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  1. Since 1975 or so, immigration has not been to Canada's benefit. The people that have come here have not been able to contribute more to Canadian society than they have taken from it. For every productive immigrant, there have been two looters living off of the welfare state, enjoying all of its benefits, and still saying bad things about the society which welcomed them. Canada has a lot of building to do just to satisfactorily house the people who are here. Its economy has to catch up to all the new people. Wages have to rise so we can lower taxes. We must have a complete moratorium on immi
  2. Immigration = Housing Crisis + Lower Wages + Higher Welfare + More Crime + More Taxes + Worse Education + Worse Healthcare = Bad for any Western country
  3. International agreements are only guidelines. Canada's sovereignty must always take priority over an international agreement. Our participation in any international agreement should be based on whether Canada receives a tangible benefit, or whether Canadians have to pay more taxes. If Canadians have to pay more taxes or higher prices or higher fees, Canada must abrogate the agreement. Canada first!
  4. I think we have to stop referring to them as "refugees" or "asylum-seekers". They have already received asylum in a safe third country, which is the United States. Therefore none of them have any right to be in Canada. Coming over the border illegally makes them all criminals. They are "illegal immigrants" or "illegal aliens" or just "illegals". They should all be rounded up and deported.
  5. We would not need a referendum on unilateral Free Trade. An Objectivist government would just drop all tariffs to zero.
  6. As a Quebec resident I assure you I am 100% opposed to transfer payments from the rest of Canada. I do not receive government payments, and I am not in a union. The transfer payments are keeping Quebec down, despite what you may think. They are killing enterprise, opportunity, and jobs. If Quebec can balance with equalization payments, they can balance without them. Normal Quebec people live a lower lifestyle, while the bureaucratic, union, and political classes are cleaning up. There are only 4 jurisdictions which are poorer than Quebec in North America. So I support Jason Kenney and anyone e
  7. The problem with the EU is that it is a bureaucratic dictatorship with very little accountability to the average man and woman on the street. Canada and the US are also bureaucratic dictatorships, with slightly fewer bureaucrats per capita. The problem with bureaucracy is that it governs in its own interest, and not in that of the producers of society. If you want to learn more about this phenomenon, read up on Social Choice Theory. It is an exact science, and every Canadian intuitively knows that "they are only in it for themselves". Social Choice Theory is correct. Socialism and bureaucracy
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