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  1. No need to play the blame game.............let alone wishing someone going blind. Are there not enough troubles on this planet without asking for more???
  2. Says WHO?? You mean by the mentally unstable pathological lying narcissist in washinton??...........Has he not created enough instability yet?? BTW: CDNS do not hate America or Americans...... They highly question the mindset that still supports the sociopath in the white house. We have been nighbors and good friends for a longtime....... and only shyte disturbers want to destroy that. CDA is patient........and will survive the TRumpian idiocy just fine. It might be challenging for a while........ and unless TRump gose completely crazy....... things will balance out again.
  3. This Brexit thing has been seriously mismanaged........and as time passes the sides involved harden their views./positions. Perhaps pushing the pause button is wise........so all parties can clear their thoughts and clarify their objectives.
  4. FAKE NEWS!!! Except for Putin and Kim..........the whole world is concerned about the emotionally UNSTABLE TRUMP......as the US "leader". But if one is to address the title here, CDA does not sever tie on a whim, or inaner, or impulsively, ............THAT is the USS LEADERSHIPS MO CA and most of the civilised world tries to be REASONABLE, RATIONAL. and DIPLOMATIC.It might take longer but it is the RESPONSIBLE way.
  5. THANK YOU !! =Awesome. From what I can see its well designed forum. my impression is not that CDA "hates" (strong word) the US. Having had half my family in the US al my life...perspective of course has been that the relationship has been positive......with a few bumps now and them. some personality clashes , and yes some disagreements. But HATE is just too stor g a word about how CDNS feel about the US. Mind you....it has been tainted since Trump started to target Cda. His bellicosity seems hard for any nation to take. He causes dissension, division, angry reactions.........but again.."hate' is still a strong word for it.I its unfortunate....as we have a long history of pretty good relations on the average........and when the chips are down...... CDA would be there to assist as needed. I can't speak for the current USS...... and wouldn't want to try. It seems that Trump is continuously "testing limits"........and the more he gets away with.......the further he will go. The law, ethics, standards and professionalism be damned. So , yes the tone of the relationship long term friends. It is sad....... as that made this part of N America unique and an example / role model. But it is no just CDA....... as most of the civilized world is watching the US current regime with concern ...something MAJOR is happening in US. It is morphing into something......yet unknown. Power is being centralized.....and an isolationist theme is evident. Systems ae being torn apart witha vengeance. Multilateral agreements ae being torn up All is creating a level of uncertainty...And the markets don't like instability, economists don't like instability, national leaders don't like it either. The chaos theory and execution does not belong in national leadership..
  6. And if that is the case......what do you see as the natural progression of events as it pertains to CDA and the US. At some point will the US just take over ?? Given that CDA is between Russia and the US.........and that Trump has a strong affinity for Putin / Russia.......some poetically interesting scenarios coulc be imagine........??
  7. rgo.....less It would be wise for CDA to broaden its relationships in the world and become less "attached" to the US. This high integration witht he US is leaving CDA more vulnerable in the current unpredictable US environment. things are a tad volatile at the moment.......and they could get worse. Reason, calm and good sense must prevail. The general concern .....world wide about the US is also tinged with some fear. Abuse of power is a trump trademark.
  8. An agent for change ins one thing..........it is how he is going about it. Change always upsets the status quo. No problem there.......as change is good .......IF executed in a professional, mature, STABLE and rational manner.. His inc inconstancy is problem. Speaking ones mind is not always a good thing if it is hurtful to anyone. Tact, diplomacy are critical for someone in his role. (IMHO) He is too authoritarian for what is supposed to be a democracy. (democratic Republic) Unless the Americans (like the people of Turkey) are satisfied to see a gradual slide int o autocracy. The question is : how will that affect the rest of the planet??
  9. It would seem that American leadership ( current) leaves a lot to be desired. American people and Canadians have got tenon for yres. CDA has been there for the US during some of their most critical times........like 911. The thing that has changed is the leadership who is psychologically impaired, doesn't have leadership skills and comes with a load of persona l baggage and is gradually destroying some f the most stabilizing institutions of democracy. He is an example of how ONE person can be destructive when given the keys to such power and is not mentally equipped to handle it........yet is in the job for the power itself. There has to be a cultural and values change in the S , as how else ca none explain the election.??they elected a tyrant, a quasi dictator and we are seeing the results. His mental incompetence is evident to anyone with a modicum of education and people experience. Trump has to be "handled" as he is volatile. (self evident). The rest of the world sees ittoo. Because he is so unpredictable......one cannot say what he will do or say next or who he will take his anger on next. His love of dictators is very concering......as it is at the cost of the US allies and "friends". The US has no friends now.......and it is because of trump. He claims to be a deal maker......and yet...... which deals has he actually made that are effective for all concerned?? His staff fears him. The world and CDA is right to be concerned and watchful........ as no one can say just what will trigger off an angry outburst......or personal condemnation . He cannot be trusted. So IMHO......it not a matter of "hating anyone........but a matter of assessing the situation for what it is......and it is less than desirable. In fact the US relations with everyone except dictators is deteriorating rapidly. It is imperative NOT to over react to trump as he will get revenge and make it personal. NOT RATIONAL......... NOT a proper or effective leader by any means. We must maintain our values , our dignity and NOT lower ourselves to his level.we must not be arrogant........but we must be wise. just some thoughts. enjoy your evening. Glad I found this little corner of the internet.;-)
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