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  1. People should be able to give their money to whomever they want, whether in a will or some gift. No the state shouldn’t have a right to steal against the owner’s will. When our constitution was drawn up the NDP specifically pushed not to have protection of property in it, unlike in the US. For that reason alone we may want to join the US. With regard to various hypothetical human-created climate crises, I don’t support using fear and ideology to tax existence and make people poorer. That some specially qualified green/social justice politbureau gets to decide how that collectivize
  2. Some wealthy and some poor are unethical in how they use their money and conduct themselves. Nevertheless, no state should have the right to arbitrarily take someone’s money or property, whether that money was inherited, a gift, earned easily or with great difficulty. It’s a real problem in Canada that property isn’t protected. If you don’t believe that hard work will pay off and that you can reap what you sow, why sow? That’s one of the fundamental reasons why communist states fail. Little incentive for hard work. I’m not especially materialistic, but I fear a society that doesn’t allow
  3. No offence, but my knowledge of the political spectrum runs much deeper than current MSM or Marx and Engels. I was a member of the Liberal Party of Canada in the Chrétien days when they were far more fiscally responsible and unafraid to stand up for independent Canadian public policy. The current Liberals have taken much of the NDP platform to get more votes and they are scared of China and the US. They’re an irresponsible overspending party that is beholden to special interests. I guess they’re claiming to be feminist, but that’s mostly an inauthentic rhetorical device. Also I’m not an ide
  4. We mindlessly accept quarantining vaccinated travellers in hotels and accept that our Chief Medical Officer pretends that being vaccinated makes no difference to a person's safety, as she hasn't said what is safe for vaccinated people to do. The US CDC has said that vaccinated people can be together indoors unmasked. Why the delay on guidance? It's like the delay on vaccines. Lots of wasted self-congratulatory rhetoric and dithering. A clear pattern of behaviour is emerging.
  5. I don't support policies that tax existence. High carbon taxes are essentially accelerants to human extinction, because humans are carbon footprints. We have to embrace adaptation and technological solutions through natural market forces. Much of what is driving costly climate change policy is a reaction to natural disasters that impact more people because there are more people. We hear more about them because of our ultra-fast widespread information conduits. Koonan is dispelling the myths as governments begin the process of crippling businesses and individuals with carbon costs.
  6. How can the federal government abuse public funds to the tune of $300 million to support the divisive and inflammatory "critical race theory" that most Canadians would never support? How did the Liberals become so compromised that they'll ignore the oppressive incarceration of Uighurs in China yet promulgate a controversial perspective from the U.S. context? This government is pathetic. They can't acquire vaccines, but they have no shortage of attention and public money for dubious causes. https://apple.news/AqH6OFAGsSwqJSklupc76Rg
  7. Our federal Liberals are cowards: https://apple.news/AP8zR-KOXS-2JwCSvDbcNnw
  8. It appears that the daily number of Covid cases in Ontario, and likely other provinces that introduced increased restrictions around three weeks ago, are starting to plateau. However, the death rate lags by a couple of weeks, so we may see a continued rise in the death rate for a little while. Once the case and death rates substantially decline, hopefully by mid-May, we should start to see the vaccination rate outpace the rate of viral transmission. For example, if half of Ontarians are vaccinated by the end of May, then even if restrictions are lifted at that time, we should have an a
  9. A wide segment of the public has weakened and become used to government handouts. While much support was needed early on, the Trudeau government seems to want to make mass welfare permanent rather than take on the important and courageous task of transitioning the public back to work. In the end it has to pay off for people to bother putting away the weed and collecting the pogey. My biggest problem with this government is they don't make hard and careful choices. They just borrow and spend and saddle future generations with debt. They rely on immigration to grow the tax base (vastly incr
  10. Oh well. We will reach an acceptable risk level. The vaccines are effective against the known variants. Except in extremely rare cases, a vaccinated person is safe from death by C-19. That's really all we need to know. If some choose not to get vaccinated, the rest of society shouldn't and won't curtail their freedoms to protect those people.
  11. Canadians won't accept watching Texas then California lift all restrictions and resume normal life yet put up with endless restrictions in Canada. All restrictions are being lifted in California by mid-June. Many people don't understand that it doesn't matter whether the vaccine's full immunity only lasts 8 months or even 6 months. The point of the vaccines is to prevent you from being hospitalized and dying from Covid-19. The vaccines will ensure that. We may need annual boosters like flu shots. Many will bother to get the boosters and many won't. Most of those who don't will proba
  12. Shutting down again in Ontario, Quebec, BC, and Alberta is a necessary evil that is required because we simply haven't had enough infections or vaccinations so far to substantially lower the positivity rate. At least in Ontario the school closures incorporate the April break. However, warm weather and pandemic fatigue mean that government right now has limited ability to make people stay home and follow restrictions. I think we have to keep people, students included, at home in the hotspots for three more weeks after the April break, because there will be community spread over the break. Th
  13. Actually this is extremely unprofessional behaviour from a diplomat. He should be fired for such irresponsible comments. Really Canada should take a diplomatic stand on this. Taking the high road and being a doormat aren't the same thing. The Chinese government's behaviour is backwards and antiquated. If Trudeau has no self-respect, why should he hold office?
  14. Conrad Black is so right on Trudeau's big screw ups. The TRC report has major flaws and makes claims that are exaggerated and inflammatory. I won't debate that topic, which is discussed at length on other threads. Trudeau's government created that assault on Canada by allowing unfair characterizations of Canadian history and founding figures to flourish in the media and institutional cultures. Unfortunately, due to Black's own personal history, he will be the Cassandra who tells the truth but won't be believed. This Liberal federal government is the worst federal government in my lifetime
  15. Yes, Harper was much stronger on China and won more respect because he started from a vocal position of, China abuses human rights, is an authoritarian regime, and is not to be trusted. China had to earn respect in that context. Trudeau's silence on China speaks volumes about his weakness as a leader. It was the same when dealing with Trump's belligerence. He doesn't call a spade a spade. The reality is that most of what China does is provide cheap reliable labour, which translates to cheap goods that we import. They're not the only game in town. Those who don't want to ups
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