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  1. I have to agree. Harper was more astute and actually more centrist than Trudeau. He was sensible and smart on policy. He took flack early on about not doing enough on climate change, but he came around to being a centrist on that too. He reached out to Quebec with mixed success, but did rather well to represent the different regions. I didn’t like him at first but warmed up over time. Trudeau isn’t all bad, but he needs to govern from the middle, be more realistic and less self-righteous. I won’t be voting Liberal because they are too far left. The NDP under Layton then Mulcair were more centrist than the current Liberals.
  2. You probably are onto something, Argus. I just watched my son’s Muslim soccer coach hold back a preferred jersey size for a Muslim child on the team when distributing jerseys to the new players. I couldn’t believe how blatant the favouritism was. I wonder if we know what we’re doing with immigration, and I enjoy having different races and cultures in Canada. It was a feeling of being a second class citizen in the country where I was born.
  3. Am I the only one who likes Trudeau better as Captain Morgan? Now that’s a guy I can party with. Let it all hang out. Be yourself. Get off the sanctimonious political correctness. Hang out with both conservatives and commies.
  4. Hey, choose your poison. Just don’t get shot or poor and seriously ill.
  5. I don’t identify with JT, Trump or anyone on those political scenes, US, Canadian, British or otherwise . They’re too akin to circus performers.
  6. Is it all about power to you? Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. There are always empires. The question is how you deal with them. I recommend avoiding having idols. That’s a personal choice.
  7. I don’t care if you weigh in on Canadian politics.
  8. Apples and oranges. Canada is smaller than California. We’ve had this conversation.
  9. BC2004, everyone knows your politics. You’re Republican. Don’t try to play non-partisan, even on Canadian politics. Here’s something more to chew on. It seems Trudeau displayed histrionics for the right too, including Faith Goldy. On Trudeau as Captain Morgan: https://nationalpost.com/news/another-round-in-trudeau-drinks-case
  10. You’ve provided plenty of armchair criticism of the Canadian political scene, which you’re free to do. Right back at you.
  11. For all the foibles of both of them, I can see them both getting re-elected. I certainly don’t find JT more ridiculous than Trump.
  12. The same reason you feel free to supply sartorial banter about JT’s blackface, which I support.
  13. Two problematic approaches. Trump is blatantly belligerent. Trudeau is the gentleman, but he’s hypocritical. Trump still probably trumps Trudeau on hypocrisy when it comes to personal immorality versus his pro-evangelical rhetoric. The pair of them are cartoonish and ridiculously incompatible.
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