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  1. Why is it when I ask the eurotrash to wipe Americans off of existence, all they give me is the usual "America's destroy itself, no need to interfere" response, THAT IS SO CHEAP. I thought the euroc**** hated them? In fact, I thought euroc**** hated them as much as Muslims do THEN why don't eurotrash people kill them, KILL THEM NOT DESTROY THEM, KILL THEM ALL!? Also, if the eurotrash are as good as what they claim about themselves...... wouldn't this be easy? Guys, the euroempires were not destroyed with the the world complaining, they were destroyed by you because you fought one an
  2. Yeah but according to YouTube and Quora it is not envy. And before you question Quora, know that it is a site full of successful entrepreneurs, people with successful careers, PhD's, master degrees and those who love to travel and have seen the world.
  3. NO! According to people over on Youtube and Quora everyone hates it and it doesn't matter who's in charge!
  4. It is simple logic here. I keep reading over and over on Quora and YouTube and this site and so many sites out there that America is EVIL and because of that, it is hated, If it is so evil, why doesn't the world put aside its differences, unite and then together attack and invade America and then divide its lands and give Mozambique California? After that, Pandora's Box will finally be closed and the world can finally go back to the time before America when peace and tranquility ruled the world. Guys..... seriously..... why hasn't the world done this yet? M
  5. No, those came from different sources, I just compiled everything.
  6. I'm not trashing anyone..... everything on that list did not came from me.
  7. Is that why, despite all the terrible things it has done, Canadians and Europeans and the rest of the world won't punish it? And the only thing Canadians and the world can do is harass it online or wish that it dies and gets replaced by either the Europeans or the Chinese? Here's a compilation from the internet: America has waged war on so many countries America has murdered millions of people America has bombed so many countries America has invaded so many countries America has destroyed so many countries America has destabilized so
  8. I would ask the world but since this is a Canadian site, I'll limit it to Canada. Now........ the complaints I've come across is that they are loud, arrogant, ignorant, pays in US dollars and have no respect for the local culture and blah blah blah...... is this really true? IF YES, why don't Canadians ban Americans from coming in so that Canadians won't have to deal with them anymore?
  10. Nobody cares about that! The issue here is how we're going to make Carbon882's hopes come true!
  11. Guys.... were getting off topic here. Okay, let me put it this way..... can Canada survive without America? If your answer is YES then why doesn't Canada sever ties with America so that Canadians who hate America can relax and not have high blood pressure for being so hateful? It's like the relationship with North and South Korea.... there is no relationship.... and North Korea is happy for it, so why doesn't Canada do the same?
  12. Okay....... so why don't you get rid if these economics trumping and in-camera lobbying things?
  13. Then why do you canucks bother complaining then, like this Carbon882?
  14. Carbon882's army. Plus the army over at Quora and YouTube.... a lot of angry people there ready to give their lives.
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