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  1. People who can be vaccinated should get vaccinated. There’s less viral spread among the vaccinated. People who can’t get a vaccine will have to take extra precautions, including masking. I think it’s around 10 percent of the population who can’t currently get the vaccine. Among that 10 percent most are children who could fight the virus. I guess the question is, do we turn everyone into a “boy in the plastic bubble” or only the vulnerable? There are health impacts from imposing restrictions on everyone. We don’t take all cars off the road to prevent car accidents.
  2. Masks help but requiring the vaccinated to mask is over the top, unless you think that people should remain masked for the rest of their lives, because if the virus will continue to circulate among the vaccinated, it is never going away, even though it’s highly unlikely that anyone who is vaccinated will get seriously ill from Covid. So, the unvaccinated should mask up, but requiring the vaccinated to mask up to protect the unvaccinated won’t encourage people to get the vaccine. It will only ensure that we wear masks universallly forever, because there will always be a portion of society who are unvaccinated, even if vaccination is mandatory. For example, it’s unlikely that babies or toddlers will be vaccinated.
  3. How many of the vaccinated who end up hospitalized with Covid have actually died? The Cape Cod outbreak data being used to justify masking the vaccinated had no deaths among those who were vaccinated and got the virus.
  4. Crises are click bait. You can sell a lot of advertising space by flogging pandemic fear. I’m seeing now how hard it will be to exit pandemic conditions, not because of actual health risk but public fear. Too many frightened impressionable zombies.
  5. Yup if the fear-mongering and restrictions continue, I’d rather see parallel systems, one in which people live without any mandatory restrictions and one in which they do. You sign a waiver to live among the unrestricted, accepting the consequences. Different schools, hospitals, grocers... My guess is that the death rate will be slightly higher among the unrestricted. I’ll take it.
  6. Well not exactly. I’m suggesting that there’s a big movement well underway to shut down the pre-pandemic way of life, absolutely. I don’t know whether C-19 was intentionally released, but I do know that it provides the pretext for shutting down and/or controlling how most people prefer to live. The precedent is set. You can be made to stay home except for essential trips indefinitely. You can be kept apart from people who aren’t members of your household. Soon, you may require a passport containing your health information in order to conduct essential activities. If you don’t think these tactics can be used for reasons beyond preventing a likelihood of serious illness or death... Well, we’re already being convinced to continue to require masks of vaccinated people, restrict their travel, and limit the number of people who can congregate. The climate change scare is well underway and the forest fires are proof enough for many in government.
  7. Yes. Masks, vaccine passports, restrictions on movement, and restrictions yet to be seen, probably in the name of climate change, will be with us forever if we don’t push back. I don’t trust government and have many good historic reasons not to trust government. I got the jab along with everyone eligible in my family. We’re past the point of herd immunity. Further restrictions are an unjustifiable removal of liberty and destructive to businesses and mental health. That’s enough now.
  8. They can sign a form indicating to the school that their child must wear a mask at school. Schools will enforce parents’ wishes.
  9. The reality is that if government requires vaccinated people to mask up to protect the unvaccinated, fewer people will bother to get vaccines. That’s enough now. End all mandatory restrictions. They’re over the top. The unvaccinated can protect themselves. Parents can protect unvaccinated children. Death rates due to Covid-19 will remain low going forward in Canada. We don’t mandate PPE for flu. We’re at the flu death rate now. Mandatory restrictions now are draconian.
  10. I’m concerned that the ability for vaccinated to spread the Delta will be used to justify endless masking. https://apple.news/AuPannCIMTKqpk4qS05Jb4g There will always be a segment of the population who are unvaccinated, even if vaccination becomes possible for younger children.
  11. There’s simply no good reason for government-imposed restrictions on freedom in Canada to fight Covid-19 anymore. None.
  12. I genuinely worry that modern civilization has peaked because I’m not sure we’ll have it as good again as we had it in Canada and much of the West around the period Harper was PM. However, I also remember feeling this way about the Bill Clinton years after 9/11. This hard period, I hope, shall too pass. I hope that our future isn’t an unrelenting chain of crises like Covid. I think it’s our duty to ensure that freedom and the prosperous liberal-democratic society that generations fought hard to build isn’t destroyed by radical, ignorant self-proclaimed “activists”. Harper is right to call out the threat. Canadians and their governments need to get real about what matters or we really could lose what most humans value.
  13. Get the vaccine. Our best chance of totally escaping the pandemic is to have as high percentage of the population with immunity as possible. However, if the unvaccinated don’t get the vaccine their risk of death or serious illness is much higher. However, the first time we heard about herd immunity the number was about 70% infected or exposed. We’re already there. Yes the Delta is persistent, but we’re well on our way to far more than 70% vaccinated. I just think that making the choice to not get the vaccine is foolish. The unvaccinated will have a harder time protecting themselves and they will need to be in PPE longer. The vaccinated should not face restrictions, but really the vaccinated will be fine even if the unvaccinated don’t face restrictions. The risks of death to the fully vaccinated from Covid are minute. I don’t think mandatory restrictions are necessary anymore. Protect yourselves and your children by getting vaccinated where possible. Otherwise be extra careful.
  14. There’s no need for future lockdowns and I think that if employees show their employers proof of second vaccination, those citizens should not be required to wear masks in their workplaces. If they want to wear them they can, but they pose almost no risk to anyone and they shouldn’t be penalized by having to wear PPE for no good reason. At this point masking should be optional for customers, whether in shops, on transit, at the threatre, or in concerts. If businesses wish to require proof of full vaccination of customers to go unmasked, they can do this, but people will likely choose to patronize other businesses. Government should no longer require masking indoors. The only exception would be in certain fields for unvaccinated workers, such as healthcare and education, but fully vaccinated workers in those fields should not be required to mask except in the circumstances that they did pre-pandemic, such as when performing surgeries. It’s now on individuals to protect themselves and their children as they see fit. Hopefully schools will be fully opened, vaccinated teachers and students will be unmasked, and parents can make informed decisions about whether to mask their unvaccinated children without government intervention. Countries will impose their own vaccine rules on visitors and hopefully they follow science. Here we are in Canada with more of our population fully vaccinated and fewer cases than Britain and the US, and Britain is requiring quarantine of Canadians but not Americans. So much for the British Commonwealth. Might as well scrap the monarchy if that’s where Canadians stand. I also find it ridiculous that after so much lobbying from Chuck Shumer and the border states for Canada to allow non-essential travel to the US across our land border, now it’s Biden keeping the border closed. Daft, unscientific, and damaging to the economies of US border states. Canada did make the right move to reopen the border to fully-vaccinated Americans. It will help our tourism sector and border towns. It’s still harder for vaccinated Americans to come in than it is for unvaccinated Canadians to travel between Quebec and Ontario or other provinces. No proof of vaccination or border checks required. I think all testing and quarantine requirements must be dropped for all fully-vaccinated international travellers. Otherwise it’s simply too onerous to travel, especially for short trips. The Delta variant has hardly any impact on vaccinated people. Most healthy unvaccinated children can also fight it. Masking indoors for them is advisable, but I’m not sure government should mandate it. If they do it should be contingent on high local transmission rates.
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