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  1. I do think if cases continue to rise and hit 2000+ per day by December in Ontario, it makes good sense from both an economic and public health perspective to close schools, with perhaps a reduced online learning component (as educators would have their own children at home) two to three weeks prior to Christmas. It would create the necessary circuit break to slash case numbers, allow families to enjoy modest Christmas functions, and support a "green zone" reopening in January that would boost the economy in a more sustainable and significant way. Perhaps malls and retail could remain ope
  2. In short, everyone loses in the zero-sum game. This is very old political philosophy that underpins Hegel and later Marx: The slave is freer than the master because the slave is actually in the world doing the work and knows what can and cannot be done. The master's identity is mediated by the slave, so the moment we lapse into any major class distinction, those at the top are imperiled. That's why it's important to set up our policy to maximize human freedom for all. If the accumulation of capital by one person or group reduces the freedom of the workers, we have social conflict. That's
  3. Yes it is, but people generally don't care until the taxes rise, services are cut, and/or the cheques stop coming.
  4. What do you mean? Canada has negative GDP while public spending is rising.
  5. The leaders are self-proclaimed Marxist revolutionaries. So, facts...
  6. Stormtroopers huh? Wow you really are tilting at windmills. I agree that linguistic acrobatics won't save you from the angry mob, just as it didn't save the intellectuals from the Bolsheviks. However, don't assume that you qualify as woke or worthy of protection. Liberals are co-opted until power is secured. Then they are declared counter-revolutionary. It's happened many times in history. People may not realize it until it's too late due to wishful thinking and naivety.
  7. You know exactly what I meant by my every statement but are seizing on some fine point to parse out that doesn't change the main point I am making, which is that mainstream society is being duped by radicals who aren't as interested in equality as their own radical agenda that most people, if they knew the facts, would never support. Enough people have been co-opted to give that scary cause wings.
  8. No I don't think those are fair analogies. We don't tar and feather people or seize property out of revolutionary fervour anymore. I hope. South Africa was about clear systemic racism: apartheid. Even then Mandela discouraged violence. Anyway, I can already tell that people won't get it until they're personally impacted. It's too abstract right now. When people's property, jobs, finances, and safety are impacted, the winds may change, though all bets are off during the pandemic. We may not be able to contain the chaos and destruction. Death by ignorance and complacency.
  9. You're very selective. I think you have been co-opted. I have been too. I don't know how Obama comes into this. The slogan that black lives matter is apple pie that most people support. Of course black lives matter. Are we stupid? The BLM organization, however, has a Marxist agenda that most Americans and Canadians would never dream of supporting. It's important to know what you're supporting, because the apple pie slogan and people's yearning for fairness and justice are being co-opted and used to push a very different agenda. The definition of co-opt from Harvard Business Review
  10. That's very quaint, but it's important to know facts about the beliefs of the leaders behind movements in order to avoid being victim to false narratives, as police Chief Saunders said with regard to those who vandalized monuments: "Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said in a statement Sunday evening that the lack of access to counsel was a “false narrative,” and that the detainees were given access to counsel by mid-afternoon but “chose to remain in custody” into the early morning." (Globe and Mail) See this on BLM leaders' views and decide for yourself: https://m.washingtontimes.c
  11. Most news looks like this today. I don't have an issue with mainstream news and I don't seek to watch news that reinforces my opinions or leans left or right. Fox and CNN can both report facts in the traditional journalistic sense that I associate with responsible journalism, but both also run astray when they get heavily into editorializing and opinion pieces that clearly have an ideological bent. You can find the facts in multiple sources. What I shared isn't mysterious or agenda-driven.
  12. I think first it's important to know what one is trying to achieve. If leaders of this "movement" are self-proclaimed Marxists who claim to wish to destroy America, and if destruction is acceptable to the leadership, is this about equality for black people or something else entirely that most people, black or white, would never support?
  13. How do we end the culture wars?
  14. I'm merely illustrating where the line of logic leads that allows for destruction of property as a means of legitimate protest. Sometimes when people see how such destruction, if permitted, could impact them personally, the response gets more real.
  15. I actually don't agree to disagree on this. If we're willing to let this kind of destruction and imbalanced mischaracterization of important historic figures who set in motion the important institutions that make Canada what it is today and that the vast majority of Canadians value, we've abdicated our stewardship and shouldn't be surprised when we see more destruction of property and civilization in the future.
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