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  1. That would presume they would not take less profit, which shows the real problem is they are profiteering,not that the wages increased!
  2. It doesn't matter if the increase price of products, because people don't haveto buy their products, duh! No, they aren't government because you can make your coffee at home or buy from another chain, you cannot just refuse to pay taxes. Paying more taxes after you make more money is good,it expands the tax base and lowes taxes for all, do you enjoy pay taxes for the billionaire class? If no one is richer after a wage increase, then why does everyone want one? Sure, but we shouldn't be doing the elites dirty work for them. Let them pay their own workers.
  3. This is just brainless and stupid. Ordinary middle class people don't own multibillion dollar businesses employing these workers. And if you are so cheap to not be able to pay an extra 1 cent for a coffee, then you probably aren't a middle class person to begin with. And corrupt shitholes all have low wages, proof that low wages contribute to corruption and shithole status.
  4. I don't even need a source, I am my own source, I am an expert in this area. Wage increases for low income workers increases the amount of money in the economy, which in turn frees up money that was hoarded by the millionaire and billionaire class. These workers then spend this money, which creates more jobs. The rich were hoarding it or buying private jets with it, now it is being spent in local communities in walmart and paying for rent. It creates zero inflation because it is not adding new money, it is just shifting it from the elitist billionaires into the hands of normal people. Wea
  5. No, it is economics, eocnomic reality. All your right-wing paid for shills will not change the facts.
  6. Since Wynne raised the min wage, jobs went up.
  7. Utter non-sense, we have the most jobs added in 94 years in a quarter, wages are still not rising.
  8. Sure, but who can look at the disaster they are and try to defend these modelsof government. At least in most small towns kids are not resorting to sniffing gaslines. We are stigmatizing aboriginals by putting them in special pieces of land and telling them how different they are from normal society. No one else who lives in normal areas has this problem. End the reserves, let them have their own cities like normal people or ethnic enclaves.
  9. Gerrymandering is used by both parties, heavily in the south and midwest by the Republicans, heavily in Maryland by Dems. Gerrymandering will be ineffective in the south as all the poor-middle class liberal people are being booted out of california, new york, and chicago and moving to Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia and Florida.
  10. They should abolish all the reserves. indian act is racist.
  11. The constitution doesn't grant birth right citizenship for illegal immigrants, its not in there.
  12. Yeah they will, under his order they will lose it and then they will be deported.
  13. How is it moot, they will be deported onc they lose citizenship.
  14. But this goes beyond that, we are talking about constitutional rights for foreigners, which were never intended to have them. You have the right to bear arms, sure, but do you really think that covers people vacationing and illegals crossing the border? You have the right to free speech, but you can't pass a citizenship interview test if you are of poor moral character and have a pattern of saying retarded or outlandish things. You also cannot donate money (considered speech ie citizens united case) as a foreigner in the US, despite free speech being the first amendment interpreted the most
  15. They could vote during reconstruction. When reconstruction ended, the states simply stopped following the laws because the federal government refused to enfforce them. Plus, think of what you are comparing, MANY African Americans could not vote because they had to pay poll taxes or guess the number of jelly beans in a jar, whereas Native Indians couldn't vote because they weren't citizens. Big difference. Even where African Americans couldn't vote due to violence, voter intimidation, obscure laws that made it harder if not impossible to vote, they were still regarded as citizens. The re
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