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  1. Problem with talking a lot is before you’re finished yapping,it’s over.
  2. I’m a life time martial artist, not a superficial 6 week basic training amateur,,look for trouble you usually find it,
  3. You want to kill somebody huh.. ? Got a Rambo knife and big imagination?
  4. Great if you live in a war zone or a shithole country. When you’re scared you’re not free.
  5. What about the guy in the video? Speak up.
  6. Way off what?. Name a country that has more school shootings than America.
  7. “I like those that weren’t captured “
  8. I didn’t invade Iraq on a lie and torture in Abu graighb.
  9. Is that why you lead the world in killing your kids in schools?
  10. Untrue...gun homicides are up according to the cdc. 14,500 homicides by firearms 12,000 suicides 10,000 fatalities by accident 70,000 non fatal gun injuries many causing permanent disability, More people killed every 2 days in America than terrorists kill in all of Europe in a year. but um um um um..there”s a caravan coming
  11. General Motors in 2015 and 2016 set an all time record for auto sales and corporate profits. 2018 shutting down 5 plants,
  12. The problem it creates is that it’s unfair to Canadian producers. Your suggestion is a good one but would never fly with the Americans. They expect a country 1/10 the population to purchase the same amount as 330 million people . And the funny thing is we do. But their tariffs on lumber has increased the construction costs of a home in America by about 2000 dollars. They cut of their nose to spite their face.
  13. American culture? Hilarious ..the only thing you can call culture in America is from the blacks with the music they create. You oppress the only real culture from your country, blues ,jazz, rock n roll, all created by blacks. It took the brits to make heroes out of them for you to finally recognize them,..if it was up to the white culture ,you’d be listening duelling banjos 24 hours a day.
  14. America subsidizes its farmers to the tune of 20 billion, that’s not fair trade.
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