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  1. Your stupid government started getting into other's business so we got to them stay out... It is none of your business how we run our country. There are thousands of your fellow canadians making a decent living in Saudi Arabia and unless they respect the Saudi laws, they will be expelled too..
  2. I understand the bitter feelings due to expelling´╗┐´╗┐ the ambassador by the Saudis. The pain was much because u can't stop talking about it since August 7. the pain is making u jump left and right looking for things to attack the Saudis..´╗┐ The Saudis are not perfect ....and none is...but The Saudis and so the Canadians will do what best that serve their national security and interests. Therefore, let's stop telling others what they should and shouldn't do.
  3. The Newsweek story is full of mistakes and misinterpretations of facts and it is not stating the source of their information. Those who are jailed have committed crimes as classified by the Saudi Laws. The Saudis have the right to protect their national security and all countries do that. Each country will decide the required measures for their national security. No matter what good the Saudis do, some will always have something bad to say. But... The dogs are baking and the caravan is moving on...
  4. Assad had killed over 500000, but a one-eyed person can only look at one side. Let's be objective.. When the Saudis expelled the Canadian Ambassador, you started about Yemeni conflict...Before u were all quiet about it... Expelling the canadian ambassador shook your pride and the pain is making u jump left and right looking for things to attack the Saudis.. The dogs are barking but the caravan is moving on...
  5. There are more than 6 billions around the world who dont enjoy the same rights that Candians have but still your PM is quiet about most of them. There are thousands of Mexicans who enjoy asylum in Canada because of threat to their life in Mexico and hundreds are killed while escaping through the mexican borders but your PM is quiet about it.. Your PM is also quiet and even nice with the Chinese, the Cubans and the Iranians despite the terrible human rights in these countries..
  6. I guess u are right, but does anyone in Canada dare to tweet against Israel for killing palestinian children and women or does anyone in Canada dare to tweet against the US for shit treating the Red Indians... Your PM can't say about this...but stupidly thought that his government could tweet about human rights in Saudi Arabia..
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