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  1. What else would most of those police be doing for their paycheques if they weren't hassling people at the BBQ? "Patrolling?" It's pretty quiet on the streets these days. Maybe there are good reasons to defund the police. I know we're over-policed in my neighborhood. Very low crime rate and plenty of squad cars. Lots of tickets issued to people on their way to work, though I rarely see any reckless driving. Feels a bit extortionate.
  2. Agreed. It's very Orwellian and totalitarian. I can't believe the lack of public outrage. Sheaple opioid zombie culture. Watch another TicToc clip and have another toke...
  3. Harper was much sharper on China than Trudeau. Don't give them an inch. Declare China in violation of human rights at the UN. Canada needs to grow a pair. No excuses.
  4. China doesn't listen to or respect diplomacy. They only respect power and hawkishness. Close the Chinese embassy. End Chinese imports. Find new trading partners. Kick out Chinese spies and diplomats. End Chinese partnerships. We've been living under Chinese totalitarian rule since the start of this pandemic. Repatriate manufacturing jobs. Pay more for products to employ more Canadians.
  5. Is anyone else disgusted by the draconian, unjust deep sixing of the Toronto BBQ owner who defied the lockdown order to open indoor dining for three days? This story illustrates exactly why people have become distrustful of the police and government. The $187,000 fine imposed on this business owner is vindictive and doesn't fit the crime. It does explain why small business owners and people in general are suspicious of restrictions that prevent someone from operating a business and earning a livelihood. I just don't think government should have the right to impose such restrictions. The
  6. It always comes back to rhetorical grandstanding over substance and an excess of naïveté in foreign relations. I don't know who the Libs think they're fooling. It's sad that several years on the "He's just not ready, nice hair though" Conservative sound bite rings truer than ever. I don't know whom Trudeau thinks he's impressing by touting his feminism and rainbow socks. Feminists and homosexuals need jobs and vaccines too.
  7. Nice catch on the disclaimer. I actually think Trudeau (and Ford and most premiers) were pretty good with public health policy early on. The mistake is this naive reliance on external forces. Trudeau makes no hard choices on public spending and trusts that other countries will come to Canada's aid when there is no compelling reason to do so. The consequences of a stalled vaccine rollout are more deaths, more lockdowns, and more economic hardship. Around the time Israel will have vaccinated her entire population and the country will be opened up, our vaccines are scheduled to arrive in the
  8. So on top of blowing the vaccine rollout, the federal government is now compromising immigration standards. Overspending and bizarre, counterproductive priorities... https://apple.news/A3FOrRuM7QlW3sll1VWcqfw " While an individual typically needs a minimum score of 400 points or above to make the cutoff, the lowest-ranked person invited in the latest round only had a score of 75. (The immigration department posts the results of each draw on its website.)"
  9. At this point it's entirely fair to say that Trudeau's government is to blame for the poor vaccine rollout in Canada. He foolishly relied on an untested, unreliable Chinese partner. After watching China detain Canadians without evidence or due process and seeing how vulnerable Canada has been in trade disputes with the US, it's hard to ignore the irresponsible decisions. Overspending and over-reliance on foreign powers to come to Canada's aid is not how a responsible national government should operate. https://apple.news/AwlOWdP4XT9-mqT4s0iLMcg
  10. Rousseau is a key figure of Romanticism. Much can be said about that movement and its antecedents, but I mentioned authorship because many books from the medieval and earlier periods don't have known authors as the identity of the author wasn't considered nearly as important as it is today. Identity itself is a fairly modern idea which relates to the focus on self and private space. It's not a coincidence that the field of psychology started during the height of Romanticism. The noble savage comes from the idea that "Man is born free but is everywhere in chains". It's an idea about t
  11. Again, you seem stuck on the noble savage trope that came out of J J Rousseau and Romanticism. Actually many of our modern obsessions come out of this period, such as individualism, the psyche (mental health and wellness being an outgrowth of this), personal space, etc. The freedom and time afforded by technology and mass production in the industrial revolution created unprecedented surpluses that allowed for the indulgences of having a personal identity worthy of public attention. Prior to the Renaissance many books didn't have known authors because authorship became important with the ris
  12. Well I have a philosophy background, so there's a lot to unpack. I've also read Pinker, whose historical data analysis through the lens of neuropsychology tells the truth in about the best way we can speak about truth. The reality is that across all metrics living standards, education levels, and health outcomes have steadily improved over time, including over the last 20 years. There are occasional setbacks or delays. I do think we're seeing some negative impacts of the anthropocene era in terms of natural blowback from the impacts of growing industrializing populations. However, the bir
  13. You're just so wrong on Stalin. I lived in Russia for a while and studied the language, culture, and history in some depth. There is so much that can be said about the NKVD, repression of free speech, work slavery, forced industrialization, starvation through agricultural mismanagement...I'm not bothering to go into any of it because it's so well-documented. Same for Hitler. You make the same mistake of current left-wing orthodoxies: lionizing pre-industrialized and pre-colonial civilizations as somehow more progressive and civilized than modern western civilizations. Of course they
  14. https://medium.com/@leibowitt/of-course-fidel-castro-is-justin-trudeaus-dad-nobody-has-debunked-anything-4db6fc8a9042
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