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  1. Jimwd

    The democrats

    He’s indoctrinated by the birther pizza gate clowns .
  2. Jimwd

    The democrats

    She sounds like a woman that was being honest. A liar would have planned a good story with lots of memories, she wrote a letter to Feinstein when kavanaugh was just on the short list.before he was the nominee.. Ford accused no other person on the list. No one accused gorsuch, She was telling the truth ., but that’s a separate issue on kavabanugh exposing his Partisan rant ,
  3. Jimwd

    The democrats

    If nothing happened to you at a party 30 years ago I doubt you’d remember going, your argument is nonsense .i don’t even remember my junior prom yet my friends say I was there. Kavanaughs college buddies have all said he was dishonest in his testimony but republicans woykdnt call them. As I stated kavanaughs Partisan rant proved he is not qualified, we all saw it.i law professors agreed,
  4. Jimwd

    The democrats

    She never claimed they were. You were dishonest in your claim of witnesses. Try to stick to facts, no sexual assault victims have witnesses, zero..none..none of Cosby’s had witnesses, We do know however that the majority of law professors in America observed kavanaugh was not qualified. His conspiracy claim about the Clintons should have disqualified him but we know what the gop of today is dont we?
  5. Jimwd

    The democrats

    Your comment is filled with mis information. Ford was the only one in the room beside kavanaugh and his friend and she never stated there was anyone else , no one denied her claim. They simply said they weren’t there, so they could not possibly remember.
  6. Jimwd

    The democrats

    Severely lacking? Yea I remember the right wing condemning his auto bailout . 2015 and 2016 were all time American record for auto sales. Recovered from a Republican caused financial crisis....devasted russuan economy after invasion of Crimea..-3% growth,. Changed the focus and funding to get bin laden...worked to get people health care coverage .respected by the whole world unlike the pathological liar in office. must be nice living in your fairy tale birther land ...how’s your pizza ...Seth rich...Benghazi........pathetic
  7. Jimwd

    The democrats

    The reasons the birther ,pizza gate nut jobs or the Russians told you. Don’t assume I’m a fool.
  8. Jimwd

    The democrats

    Why you promoting russian propaganda to me? I wasn’t dumb enough to fall for the propaganda.
  9. Jimwd

    The democrats

    Manafort giving internal data to Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian business associate with ties to Russian intelligence The contested swing states that Trump narrowly—and surprisingly—won, such as Michigan and Wisconsin, were also places where both the Trump campaign and Russia’s Internet Research Agency focussed their efforts. Herein lies at least one answer to the question of why Russia would want the Trump campaign’s polling data: it potentially offered demographic targets for Russia’s bots and propaganda. Kilimnik was indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury on June 8, 2018 on charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice by attempting to tamper with a witness on behalf of Manafort.
  10. Or you could just stop voting for republicans,
  11. Check your education rankings. You’ll know why.
  12. You Trump supporters need to stop your lockstep mob chant “Lock her up” for a bit to remember your Orwell training. 1. Canada is your enemy 2. Russia is your friend 3. Kim Jong is honorable 4. Football players peacefully protesting are sons of bichs. Don’t forget ........Everyone in lockstep.....
  13. Yea how many years in Afghanistan 17 and you cant beat goat herders, lost to isis..Vietnam...talking about a weak link. You sure run good
  14. . Contracts signed by previous governments havevto be honoured by law. You wouldn’t understand .
  15. Saudi Arabia pulled their students from Canadian schools because Trudeau condemned Saudi atrocities,. That would make your statement not only wrong but a reflection on what you have become,