the provinces should begin an economy of the willing. Basically, anyone who wishes to return to business as usual should be tested and allowed to return to the workplace while adhering to careful public hygiene and social distancing. It can be staged, such that more essential and lower risk industries return to work sooner. They may have to agree to some form of symptom-tracking and contact-tracing, so that body temperature is regularly checked and, if the virus is detected, self-isolation can be immediate, followed by testing and return to work following recovery. I think we could start this once we see a significant decline in the number of new cases. At that point, like during the New Deal, we could begin the biggest infrastructure building program in Canadian history, finally providing the transportation and energy infrastructure we have talked about for decades. That would create a good return for at least some of the massive public spending and debt accumulation underway. Medical supplies, subways, light rail, high-speed trains, pipelines, bridges/highways, ice-breakers, military equipment, water systems for desperate indigenous communities, deep-water cooling, geothermal energy, etc...
  11. Yeah it sounds like a cruel social experiment put that way, except that thousands more people are dying due to this illness, especially in the places where few public health measures were taken to prevent its spread. I think your point is that we shouldn’t be shutting down the economy and taking away liberties to stop the spread, since it probably can’t be stopped anyway. Ultimately the best we can probably do is slow the spread and get back to work with public safety measures. The shut down will have to end and the economy will have to function amidst a certain amount of sickness and death. It’s not the first time.
  12. People who do that are no better than pirates and are worse than profiteers.
  13. Well one barrier to doing things in the national interest has been interprovincial disagreement. I think that one of the biggest mistakes the Feds have made is not bringing in Energy East. Quebec is foolish not to embrace guaranteed access to Alberta oil. The US and China will burn through and become dependent on our oil and natural gas pipelines. We should be refining and using our own oil. Right now that may seem completely unnecessary, but a huge part of independence is energy independence. Trudeau Senior understood this. We should at least pipe it to Ontario refineries. Even if we don’t bother much with that oil now, it’s an important national infrastructure project. Maybe those willing workers who test negative can use this time to build the infrastructure of tomorrow. Subways and high speed rail. It beats paying money for nothing and keeps up morale.
  14. Well a few things. We need strong global entities to deal with global problems like pandemics, pollution of air and water, climate change, and clearly oppressive regimes. There will remain a need for some form of global policing or else smaller and more vulnerable countries will be invaded, minority or vulnerable groups will be mistreated or murdered, and people in countries with strong environmental standards will be impacted by the terrible disregard of air and water quality by bad actors. I also think that trade must be more closely tied to standards on the environment, labour, and obvious human rights. Countries shouldn’t be able to sell into our markets with what are essentially forms of slave labour, obviously. On the other hand, national governments should be serving local human development goals and seeking to export those standards in foreign policy, but through economic measures rather than military ones, unless clear oppression is taking place. Intervention in other countries shouldn’t happen against the will of the peoples of those countries and without a clear mandate from voters The aftermath and clean up costs must be factored into the proposals, as they must be for domestic resource development. Redistributing power isn’t easy, because sometimes the people who are empowered simply don’t have the means or expertise to run systems of governance, which is why revolutions are generally bad news. Look at Zimbabwe, Russia, China... There can be no true independence without self-sustainability. There’s nothing wrong with a certain amount of interdependence, but we need to be able to batten down the hatches in crisis. With regard to the mission to end in camera lobbying and political decision making, while I agree in principle, there is a certain amount of honest discussion that, if under public scrutiny, would lead to a kind of mob entanglement. It happens when the wise and capable technocrats run up against the angry and ill-informed. Presenting the findings and using data-based decision making is necessary, but we elect people who represent what we want, recognizing that their wishes won’t please everyone, and we have to be careful not to empower the dangerous and ignorant few, who can bring our economy to a standstill if they think that they have a right to destroy what has been approved by our regulatory bodies and democratic governments. Trudeau has dabbled dangerously in that. His dad knew when it was time to bring down the hammer on the FLQ. Junior is naive.
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