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  1. If so, why doesn't the world make it happen now? STOP BEING A COWARD! You get rid of them now, you'll be happy now. Don't wait for 30-50 years, you'd be dead because of so much stress before what you hope for happens.
  2. Hey, why wait, 30-50 years? If the entire world hates them, go to China now and you know what, kill them all while you're at it? For as long as they exist....... for as long as even a single one of them exists....... the world will always have problems, get rid of them, no more problems. No more America, no more problem.
  3. See, H10 says that China will be numba wan in 30-50 years. A long time, yes but hey, at least it's going to happen.
  4. 30-50 years? Dear God, can we shorten that? I think I'd be dead before that happens. Hey, I've been talking to some guys on this other site and they say that it's only a minority that hates them, is that true? What good response should I give them? Also this bcsapper says that he hopes that, that never happens. Can you talk to him please and make him realize the truth?
  5. But Quora is full of smart people with PhDs and master degrees and successful careers so therefore they are right....
  6. No, somewhere in Asia. Are you kidding me, those places are heaven compared to where I live.
  7. According to Canadians, Europeans, Quorans and others, if America never existed, the world would be a better place........ how about you make that happen since you live in a rich 1st world country? Me, I live in a third world crappy country that can't even defeat its own evils, so I can't do anything. Hey, you never know, my poor country might become a rich country when they are gone.
  8. Also, why? According to Canadians, Europeans, Quorans and pretty much the world they are the source of all problems in the world. You get rid of the source, you get rid of the problems, see what I mean?
  9. I like to get directly to the point instead of complaining about it. Why would you live with someone you hate? You kill the person you hate, you won't have to hate them anymore, see?
  10. I'm busy too, just answer me this, will it be in our lifetime? Next 10 years? 20? 30, 40, 50 years? No idea.
  11. Yeah... but I prefer if you white and black and Asian people do it though.
  12. So I keep asking the world if America is evil, why doesn't the world destroy it but so many keep saying that's not necessary because they are destroying themselves anyways...... but when? It's not going to take too long right?
  13. Oh come on, you know you want to say "YES!" Darn it Britain, why couldn't you have fought harder, better! You were given another chance but you just burned down their capital instead of their entire nation! Think about it, without Americans there would be peace right now, PROSPERITY! No wars, bombs, terrorists, rebellions, greediness, selfishness. The Middle East would be stable, North Korea would open itself up to the world, South America would be rich, Africa would be rich, the Philippines would be rich. There are so many great things that would have come if you had just destroyed that petty rebellion. Why couldn't you have fought harder, WHY! BUT it's not too late! If the world unites itself, all countries regardless of how poor or rich it is; 1 country vs. 193; 325,000,000 vs 7,100,000,000 THEN we will bring about this prosperity and peace that America has taken from us! We can destroy America, we can and we must. People, America is not destroying itself. That is a delusion anti-Americans believe to make themselves feel better. Yes, yes, mass murder, debt, crisis, whatever, blah blah blah but America's economy still grows, there is no mass looting, mass rioting, burning cities, states are not seceding........ yeah sure there's Trump and first world landers might overreact but if you actually look at other countries especially third world countries, you'll see worst. Type in Somalia in Canada's search engine, that's a place that's no longer a country. They are not destroying themselves, the world has to destroy them. Grow a pair, stop being a coward, plan the attack now and let's divide America. The Philippines must get California and Washington! And let's say what these anti-Ames say is true...... where would all those bombs go? Aren't you afraid that they might take the world with them? For as long as America exists........ people will complain and will always find something to complain. You take out America, people won't have anything to complain about..... problem solved. No more American, no more problem........ so when is Canada and the world planning their attack?
  14. https://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/27724-if-americans-are-evil-why-doesnt-the-world-destroy-them/
  15. Oh because my country isn't the target here and I just like to ask these kinds of questions and stuff.
  16. A lot of people talk about America and evils and how it's destroying itself but how come no one talks about my country, the Philippines? Our President orders the extrajudicial killings of thousands of suspected drug pushers and addicts, thousands have already died without due process, our economy is failing, inflation is inflating, our president opens his mouth without thinking and later regrets it, rebellion and terrorism are still present even after 40 years, corruption is still high. I think Canada and the world should focus on my country more, help us become a 1st world country like Canada. My country has been a third world failed state since....... the 70's I think..... could be sooner even. Stop talking about America, stop complaining about their evils and how they are destroying themselves, let them destroy themselves. If Canadians and Americans are enemies then Canadians shouldn't warn Americans no matter how stupid Americans are because they might reverse that. Didn't Napoleon said that you shouldn't interfere if your enemy is making a mistake or something like that......? So, ummmm, when is Canada going to help us?
  17. That's good! I want to see China try to do that and let's see if they can do a better job. Hey, you never know it until you see it.
  18. Hitler hated Jews, killed millions of them. Osama Bin Laden hated Americans, had jets flew into America's buildings, killing thousands. Took out 0.00001% of America's population. Small but again, at least he did something. ISIS hates the west, actually goes out there and kills people even though the situation seems hopeless for them. Canadians hates Americans.......... yaps. I have more respect for Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, ISIS and all those evil people through out history than Canadians. They don't waste time complaining about their anger and hate for their enemy online. What is Canada's main goal here? To sort of make Americans feel guilty? Less confident? Make them feel bad about themselves? Canadians are so narcissistic, there is something wrong with the mentality of your people. Does living in a rich country actually do that? Is this just an online thing? It's really weird because I have come across some nice Canadians online and they are nice, they are really really nice. If they put aside their ego and nationalism, that's when they become human. You have no humility, no humbleness, that's the problem. You cannot allow yourselves to say "we can't" or "we can't right now". If required, you try to change the topic; make the other side play your game, your rules. I asked before "If America keeps doing bad stuff why doesn't Canada stop it" and all I got was "America is evil! America is evil! America is evil! America is evil!" You can't just say "we can't" or "we can't right now". You continue to inflate your ego by making claims that you are better than them and they are a worthless fat piece of stain on planet Earth. I find it really ironic that for a 1st world country, Canadians have a hard time answering one simple question. I asked my people, third world country mind you, the same question and heck I even asked them why we haven't destroyed America yet...... a lot of them responded directly, "we can't"; a lot even joked about it, some really made me laugh which is one of the reasons why I love asking these kinds of questions. Third world country! Lots of poverty, crime, corruption, rebellion...... see? I can admit that about my country but you Canadians are so sensitive but hey, maybe that's what made Canada rich. Whatever you claim Americans are, is you.
  19. Jesus Christ, people like you are so annoying! If it were up to me, I would stitch your mouths. All you do is yap yap yap. Do you think they were able to make the troubles that you hate by yapping? No wonder America can get stuff done because they don't waste time yapping about it on an online forum. You know what it's like: America: (Does something bad) Canada: Hey, don't do that! Hey guys America done something bad, let's talk about it! America: (Does something bad!) Canada: Hey, look they did something bad again, let's talk about it! America: (Does something bad) Canada: You Americans are evil and we are better than you! America: (Does something bad) Canada: Americans are the most evil and fat people on the Earth.
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