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  1. Ahh 2020, brace your selves, backlash for years of progressive liberal nonsense is coming. The UK election is a good prelude to what will happen in November as well as Canada. "The outcome was a stark repudiation of the main opposition Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn and his radical program of state intervention, nationalization of key industries and tax rises for the better off. " https://fortune.com/2019/12/13/boris-johnson-election-victory-upends-britain/
  2. So no need to worry about big bad russia taking over the artic or how it appears easier to jail/execute canadian citizen in other countries compared to the us? Because that's the extent of canadian hard power and soft power.
  3. Look look look, we'll send you your new driver license in the mail. America should have annex canada and mexico along time ago. We'll wall off the rest of central america mmkay.
  4. Nahh i can't find myself sitting through an entire women's game. Its like watching a low energy version of fifa. The women's national team lost 5-2 against a under 15 boy's league. There would be equal pay if there is equal fan base but there isn't, at least not in america. Soccer is as much an emotional sport as it is physical. The women league just seems to have less drama and energy. Who'd pay to watch that!?
  5. The US's women's soccer team devastated thailand in the world cup with a 13-0 . Unexpectedly it was canadians that called foul. "Kyle added: "I'm all about passion, but as a Canadian we would just never ever think of doing something like that." https://m.cnn.com/en/article/h_bc9b472fb869d9fc40c23ba56d793ebb
  6. Lmao, so what you gona do about it? We took the f35 you paid us for back.
  7. All the noise you hear about trade war is only the tip of the iceberg. There's also an ideological war over authoritarian rule and western freedom (speech, religion, press etc...) The CCP is not really interested in reforming and loosening control causing chaos like tiananmen square. Ultra nationalistic soviet era propaganda are in full swing. Welcome to the new cold war of our time. Join us cannucks or you can kowtow to your new masters. They won't be so polite about dairy prices.
  8. Yup and further more some something nebulous about American imperialism whilst dodging the question.
  9. I asked a socialist this before. Name me a country where workers owning the means of production actually worked.
  10. As predicted from the 2016 election. Populist movements are happening across europe. The right wing populist like nigel farage are allude of what's to come. https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/european-elections-results-intl/h_0a24f8a10b73e4e72a0fb869c803e6e3
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