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  1. I don’t disagree that the world is over-leveraged. I simply don’t see how dividing into small units is a greater protection than national unity. I know the ant-Globalists hate ideas like JT’s post-national state, but I don’t think he meant that countries would no longer have value or identities. I think he meant that societies are healthiest when cultural/national identity is no longer a barrier to business and social harmony. Essentially we just become a well-managed democracy with sub and supranational identities that don’t require an insular, protectionist nationalism. It’s basically cosmopolitanism. Progressives generally like it. More extreme right elements feel threatened by it. Interestingly, while PET brought in multiculturalism, he also fought for bilingualism and a Canadian identity. I think you can have both a global and national perspective. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
  2. The facts are that Canadians are generally less polarized than Americans and happier. National pride is also strong. There is simply no great appetite for separation from either Quebec or Alberta in Canada. The reality for Alberta is that the federal government has backstopped any losses on a Transmountain pipeline by buying it. British Columbia and Quebec will continue to be themselves with or without Alberta in Canada. The diversity and regional differences within Canada are both a strength and a weakness. They are a strength because of the identities and freedoms afforded by our loose federation and small population. They are a weakness because in times of crisis, usually economic, interprovincial barriers are resented, such as in regard to BC and Quebec’s resistance to pipelines from Alberta, but that has little to do with Canada and Confederation, which actually supports national projects like pipelines. There is no clear advantage to breakup and Balkanization, but there are clear disadvantages. The Confederation Bridge, CN Railroad, and St. Lawrence Seaway wouldn’t have been built without federal support. Remote communities, especially in the north, would struggle to survive without the infrastructure a federal government provides. Giving it all over to the US would simply replicate the monoculture of chains and mainstream Anglo-American culture, which gets boring. Canadians value Canada, and will likely preserve it as long as free representative democracy prevails. People keep coming to Canada because they see its value.
  3. Trudeau doesn’t appear to be supporting Ontario infrastructure projects because the provincial government is Conservative. The Liberal Feds have announced funding of major Montreal and Vancouver projects but nothing for Toronto. Liberals claim it’s because the Ontario Conservatives haven’t put forward an adequate proposal, yet the Ontario proposal resembles those provided by other provinces that have Liberal governments. Meanwhile, Bombardier will be cutting jobs in Thunder Bay if new Toronto transit programs aren’t funded. The Federal Liberals are playing politics with Ontario jobs and transit.
  4. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good attention or bad to you, as long as it’s attention. Generally Americans don’t look beyond their borders as much as Canadians or many other nations. Might want to do more of it.
  5. $700 million? Please itemize the individual amounts in that total. A Haudenosaunee billionaire cigarette maker contributes how much of his income towards his community? Oh right, he doesn’t pay taxes.
  6. The bigger concern in northern Ontario right now is lack of intervention.
  7. We may disagree with the restrictions on Indigenous cultural practices in schools decades ago by today’s standards, but those approaches were valued by the institutions that provided education across the country. Was it more acceptable for Indigenous students not to attend school? Perhaps it seems so now. However, you will find few Canadians who believe that relying solely on traditional teachings of a community is preferable to learning the forefront of the accumulation of knowledge provided in areas such as Science, Math, and Geography. It’s fine to draw on traditional practices in addition to these disciplines, but not as the sole guideline for social and economic development. Having said that, no one is going to make Indigenous Peoples attend schools. That did happen in residential schools.
  8. It remains the law in Canada for school-aged children to attend school, as it should. If students live very far from a school, funding is provided for students to live near schools. That’s really what residential schools are. A century ago many schools were run by government or religious institutions. Now when Indigenous students attend schools far from home, they are Indigenous run. It isn’t all wine and roses, as many students still suffer depression and face challenges of substance abuse. I will tell you that child welfare agencies don’t enforce attendance, and now child welfare is going to be Indigenous run on reserves, though still publicly funded. Will it result in more children being removed from families? Will more or less removals be better or worse for children and communities? The verdict isn’t in because the process is getting underway. The costs are high. Hopefully the results are better.
  9. You and Jacee exaggerate and demonize, which is why this file is soon to be bypassed. There’s little honesty or effort to make real changes that would sustainably fix these problems.
  10. Yeah because we enjoy circuses. Don’t worry we have our own distinctly Canadian shitshow.
  11. Not true. They are called Canadians, but they’re also FN.
  12. A lot of Americans are critical of Trump too. It actually protects America to be critical.
  13. Just a matter of time before AOC starts collectivization. Should be quite a show.
  14. We have our own Indigenous heroes, from Longboat to Robbie Robertson to Buffy St. Marie, NHL’ers, etc. What are you going to do about your reserve system? Oh yeah, squat.
  15. They’re very different systems. I’d love to see the end of the reserve systems like most Canadians. Read An Inconvenient Indian. Many Indigenous want to keep the reserves.
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