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  1. Truth Detector

    Conservatives Silent on Homosexuality

    Homosexuality is definitely natural. It’s a natural genetic defect. That’s why people that say it’s unnatural or that it’s a sin or whatever are ridiculous.
  2. Truth Detector

    White Pride

    This example is a good illustration of the topic you started. It’s things like these that pull people towards alt-right resources and feelings. Apparently this is what equality looks like now.
  3. Federal judge rules part of Obamacare unconstitutional.

  4. The country that reduced greenhouse emissions the most, was the country criticized for not signing the deal.  Most countries that signed haven’t met their obligations and aren’t going to.

  5. Truth Detector

    The transgender insanity movement

    Anti-illegal immigration is different than anti-immigration. There’s an important difference. I’ve notice that for some reason people like to conflate the two. Also, I don’t really know what an anti-woman publication is, playboy? Hustler? Penthouse?
  6. Truth Detector

    This week in Islam

    At least you admit that Islam is hundreds of years behind other religions, as are its followers. #Progress!
  7. Truth Detector

    This week in Islam

    Exactly right. In reality he doesn’t speak for Muslims at all. There are general accepted tenets that the vast majority of Muslims agree with and adhere to. It’s not a choose your own adventure book like dialamah would like you to believe.
  8. Truth Detector

    This week in Islam

    I swear the mainstream media go out of their way to “pretend” to be obtuse.
  9. I don’t understand why this isn’t news, the mainstream media seems like it’s purposely ignoring it. I don’t think it fits their preferred narrative.
  10. Truth Detector

    The transgender insanity movement

    That could be for a lot of reasons. One being it was much more sensationalized, as well as being broadcast on several American networks live during the police pursuit of the suspects, with helicopters etc. Regardless, I'm mostly against so-called hate crimes legislation. It's thought police. You're inside somebody's mind determining why they committed a crime. Why is murdering somebody out of hate worse than out of jealousy? Or any other reason? The taking of a life is the taking of a life. Assault is assault.
  11. Democrat Rep Ted Lieu: 'I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech' 

    1. scribblet


      Dang that first amendment

    2. bcsapper


      Sounds kinda fascist...

  12. Truth Detector

    Conservatives Silent on Homosexuality

    I tend to agree. However, the absolute best situation for a child is a home with a mother and a father. But that doesn't mean a situation that isn't that is bad. Just not ideal.
  13. Truth Detector

    America under President Trump

    May didn't receive a majority, she had to make a deal to stay in power. In no way is that the same as a PM with a majority government.
  14. Truth Detector

    America under President Trump

    She had to make a deal after the election to stay in power. She didn't receive a majority.
  15. Truth Detector

    America under President Trump

    Not in a parliamentary system. PM is king with a majority government!