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  1. If so, why doesn't the world make it happen now? STOP BEING A COWARD! You get rid of them now, you'll be happy now. Don't wait for 30-50 years, you'd be dead because of so much stress before what you hope for happens.
  2. Hey, why wait, 30-50 years? If the entire world hates them, go to China now and you know what, kill them all while you're at it? For as long as they exist....... for as long as even a single one of them exists....... the world will always have problems, get rid of them, no more problems. No more America, no more problem.
  3. See, H10 says that China will be numba wan in 30-50 years. A long time, yes but hey, at least it's going to happen.
  4. 30-50 years? Dear God, can we shorten that? I think I'd be dead before that happens. Hey, I've been talking to some guys on this other site and they say that it's only a minority that hates them, is that true? What good response should I give them? Also this bcsapper says that he hopes that, that never happens. Can you talk to him please and make him realize the truth?
  5. But Quora is full of smart people with PhDs and master degrees and successful careers so therefore they are right....
  6. No, somewhere in Asia. Are you kidding me, those places are heaven compared to where I live.
  7. According to Canadians, Europeans, Quorans and others, if America never existed, the world would be a better place........ how about you make that happen since you live in a rich 1st world country? Me, I live in a third world crappy country that can't even defeat its own evils, so I can't do anything. Hey, you never know, my poor country might become a rich country when they are gone.
  8. Also, why? According to Canadians, Europeans, Quorans and pretty much the world they are the source of all problems in the world. You get rid of the source, you get rid of the problems, see what I mean?
  9. I like to get directly to the point instead of complaining about it. Why would you live with someone you hate? You kill the person you hate, you won't have to hate them anymore, see?
  10. I'm busy too, just answer me this, will it be in our lifetime? Next 10 years? 20? 30, 40, 50 years? No idea.
  11. Yeah... but I prefer if you white and black and Asian people do it though.
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