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  1. Oh look monkey speak.. lock her up fake news mexico will pay for a wall
  2. Fascist leader Invaders, breeders, infestation, ra pists and killers,sh^thole countries Human scum Goose stepping rallies with mobs chanting in lockstep lock her up..send them back. Inciting hate
  3. Everything I said was fact...would you like video s of the rallies with mob monkeys chanting in lockstep?
  4. trump is a pathological liar. A threat to democracy and decency . A demagogue who caters to haters. Goose stepping rallies with mobs chanting in lockstep,,,lock her up..send them back. a demoagogue who has insulted veterans, gold star familes..called republicans that don’t support him “human scum” save your nonsense for the cult.
  5. Cults don’t abandon. They thrive on poison koolaid,
  6. Anyone impressed by large rallies should YouTube a Nazi rally.
  7. It’s not about Hillary and Obama ..I don’t need russian propaganda to tell me what to think,
  8. Start with Helsinki then. When Russia invaded Crimea Obama kicked putin out of the G7 ..united the allies in crushing sanctions on Russia , repeatedly called for putin to get out of Crimea.......allocated a billion dollars in defence of Europe to counter russian aggression. Post one tweet where trump tells putin to get out of Crimea. Trump lobbying to get putin back in the g7 Wtf is going on?
  9. Federalist society ...your logical fallacy is noted Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
  10. Federalist society ...your logical fallacy is noted
  11. Invaders, breeders, infestation, ra pists and killers,sh^thole countries Goose stepping rallies with mobs chanting in lockstep lock her up..send them back. Inciting hate
  12. If you’re a Republican and you don’t support Trump you’re “human scum” DJT fascism 101;
  13. First of all there was no attack by the Turks until trump betrayed the Kurds.It was a relatively stable area with Kurds and American picking off and locking up the odd isis members. As well as guarding over 10,000 isis prisoners. No hot war, a few American troops backed by the might of the military prevented turkey from attacking and Russia from getting a foothold in the Middle East. There is no better use for a military than to prevent war. Acting as a deterrent to war is when you know the military is operating at its finest, So not only did you betray the Kurds who already sacrificed over 11,000 lives helping you You allowed isis terrorists to escape You empowered Russia ,Iran and Syria I doubt there has ever been a worse foreign policy decision not to mention in humane,despicable betrayal
  14. Wow..talk about being a victim. You poor guy.
  15. I’m originally from Winnipeg. I’ve been on the island for about 20 years. Yes the Islanders very much left wing and environmentally conscious. I am very much a centrist my self. I don’t particularly ascribe to any party. If someone comes up with a good policy I’ll support it regardless of who came up with it. I’ve really never understood tribalism. I think people humiliate themselves when they worship the leader regardless of what that leader does. I have far more respect for myself. I think western Canada has always believed that Prime Minister’s tend to cater more to the east because of the large populations. I’m not Sure what can be done about that because the votes are in the east. It’s a complicated world and the only way to handle it is one day at a time.
  16. I 'm old enough to remember the days guys like you were relegated to street corners. chuckle
  17. lol...dream on..it was canada that shed blood and treasure in afghanistan because you were attacked on 911 ,not the other way around. You have a reputation of betraying your allies. so give up your nonsense.
  18. You know what...your scattered nonsense is tiring.....go take care of your bone spurs coward cult .......and tell us all how you protect everyone ...
  19. lol..so much for that constitution huh...chuckle
  20. I don't think your framers wanted foreign interference and a president that is compromised by Putin. Just guessing
  21. You agree with the russian position? is that right? Well your countries official position is the annexation is illegal. What now?
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