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  1. I agree with you but can those other countries really get together and show the unity that's needed I know I was a bit harsh but I am canadian family has been here since 1752 approx and I just don't fully trust America's deep agenda for canada especially with trump at the helm they need water talk to California America's version of bc a nation interest item canada trapped between Alaska and the us to the south oil in the attic Americans there now get in a plane take a look yes a us national security interest and those American governments seriously how far have they been willing to go for t
  2. Yes I think we should big brother wants to run the show it's time this country of Walt Disney fantasy living Canadians realize that our oz cowardly lion will put us maybe at more danger of being coraled by our southern friends who may think we are a threat to there national interest and you know what happens to countries that are . fn wake up I'm sorry for speaking this way but if you think the us gives 2 shits about canada you are a complete fully liberal idiot and the us will pull so little pants down and show you who the boss is and have all of you singing a new song and new flag and no th
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