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  1. This post probably isn't going to matter and either will I but I want to say it anyways. I was thinking about voting NDP or PC this election until I found out I was not registered to vote. So instead of registering, I decided to give up my interest in Human politics because I feel as if this species use's me as a bad example no matter what I do. So as of Oct 21st, I am done trying to influence the Canadian political chess board. I am meant to be a villain, away from these affairs. Because I was bullied and shit on by my fellow countrymen, I helped usher in the carbon tax with my inac
  2. I support Doug Ford because he is active and improving Ontario and he is a psychopathy who will cutthroat his way threw corruption. Mafia style politics help every now and then.
  3. True but our public is better than others. Compare our political environment with America. I believe our people have better dialog between each other. Our society is better as solving it's issues. No one is gearing up for conflict. I'm just comparing the two nations alone without considering anyone else. It's still unsettling to see people support over spending. Especially when the social service's are not improving.
  4. I do have a problem with it. We rely on it too much, it makes economic barriers of car ownership and gas affordability. I believe we need much, much, more transportation and make it the norm over the car. This will reduce economic barriers of cost, car collisions, land usage, road maintenance, and improve city design. Car reliance is holding us back as nations that never had to use them rise ahead of us.
  5. In my opinion. Trudeau has never committed a scandal. Like what the hell is wrong with you people. Artistic black face? Seriously? I don't like how his government spends the nation's money. We need a conservative administration to balance the budget.
  6. For a while cars were helping our economy because no one else had them, they looked cool and there was a big culture around them. Now they are a economic burden. Everyone has to buy a used 2006 ugmobile and no one can get anywhere.
  7. The United States is becoming a threat, they are becoming Authoritarian. They are imprisoning people for cheap labor, abusing human rights more and more as well as removing civil protections. They threatened to Ruin Ontario's Economy and there are people in the United States who want Alberta to succeed. The United States will also want our Water supply and are gonna be increasingly desperate for it in the near future. The world is very volatile in times like these so I think talking with like minded people would be a good place to start on figuring out what to do.
  8. Does anyone know of or want to form a group of Anti-American Canadians? I really want to get involved about what we can do as soon as possible.
  9. I want to get into Technology and Engineering and I want to stay in Northern Ontario. All the expanding economy is in the cities down south like Toronto. Would it be a good Idea to start a business here or would I be better off moving and being employed by a company?
  10. I fully accepted that there is something wrong in the United States today. It's getting more serious than I thought. The United States had the largest prison population. Kanye West explained his abolish the 13th amendment tweet to be about all the prisoner's working for cheap. It sounds like the Americans are imprisoning people for cheap labor and finding any excuse to do it. possession of weed, hate speech, taking advantage of vulnerable people in court, and false imprisonment by cop cohesion and so on. It is literally legal for a police officer to pin a crime on whoever you want along as if
  11. Free Health care is currently benefiting me and some members pretty well. It does have its downsides and people use that (Including Trump) to bash on it. FreeHealth care happens to have very slow and congested service and people talk about how they waited months for it while they could have just payed for it and got it done right away. The problem I have with Privatised heathcare is that f you can't afford it you are pretty much dead. I think we should either mix our Healthcare system or cut it and increase social welfare funding. I believe welfare is more cost effective at getting
  12. I'm not really sure on the details but it seems like Trump is gonna make Canada choose between China or the United States. I often feel Anxiety when I think about how my country (Canada) is trapped in North America with the United States. It feels like the United States are bullying us with our trade relations and reliance. Call it the United States looking out for their own interest but it is what it is. Americans want to drain our blood for theirs weather if they are bully or just want to make themselves better, America will eat us if we let them. I wanna say China right off the ba
  13. 1. "We can just pass threw the states anyways." The united States always had open border with us so I can't see why they wouldn't let Canada pass threw Alberta but it would still constrict contact with and distance Ottawa from British Colombia. 2. I know right? But they haven't banned us from traveling the border so far.
  14. 1. I meant if even just Alberta leaves. I corrected myself. 2. I read that the separatist movement in Alberta is gaining traction. 3. The United States border and a ocean of snow and tundra will be our only access to British Columbia. We can just pass threw the states anyways. 4. There is people in Windsor and Sualt ste. Marie and many towns that work in the United States but live in Canada. Compare to other province's we have a lot of personal interaction with the United States. Someone in a Article i read said that Windsor is a suburb to Detroit.
  15. I am from Ontario and I want Ontario to join the United States if even just Alberta leaves to the United States. Alberta succession will be the End of our country with a chain reaction. Funding will be cut and life for a large part of the population will get harder. No one will be able to pay to keep Quebec in the Confederation and BC will be mostly cut off by Land. Ontario will be landlocked. Ontario's cities are also partially integrated with American cities.
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